Tube Profit Sniper Review: Really $2K+ A Day Or One Big Scam? Holy Smokes!

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Is Tube Sniper Profit A Scam?Excited about earning “$500 a day” with the Tube Profit Sniper product or is Tube Profit Sniper a scam really waiting to just steal your money?

Products like this are all over the web and Clickbank (where this product is sold, a digital marketplace) sure doesn’t help with this.

In fact, I will reveal why this product can’t be trusted because of a previous product I reviewed from this very same product owner which was absolutely garbage.

Making money on YouTube is very real but it’s not going to be as easy as they are telling you and I doubt you will gain much insight for your $37.

My Tube Profit Sniper review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Tube Sniper Profit logo


Program Name: Tube Profit Sniper


Price: $37 + Upsells (always)

Recommended? No

The Tube Profit Sniper sales video sure has a lot of income hype about making huge profits on YouTube and that you can easily make $500 a day with their system.

They claim you just need 17 minutes to set it up and you are set to start collecting commissions.


Tube Sniper Profit sales video


Tube Profit Sniper claims to be a system that allows you to plug into a commission network and then it’ll just start siphoning off some of those profits for you that gets deposited right into your bank account.

Of course, everything sounds easy, not a lot of work, and make $500/day just like that.

What about the $2.3K a day that’s right above the sales video?  They don’t really talk about making that much a day because that would be crazy, right?

Yet, it’s okay to just have a title like that to lure you in.

Well, guys, I’ve been doing a lot of reviews in this industry and have seen a lot of things, I can tell you right now these guys aren’t going to deliver you a system that makes you $2.3K a day or even $500 a day.

I know this because I found out who the owner of this product is which was in the Income Disclaimer on their sales page.

If you scroll down to the Income Disclaimer, it’ll reference – this is another Clickbank product I reviewed not long ago here.


Tube Sniper Profit Disclaimer shows owner is from 60 Minute Profit Plan


In that 60 Minute Profit Plan product, I actually bought it to see what’s inside (the link above will show you my receipt).

Not only they used other people’s videos from YouTube as their “training” videos in the members area but NONE of the methods was going to earn anyone anywhere near what they were claiming or in the time they said you could earn with them.

I have no doubt this Tube Profit Sniper is the same and that’s why I have not bought it.  I know how YouTube works and just by their sales video, you are being misled over and over again which I’ll explain more below.

There are many products in the make money online space on Clickbank that just will not deliver on what you are sold on like The AZ Code.




Tube Profit Sniper basically just tells you what you want to hear, make money fast, easy, and with hardly any work but that’s not how you can do that on YouTube or anywhere else pretty much as they say this has nothing to do with paid traffic.


Tube Sniper Profit says their system doesn't involve Paid Traffic


Initially I thought maybe this is about using paid traffic (paid ads), because yes you can get faster results this way, but you’ll need a couple grand to do a lot of testing to find a winning ad campaign and you won’t profit $50K your first month or even profit at all.

When looking at products on making money online, I’d like to see how they are selling it and if they are pulling any fast ones on you, and if they are, I’d like to point them out as red flags so you could look out for these signs in future products.

So, let me go over the obvious red flags of Tube Profit Sniper.


Red Flag #1 – You Can’t Make Money From Plugging Into A System

From what they are telling you, all you have to do is plug-in (17 mins of set up time) to their system, then you’ll be making money.

This is furthest from the truth on how to make money on YouTube.

To make money on YouTube, you can’t just “plug-in” to any system and just start making money, no systems can do that for you.

Making money from a YouTube channel takes a lot of work, videos just don’t go viral and you can’t just “steal” other viral videos’ traffic either.

There are definitely ways to make money on YouTube but it takes you creating a lot of quality content consistently on your channel to do that, which takes great work effort.

$500 days are real as a YouTuber but you have to be highly dedicated in growing your channel, producing great videos, publishing frequently and so forth.

It’s not as easy as just plugging into a system and then making you $500/day, especially if you’re not using paid traffic.


Red Flag #2 – The Whole Sales Page Full Of Lies

When a product’s sales page can’t be trusted, I don’t know how you can trust the content on the inside.

First the sales video is made to look like it’s a live stream when it’s not, if you click the YouTube icon on the bottom right corner of the video, it’s just an uploaded video.


Tube Sniper Profit Sales Video is Not Live Streaming


If it was a live stream before, the YouTube video will say that it was a live stream and it doesn’t say that.

You can also see as of this writing there were only 200+ views on this video so saying they have over 2,300 viewers on their video is quite the lie.

Then you scroll down, “LIVE Social Proof” and they show feeds from Facebook and Twitter but none of those links lead to those platforms, so more lies.


Red Flag #3 – Fake Testimonials

The Tube Profit Sniper sales video also shows people saying how they love the product and how much money they made but at least two of them, I recognize them from other products I’ve reviewed and they are hired actors.

Products like these usually hire actors to do fake testimonies for their sales videos and Tube Profit Sniper is no different.

Here are the two on their sales video:

Tube Sniper Profit Fake Testimonies 2

Tube Sniper Profit Fake Testimonies 2


I found both of them on a freelancing site called where you can hire actors on there for as low as $5 for one of these sales testimonies:

Tube Sniper Profit Fake Testimonies

Seven Figure Profit Code Fake Testimonies 3 Fiverr


Need I say more?

When you can’t even trust the sales page of a product, how can you trust that they will give you anything of value after you give them your hard earned money?




Thumbs DownDo you call a product a scam if they don’t provide what they promised that led you to buying it?

I mean, you will get something after you pay your $37 and be upsold at least twice right after you pay, so some may not consider this a scam.

Either way, this is for you to determine on this one but I know I won’t be buying and know it won’t deliver what they say since they are connected to the other very low quality product called 60 Minute Profit Plan.

You also must think about this, would a product that can offer you a system that will make you $500/day very quickly be only $37?

I was even given a discount of $20 because I wanted to leave the sales page, I mean, how desperate are they to get my sale?

For $17, I could have a system that makes me $500 a day, everyday, to make $15K a month?!  I don’t think so guys.

Don’t waste your money and be smart.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Tube Profit Sniper.




With YouTube, you can certainly make good money on there, even 5 or 6 digit figures a month if you’re really good at it.

There are popular YouTubers out there that make 7 to 8 figures a year but guess what?  They don’t earn it from buying products like Tube Profit Sniper.

They buckle down and produce videos on the daily, do collaborations with others, and have built it consistently long term to earn that kind of money.

For me, I also have a YouTube Channel but nowhere near those big YouTubers and in fact I’ve neglected it this year and need to get back to it in the near future.

What I spent building instead is this online business which uses a business model that takes advantage of many products and services that are available online.

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Stop wasting time on products like Tube Profit Sniper and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Tube Profit Sniper is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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