The Laptop Entrepreneurs Review: Is It A Scam? Hold Onto Your $$$!

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is The Laptop Entrepreneurs a scamI came across this very sleek looking site called The Laptop Entrepreneurs and wondered if their professional look is just a front for a scam behind the scenes so I did some digging.

In my review below, I will show you who’s really behind The Laptop Entrepreneurs and what’s it really all about.

You may be surprised to know that there are a lot of things not “free” and I’ll reveal the real cost of such a program.

In this The Laptop Entrepreneurs review, I will show the following:


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The Laptop Entrepreneurs logo


Program Name: The Laptop Entrepreneurs


Owners: Gerard Hall, Merrilee Watson, Sandrine Hecq, Christopher Hall

Price: Free – $20,000 + up to $2,500 of recurring fees

Recommended? No.

The Laptop Entrepreneurs home page


The four people that started this site The Laptop Entrepreneurs are affiliates of a program that this funnels into.

The Laptop Entrepreneurs do not have a program themselves or have any product to sell.

They are just promoting Six Figure Mentors (SFM) (full review here) which is fine to do and I do this myself.

I actually like the fact that The Laptop Entrepreneurs don’t hide the they are associated with SFM as it’s clearly stated on their site that they work with people from there.


The Laptop Entrepreneurs connected to SFM


There are other sales funnels that blatantly hide the real product and I’m glad this one doesn’t do that.

The Laptop Entrepreneurs is basically using a free 7 day video series to get your email address and to show you a very brief look at how you can make money online which is really to entice you to the SFM system.

All real training and any business tools you’ll use is from SFM so that’s the real program you’ll be joining.

This would be a good program to join with the exception that all they really teach you is geared at promoting SFM and not your own choice of topic like fishing, cooking, or a type of sport, etc.

In addition, there are huge costs attached to this program that they don’t tell you from the beginning.

SFM used to only have paid membership options but now they also offer a free “affiliate” membership which is good, although you can only earn so much with it and you get no training with it.

Nonetheless, there is a free option available.




The real program, Six Figure Mentors, works on the basis of recruiting and selling high ticket programs.

Instead of repeating myself, as I’ve already fully reviewed SFM here, I will just summarize how it works here.


The Laptop Entrepreneurs is a sales funnel to SFM


You will be buying your way in for the right to promote their programs.

At their free membership level, you can only earn so much and you get no training, so you’ll likely need to upgrade to the paid level if you’re a beginner.

You’ll also have a “coach” when you join but this coach is just really there to entice you to upgrade to the higher membership levels and then get you to buy-in to the high ticket programs to earn more.

Why they want you to upgrade is really not for your benefit but for theirs because they will be making a commission on your upgrades, of course.


The Laptop Entrepreneurs SFM memberships


The memberships themselves start as low as $29.95 fee + $25/month all the way up to a $2,500/year + $97/month.

Once you get to the higher memberships, you now have bought yourself another privilege: a chance to buy into the high ticket programs so you can sell them.

These high ticket programs start at $3,000 and goes all the way up to $20,000 each!


The Laptop Entrepreneurs - real costs


All the details of these memberships and programs are in my SFM review as I mentioned above, but I think you get the big picture here.

And of course, you can’t just go straight to the highest priced program without investing in the lower levels.

You will have a hard time selling these as many who are starting out don’t have this kind of money to invest.

You, yourself, may have to take a loan of $42K just so you can have the right to promote these programs!

Building an online business certainly does not have to be so costly or get you into debt that you may have to pay off for years to come.

Many people who join such expensive programs, there are other ones like Aspire and MOBE, usually earn nothing after spending thousands of dollars.




No, The Laptop Entrepreneur and SFM are both not scams but I still highly don’t recommend such an expensive program because it’s not necessary.

I never like programs that make you BUY-IN for the RIGHT to promote and I never join such programs because most affiliate programs are free to join.

I also don’t like this program as they don’t teach you how to build your online business from the ground up.

Without that knowledge, you’ll be using their cookie cutter “done-for-you” landing pages and sites that every member will have which means your site will never be found on search engines like Google.

Why?  That’s because Google doesn’t like duplicate content and because your site will be static (with no updates or fresh content), you’ll never be ranked by Google or found by others on the net.

That will mean you’ll always have to use paid advertising to get traffic to your site for people to see which can also be costly and risky.

Why not learn a way to build your online business that you can promote things you are actually passionate about, whether that be high end shoes, baby items, building cars, riding bikes, etc., and also learn to build a site that generates its own free targeted traffic?

Also, why not save yourself thousands of dollars at the same time?!

If you’re more interested in something like that, read on.




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The way you’re taught, you’ll have the skills that will last you a lifetime to build multiple online businesses if you want to.

I wish you the best of luck!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether The Laptop Entrepreneurs is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


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