Rapid Profit Ninja Review – What Does Graphic Design Have To Do With This?!

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Rapid Profit Ninja Review

Name: Rapid Profit Ninja
Website: artofmarketing.academy/rpn-sales-v2/
Price: $8.35
Owner: Art Flair
Overall Rank: 2 out of 5



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Rapid Ninja Profits | Work Anywhere NowRapid Profit Ninja offers a free secret tool that generates $80-$100 per day with only 30 minutes of work.  Hmm, it sure sounds tempting doesn’t it?

In today’s world, we all want money NOW, and these catch phrases always get people’s attention because we are all so desperate to find that right program to make us money now.  Well, I’m here to tell you there’s no magic button to push to make you that kind of money that fast.

This product teaches you how to sell graphic design art on Fiverr or Upwork that you create on a free tool called Canva.  The concept is legit and anyone can actually do this if you want to be a freelancer in graphic design.  The product contains a 27 page PDF plus 7 training videos.



The Good:

#1 – It’s a cheap course, under $10.
#2 – Good tips on Fiverr.com – how to use and get started, his personal experience.
#3 – Just some hype but not a lot.

The Bad:

#1 – 30 minute promise is not doable for newbies and unrealistic.
#2 – Using old content in his videos.
#3 – Bonuses and webinar registration are not really bonuses but promotions on other things he sells.


WHO Is Rapid Ninja Profits For?

This is for anyone willing to learn how to sell graphic designs on freelance sites.  This can be done from home and it’s a legitimate way of making money online.

This can be for someone new to graphic design or a professional graphic designer.

Who’s it NOT for?  People who want to build a real successful online business that will make a passive income for years to come.  If this is what you want, then go scroll down to the comparison chart.

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You have an initial price of $8.35 which is pretty cheap but you also get what you pay for.

However, that’s not the only price.

As soon as you purchase the product you’ll hit three upsells which is typical for products like this:

  • Upsell 1 – $17.87 – Traffic Sources and Tips
  • Upsell 2 – $27 – Done For You Package and A Case Study
  • Upsell 3 – $197 – Personal Mentoring and Coaching

Great, so you need to pay more for traffic tips, one of the main important aspects of an online business, when this should be included.

Without traffic, your online business is worth nothing, so how can this program be a good one when the owner doesn’t teach you that?

Done For You Package and a Case Study – Anything that is “Done for you” is not good because that means everyone that buys it also has the same graphics, texts, etc.

That’s no way to stand out in the crowd and sure will not make your business unique and different from anyone else.

That’s great he has a mentoring and coaching program but does that mean you get no free support that comes with the product?  What kind of program that doesn’t offer support with it?

Not a very good one, in this case, you need to PAY for support with a hefty fee.



THE 27 Page PDF & 7 Videos

Like a lot of PDFs I’ve bought myself and have seen, the first 5 pages of this file is pretty much fluff about the owner Art Flair.  Really?  We need to know that much about you to fill 5 pages?

But as you go through more, the meat of the PDF is not that bad as it does offer some good tips on how to get going on Fiverr as this is how he started.  There some good tips in there for newbies and I can tell the tips are from his personal experience and not copied from somewhere else.

As for his 7 video series, the first 3 videos takes you on a tour of how everything works with Canva and the freelancing sites you can use.  It also offers a few alternatives and different routes to take if you don’t like using Canva.

Video 4 is really a rehash an old video that he had in his other product “Clever Fiverr Profits” so that’s pretty shady.  It’s also about Fiverr but more in detail like account set up and such to get you started, kind of ties in with the PDF.

Video 5 is more about the step-by-step on how to set up your first gig on Fiverr and the importance of choosing your category wisely.  Art also shows you how to use images with cute girls to get better conversion.  Not sure if that’s a sly tactic or what but it works for him.

Video 6 is about how to get good reviews on your gigs which I find his method not that scale-able.  He said to join his Facebook Group, buy services from other members, and then offer good reviews on their gigs.  In turn, they will do the same for you.  I guess this is a method of getting good reviews on your own gig but this can be costly way to do it.  What happens if you’ve done it but they don’t return the favor?

Video 7 is about how to be successful in your gig.  I found that the tips offered here is a waste of time and very time consuming let alone not having any long term benefits.  The SEO tips on how to get your account and gigs to show up in the Fiverr search engine is decent but other than that, this video didn’t satisfy me at all.



Could you make money from Rapid Profit Ninja?  Yes.

Is it a long term solution if you really want to build a successful online business?  NO, because nowhere does it talk about a website.  What online business that’s successful don’t have a website?  Zero.

Will this build passive income for you?  NO.  This model will keep you working harder and harder as you’re just making one sale at a time.  With passive income, the work is done once and you can earn more and more in the future from it.

In any online business, you need a website!  Rapid Profit Ninja doesn’t even talk about having a website but if that’s what you like, then buy this product HERE.

What I recommend is an online business built on the affiliate marketing model which is a method for long term success!!

In my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, you are taught step-by-step on how to create a FREE website, how to build it properly from the get-go, how to get traffic using SEO techniques, and how to earn your first commissions!  The support you get with Wealthy Affiliate is unparalleled to any other platform!!

Let’s look at a comparison of the two:


Now, how do you like that?!  Why would you waste your time with short term little profits when you can build an online business that will consistently make you a full time income?  Yes, it does and will take time, I’m not going to lie but if you’re serious about making money online, this is the way to do it.

Like I said in the beginning, there’s no secret to making money online and there’s no magic button to press to make you get rich quick.  Sign up for your FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate now by clicking on the green button above in the comparison chart!  If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate, see my post HERE.


Let’s make money online!
Grace | Work Anywhere Now



36 thoughts on “Rapid Profit Ninja Review – What Does Graphic Design Have To Do With This?!”

  1. This product gives me mixed feeling. It sounds like something I could use for my personal use and business, But will it work? I can use it to make my own graphics, right? Have you used this product? And how do you use it in your business?

    • Hi LeNard, Yes this product does work, but it’s short lived I think… It’s not the best way if you want to build a successful online business as it doesn’t even have a foundation like a website! What online business these days don’t have a website right? I did use the tips to create graphics on Canva for my site here so that’s useful. I would recommend Canva for sure for you too, it’s a free tool. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Seriously, this is 2016 and people are still trying to upsell useless upsells fter which we are given old content and most probably free info which we could have found elsewhere?

    And on top of it you have to pay for support! Wow. That’s a red flag right there. Even if this guy has some valuable knowledge to offer in his personal coaching program, how would I be able to trust him based on the quality of this product? I’m glad there are sites likes yours to make us aware.

    • Yes there will always be upsells – what can I say… but what gets me is what he is trying to upsell, he’s upselling things that should already be included in the product. If he did that, the product would have gotten a higher rating from me.

      Thanks for your kind words Vanessa, appreciate it!

  3. This probably is not an outright scam. It’s cheap. But most of the info you can probably research online yourself. Add that to the fact that the promises are way to absurd, you can’t make that much money in half an hour.

    • You really get what you pay for. Yes this info is on the internet for sure as free info but if you want it all in one place, this product is okay for that. But yes, that’s a false claim that you can make $80-$100/day in 30 minutes. That’s a load of crap.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hi Arthur, Yup… but you get what you pay for so Rapid Profit Ninja is definitely not for the long term. Sure you can learn a few tips but it doesn’t amount to any online income you can depend on and certainly not $100/day in 30 mins.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Hi Grace Thanks for the review, what people sell to make a buck, it does give food for thought. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll try that product and check out Wealthy Affiliate! Thanks for the info!


    • Hi Wendy,

      Yeah, it’s unfortunate that there are more low quality products out there than not. You really need to swift through things but if you’re on my site, you already know what’s the best platform to use, Wealthy Affiliate!! They offer sooooo much!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Great review, Grace. Never heard of this company. Very detailed review – ‘t’s’ crossed and ‘i’s’ dotted. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I found it pretty funny though, the part about making x-amount of money in 30 mins – the only place I know Ican do that is on the stock market….AND I better be sure about that trade!

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for your time. Yeah, anyone that promises an X amount of dollars in 30 mins is a red flag that the product is not high quality. As well, you get what you pay for.

      I’m so scared of the stock market! I’ll just keep chugging along here. 😉

      Best to you!

  6. Nice review i really like it and really i don’t think there is any program that can compete with Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate hands down the most trusted and amazing program online.

    • Hi Ali,

      I agree so much. I don’t think there’s any other program other there that can compare to Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve seen a lot! I’m glad you feel the same. 🙂 I know anyone who tries it with the free membership will be amazed at the amount of knowledge is in that platform. You will learn from all the training and from many other members too! So awesome!

      Best of luck to you,

  7. Thank you for the review. I am interested i graphic design, but more for my own use. BTW I’m a WA member and would advise all your readers that the community at WA is something they should check out for themselves. If an online business is something you’re interested in, WA is where you should start. It’s a great foundation.

    • Hi Allan, I’m glad you agree with on Wealthy Affiliate! It is definitely the best platform I know to build a great affiliate marketing business. The support is amazing and the community is unparalleled. They offer so much, it should be a no-brainer for anyone who wants to start this awesome online affiliate marketing business!

      Thanks for coming by,

  8. Hi Grace.

    That’s a lot of hype out there. The phrase “generates $80 to $100 per day with only 30 minutes of work” would easily tempt those who are new to online business. The upsales are crazy too. Thanks for the great review. It’s a substandard product and I don’t want to read 5 pages about the owner.

    • Thanks Eli, yeah, phrases like that are a red flag and I hope new people to internet marketing don’t fall for that. I don’t want to read about the author for five pages either so I grazed it. Lol This product was not the best and didn’t offer any long term solutions to building an online business. Wealthy Affiliate is where it’s at to building a substantial online business!

      To much success to you!

  9. I am always suspicious of sites that offer free this or that, earn $$$ ‘just staying home and ….
    and such. I found WA through an honest person like you who tells it like it is.
    Thanks for inviting me to your page.

    • Thanks so much Patricia, yes, I like promoting something I am using myself that is worth a lot of value. I don’t like products like Rapid Ninja Profits that promise the world but you end up with a chump change.

      Hope you’re finding online success!

  10. This rapid Ninja sounds more like a ripoff. Online opportunities like Rapid Profit Ninja need to be exposed so people don’t lose their hard earned money on something that wont get anything.

    People need to be informed and make wise decision. The comparison chart is a no brainer.

    Thank you for this review!

    • Yes you are right Udoh, we need to expose these types of products so that new users going into internet marketing is not fooled by these skimpy programs that doesn’t offer any long term online success.

      I love comparing programs like these to Wealthy Affiliate, it’s such a no brainer. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  11. May pass this information onto a few graphic design friends of mine. It’s interesting regarding the upsells. I’d say you probably wouldn’t need them that much if you’re committed to googling a lot. Thanks for the info!

  12. Wow, thanks for saving my money to buy Rapid Profit Ninja. I’m not looking money to make by doing graphic design so it is not my cup of tea. These kind of programs even don’t tell us upfront what are they going to teach us and we always end up spending money for the program which is not for us. Thank you very much for this Rapid Profit Ninja Review.

    • Hi Deraj,

      You’re so right and a good point! They never say what the product is exactly about so you buy it and find out you hate graphic design anyway so you get scammed basically. This is not a high quality product so this is what you can expect.

      Thanks for giving your thoughts!

  13. Hello, I believe that even though there are many programs out there nothing can compare with wealthy affiliate with its awesome business model. Persons like yourself in the community are so great and the tools are awesome, thanks for sharing this wonderful review, all the best to you and have a good day.

    • Hi Norman,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I also believe the same and it’s almost wasteful to compare Rapid Profit Ninja to the much better Wealthy Affiliate. They are really not even in the same category but just to show what kind of little courses are out there.

      Best to you!

  14. I have never heard of Rapid Profit Ninja before, as soon as I clicked on your website, I thought I was about to read about a new scam!

    But as you mentioned it’s not a scam, it’s legit indeed! 🙂

    Obviously, Wealthy Affiliate is way better, I am a premium member there and I can assure you and you readers that it’s the best community ever existed!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome review and have a good day!

    • Hi Anis, It’s legit but weak. Not a program I would recommend if you want to build a dependable online business for your long term future. I hope others can find this helpful and choose to go to the affiliate marketing route because that’s the best model to create a stream of passive income. 🙂

      Thanks for your thoughts!

  15. Rapid Profit Ninja doesn’t seem to bode too well in comparison to Wealthy Affiliate does it.
    Sounds like they are misrepresenting their doable message in 30 minutes like many of these overhyped systems out there. Why can’t they just be honest. If it takes hours, say it. At least members will accept their honesty.
    Old content is a big problem where I’m concerned, I won’t get involved unless it’s up to date however there does seem to be a few positives regarding their reasonable enrollment fee and their good tips regarding fiverr, so anyone who’s wanting to get into a role concerning selling graphic designs may be interested.
    Informative review, thanks,

    • Thanks so much Simon, appreciate your thoughts. Yes, that’s the problem with a lot of these products, they don’t say the truth about what the product is. There’s just a lot of hype on how to make money quickly. Whether in person or online, there’s no get rich quick program that’s legal! LOL On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate never boasts about get rich quick because there’s no such thing! They provide awesome training and if you follow the training, you will be able to earn a good living online. There’s no comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Rapid Profit Ninja as Wealthy Affiliate is a way superior product.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Hi Grace,

    Wow, really informative review to help with anyone’s decision to buy. There are a another of programs out there but it’s so hard to know which ones are the best. Sometimes it sounds so great and than it’s a complete fail.

    I always, always read reviews before I buy so yours really helped me understand this product. Love your comparison chart. Looks like there’s a winner!

    • Thank you Cindy, I appreciate you reading my review! Yes there are so many programs out there and most of them are garbage. I’m glad you heard it right here first! You can see a clear winner on the comparison chart so I hope you will make a sound decision. 🙂

      Wishing you the best,

  17. This review reminded me of the scam I paid for in September 2015.Before I found the Wealthy Affiliate.
    It was a great review, and I had no idea what I was going for.
    I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate over and over again. Going for anything else is ridiculous.

    Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am (even though I know that ever since I found the WA)


    • Yes, sometimes you don’t even know what you’re buying into. Products like these, if you don’t like graphic design, then you would have wasted your money. This is why I like Wealthy Affiliate, it’s honest, it says what it offers and you can try for free before you buy!

      Have a great day!


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