Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate? Top 10 Reasons Why You Should!

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If you have been looking for a way to learn how to earn money on the internet, you may have been wondering “Should I join Wealthy Affiliate?” lately.

If you are thinking this question, then you’re on the right track because I can tell you many reasons why you should join Wealthy Affiliate since I’ve been a Premium member there since September 2016!

My Wealthy Affiliate ProfileThis is my profile there on the left and I’m known as “littlemama” on there.  There is a ranking system for all members on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and I’m currently ranked in the Top 100 out of over 850,000 members!

What this means is that I’m a highly active and helpful contributor on the platform, and have been in the Top 100 members for a long time now, so I can tell you first hand why you should join Wealthy Affiliate!  🙂

I will also show you how to join Wealthy Affiliate which is so very easy to do, so stay tuned and read on to find out more about this great online training program.


What I will show you in this post:




Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate Top 10 Reasons Why You ShouldThere are truly so many reasons why you should join Wealthy Affiliate but I will think of the very Top 10 reasons why you should here:

  1. Training Courses – Their training courses are so easy to follow, organized to build out your site properly, and easy to understand.  They also takes you from the very beginning about understanding how to make money online, to creating your website, to teaching you how to build out your site, to adding affiliate marketing to make money from it.  Everything is step-by-step so you can learn at your own pace as well as building your website along side your learning.  This hands-on approach is what makes their courses so awesome!
  2. Great Website Builder – They have a very user friendly website builder that enables you to create your website in less than a minute!  After filling out a few fields, you’ll have your site up and live on the internet in just a few seconds.  You can manage everything on there as well as purchasing any domains if you’d want to own your own domains.  See the website builder in action there.
  3. Super Fast Web Hosting – Their web hosting is included in both their membership options at no extra cost and they use the latest and greatest technology to ensure most optimized hosting for WordPress  sites.  Their hosting includes daily automatic backups, SSL Certificates, and other many features you can read about here.
  4. Amazing Support – They not only have a very active community inside the platform, the owners are also available to you and are available if you have any questions.  I have learned so much from the more seasoned members in there and have gotten advice from the owner Kyle a few times now.  He can also be seen on Live Chat where you can ask him questions or get answers quickly from other members.  There are several other ways to get help on the site as well so you’re always supported!  This is the best group of people I’ve ever networked with and gotten to know, really a benefit I didn’t expect when I first signed up.
  5. SiteContent – They just released this new function on the platform called SiteContent where you can write your content on the Wealthy Affiliate platform until it’s publish ready.  While you’re writing on there, it keeps track of how many words are written, spelling, grammar, how unique it is, and tracks how you much you’re writing compared to other members.  Once publish ready, you just click one button and it’s live on your site.
  6. Always Improving – I have not seen another training platform that consistently improves itself over and over again.  There are features implemented throughout the year as well as many updates.  The owners are always committed to make your experience better and ensure your success is easy to reach.  You will not find this dedication from other owners, Kyle & Carson really care about their members.
  7. Everything You'll Need is on the Wealthy Affiliate PlatformWeekly Live Training Webinars – These are really something!  Wow, not only we get training courses already but there is a weekly webinar that’s over an hour long each time to train you on even more specific topics and talk about current trends in the online business world.  It’s fun to attend these not only because it’s great to interact with other members live, but also with the webinar training coach, Jay O’Neil.  He’s always teaching us something really relevant to apply to our own sites.  There’s also instant replays too if you can’t make it and there are currently well over 200 past webinars you can check out on your own time.
  8. Business Tools – On the platform you have everything you need to get started and succeed in your online business, there is a free keyword research tool that’s taught in the lessons on how to use it.  As well, there are tools to get comments and feedback on your website if you need it.  There is also link tracking to ensure your affiliate links are tracked properly.  Members have the ability to share their knowledge by creating training on any topic they feel the community needs or they can blog about their knowledge on the platform to share information with others.
  9. High Recurring Commission Affiliate Program – It only makes sense that they have an affiliate program since they teach you everything about building an affiliate marketing business.  Their affiliate program is one of the best out there because you not only get recurring commissions at about a 48% rate for as long as your referrals stay a Premium member, but you also earn the whole lifetime of your referrals.  Therefore, if your referrals ever decide to leave the platform and then join again later, you will still get commissions for those referrals when they return.
  10. Always Learning – Literally, I get to learn something new every time I’m on their platform even though I’ve completed all their training courses because members are always blogging on there about something, or a new training gets created, or new features gets implemented, or the many past blogs/trainings that I stumble upon.  There’s just a wealth of information on that platform and you get to always learn.  That is why I am still there and will be there for a long time to come because there are so many people on there, you can always learn something from someone!





If you really want to make money online and want to use affiliate marketing to monetize your website with, this is totally for YOU.

If you want to blog and make money from your site, then this is for YOU too.

If you want to help others with your knowledge and help others solve their problems, then this is for YOU as well.

If you are ready to commit to building an online business and do all it takes to succeed, then this is definitely for YOU!

If you have been blogging on your own and haven’t made much money, then you really need this training from Wealthy Affiliate so this is for YOU too.

From people who want to get an online business started to people who has been trying to do it but hasn’t succeeded, plus all the people in between, Wealthy Affiliate is for you!



I can also tell you who Wealthy Affiliate is NOT for:

  • People who want quick money
  • People who don’t want to work hard
  • People who will give up and won’t go the extra mile
  • People who want to just sit back and relax
  • People who thinks it’s impossible to make money online
  • People who want to deceive others to make a quick buck



Sunset girlYour attitude and mentality is very important going into any type of business but especially an online business because there is such a stigmatism to this.

You will have to have thick skin when people tell you you’re wasting your time, and you will need the will to persevere when results are not seen as fast as you’d like or that things are not going according to what you think it would be.

Building an online business takes a lot of time these days because search engines take that long to trust your site and give you good rankings.  Without good rankings, you won’t get much traffic and with not a lot of traffic, you won’t make a lot of money.

However, if you can work hard consistently through that first year of your online business, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor by earning a full time income one day from your website!  How awesome would that be?

Yes it’s very possible but only the people who can press on and persevere through those early months can make it to the other side when you’ll start earning consistent income from your website.

So, if that is YOU, then Wealthy Affiliate and this kind of online business is for YOU!




I hope you have a better understanding now and that I have answered your initial question on the top of this blog.  I hope you have concluded that you will JOIN!  Now, I can show you how to join Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s very easy to join Wealthy Affiliate and I can tell you about the two memberships they have first:

  • Free Starter Membership – this is not a trial membership, this is a free membership with gives you Two Free Websites!  The first 7 days of your Starter membership, you will be able to try out most of the Premium features as well, so that’s the only trial part.  Once the 7 days is over, you can stay as a free member for as long as you want and work on your websites.  You also get the first 10 lessons free in both of the courses there.  You can upgrade to Premium anytime.
  • Premium Membership – At an affordable price of $49/month, the whole training platform will open up to you with no limitations.  You can save even more money if you go yearly at $359, which brings your monthly fee down to $29.92.  Yes, I’m an annual member.  🙂  You will have access to the best online business training platforms out there and enjoy all updates/improvements in the coming years.  You are also locked in at the rate you joined at so your fee never goes up!



Sign Up at Wealthy Affiliate Button


Once you click on that red button above you just need the following info to join:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • Your Password
  • Your Username

No credit card needed until you are ready to upgrade!

I will be there to help you through your journey, I’ll be your first contact and you will have my attention always.  If you ever have any questions, just write on my profile or send me a private message on there.

You can always contact me here too on my blog of course! 🙂

If you haven’t seen my full review of Wealthy Affiliate and would like to see a video tour of the platform, you can click on this green button below to check it out first before you sign up:

Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate Button


I hope you will be making the right decision for you and start your online business today!


If you have any questions on whether you should join Wealthy Affiliate or not, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below.  I always reply to all my readers!



Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



2 thoughts on “Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate? Top 10 Reasons Why You Should!”

  1. Grace and am from Nigeria, l have been trying to become a member of this wonderful affiliate network but all to no avail.
    Why is Nigeria branded a high risk country?
    Is there any possibility or link to join from Nigeria?
    Am interested. Please do keep me posted.thanks.

    • Nigeria is one of 9 countries that are not eligible for the Starter free account, you are still eligible for the Premium account. There’s nothing more I can do about this. A Premium membership is well worth it and what I’ve been using since I’ve joined. My business pays for it after I paid my first yearly membership so you just have to come up with either the first year’s membership ($359/year) or the first few months (at $49/month) until you start earning.

      When you’ll start earning will depend on how much you work and apply what you learn.

      Wish you all the best in your search,



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