Is 2 Day Profits A Scam? Can You Really Make $586 In 2 Days?

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Is 2 Day Profits A Scam? Can You Really Make $586 In 2 Days?Welcome to my 2 Day Profits review and today I will show you whether 2 Day Profits is a scam or not in my detailed analysis.

In this day and age, there are many of these make money online products out there but there are also many scams so I hope to inform you what’s legit and what’s not.

In this 2 Day Profits review, I will go over these topics:



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2 Day Profits logoProduct Name: 2 Day Profits

Website site: CLICK HERE TO GO

Owners: Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett

Price: $5.95 Plus Upsells

Recommended? No, Keep Reading To See Why.

Mark & Paul are no newbies in the internet marketing field and they have produced many products like this: 8 Minute Profits, 8 Minute Profits 2.0, 5 Day Fix.

As you can see, they have a theme of fast money and quick cash.  Instant profits is what lures you in and that’s why they keep using this theme because it has worked in the past and will work again for the ones who are not informed with 2 Day Profits.

It’s unfortunate because unless you’re a guru in internet marketing, this product will not work for you and you’ll see why later.


What You Get With 2 Day Profits?

2 Day Profits productsThe 2 Day Profits product includes an eight-video course about how to make money from sending tier 2 and tier 3 traffic to high payout CPA offers that are specifically designed for that kind of traffic.

Now if that sentence doesn’t make sense to you, this is really not for you because it gets even more complicated as their training does not offer full step-by-step on how to get it all done.

You do also get a Cheat Sheet that summarizes everything for you and something to reference back to.

That’s all you’ll get and the videos will show you a case study of how they put this method in action and shows how much they’ve made from it.




You will need to invest in this system to make it work like they have which is what the training and case study don’t show you.

We don’t know if they’ve used $100 worth of traffic or $1,000 worth of traffic to earn the $586.  This is why this method is dangerous for beginners because you can lose a lot of money doing this.


2 Day Profits False Claims


Anyway, the method is that you buy tier 2 & tier 3 traffic, people not living in the US, and you send them to a CPA offer that’s supposedly is very lucrative for you.

If the people you send to the Cost-Per-Action offer does what it wants, like either enter their email address, or zip code, or download an app, then you earn a commission.

This is attractive because the people you send to the CPA offer doesn’t need to pay for any product, they just have to do an action.  What’s in it for them is maybe they get some free information or product by providing their information or performing the action.

You can also start to build up an email list if you build a squeeze page first and send your traffic there first.

They also show you how you can earn even more from buying their upsells to help you create a sales funnel, how to use exit re-direct pop-ups on on your squeeze pages, and use their whole system to sell more.

You can also learn some free methods but they don’t show you any results from using free traffic which you can imagine you won’t be earning $586 in 2 days.



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The initial price of the product is $5.95 and will go up as they sell more and more to $9.95.

With any product you buy, you should be able to get the results from the initial purchase but they don’t give you everything you need.


2 Day Profits Upsells



#1) $27 – A 20 part follow up series for your email marketing when you build your list.

#2) $27 – A complete carbon copy of their entire funnel that was used in their case study.

#3) $197 – Live masterclass series – no details on how long this series is.

As you can see in the image above, there are discounts for the upsells if you say no the first time that’s offered, the price will drop to $17 for upsells #1 & #2 and $97 for #3.

I don’t like any products with upsells because that’s a clear indication that their main product is not complete and makes it another way for them to make more money.




2 Day Profits make $586 a dayActually they claim you can make $586today” and the “2-day” is a play on the word “today”, which makes it even worse for me.  Lol

I really don’t think you can make that kind of money in a day or two days using this system because it takes you awhile just to set up the landing pages (squeeze pages), setting up the email auto responder (especially if you don’t use their email templates and you write your own emails), and setting up exit pop-ups (which costs even more money to get by the way).

Also, they don’t show you how to do any of this to put it all together so you also need time to figure this all out and to connect it all.

Maybe you can make that much at some point but at what cost?  Again, you don’t know how much they spent on that traffic and if you do free traffic, I don’ think it will work because free traffic for this purpose will be nearly impossible.

You cannot spam on any platforms and you will need to take a long time to build trust and relationships in the platforms that they suggest to use in order to get traffic to your CPA offers from free traffic.  This is why they never use free traffic in the end and never show you what results you can get with free traffic.

Unless you’ve been doing this for a long while and know what to do with all the different parts they’ve mentioned, then you will be stuck with NO support.

This is why I do not recommend this product to you at all.




Is 2 Day Profits a scam?

I’ll have to say yes because the sales page is VERY deceiving.  Not just “anyone” can do this, at least not in the time frame they claim.




If you’re serious about building an online business that’s sustainable long term and building a passive income, you should try where I learned how to build this website which is at Wealthy Affiliate.

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Wealthy Affiliate offers in-depth, step-by-step training lessons that includes 50 lessons in the main course and another 70 lessons in their 2nd course.

They will pretty much take you by the hand to build your website, which they make it very easy to do if you follow the steps, teach you how to build content for it, and how to make money with it using affiliate marketing.

You will also enjoy free web hosting that is way better in speed and security than most paid hosting plans!

You will have many business tools that is not available on any other training platforms and you can start for FREE!  Their free Starter membership gives you 2 free websites as well as the first 10 lesson free as well!

Best of all, you will have support!  Not only from me but from thousands of other members on the platform including the owners of Wealthy Affiliate themselves!

Check out this comparison between Wealthy Affiliate & 2 Day Profits:


Remember that 2 Day Profits’ private coaching is extra in their #3 upsell and their training is totally incomplete, this is not the case at Wealthy Affiliate.

At Wealthy Affiliate private coaching is included with your premium membership and the training is ten times better than 8 very short videos you get with 2 Day Profits.

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I hope you make the right decision for you after reading my full review of 2 Day Profits.  I’ve been a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate since September 2016 and you can confirm this when you sign up for free.

I hope to see you inside of Wealthy Affiliate!



Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now


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  1. Really good review on 2 day profits. I was wondering about this and if it works. it doesn’t sound like a long lasting business model to use. I will try wealthy affiliate. Thanks for the info.

    • You are correct and glad you read my review, I hope I saved you some money. Wealthy Affiliate will be a great training program for you and you will learn how to build a sustainable long term online business.

      Thanks for visiting,

  2. Hello Grace, thanks for this beautiful review. I wonder why truth has become really far from us today.
    Please I would want to know why wealthy affiliate has decided not to allow folks like me who are from Nigeria to be part of wealthy affiliate.
    Please what can I do about this? Thanks.

    • Hi Alfred, thanks for stopping by here and please let me explain about the memberships at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s not that folks are not allowed to be apart of the training platform, it’s just that the FREE Starter membership is not available for high risk countries like Nigeria. Therefore, you can use Wealthy Affiliate but you have to become a Premium member right away. This goes for these other countries as well:

      Hope you can understand and see that you can still use the great training and business tools at Wealthy Affiliate but you just have to be a Premium member which I know it’s totally worth it.

      I’ve been a Premium member since Sep 2016 and I won’t be leaving anytime soon! 🙂

      Hope this helps,


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