Is High Ticket Wealth System A Scam Or Easily Make $50K+/Mo?

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is High Ticket Wealth System a scamThe High Ticket Wealth System sounds super exciting to be able to make those 4-5 digit commissions right?

But what is Saj P not telling you?  Is High Ticket Wealth System a scam really?

He won’t tell you the most important information of the system because if you knew what the hell is going on, you may run far away from this pretty darn quick.

My High Ticket Wealth System review below will reveal it all though so that you can make an educated decision with all information in front of you so you’re not going in blindly.

This High Ticket Wealth System is very misleading in their sales pitch and I will show you what’s the truth and also whether this Saj P is trustworthy.

My review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Program Name: High Ticket Wealth System


Price: $49 (HA!)

Owner: Saj P

Recommended? No!

I’m glad you’re here at my High Ticket Wealth System review because there’s so much to go through with this program.


High Ticket Wealth System sales video, sales page


High Ticket Wealth System tells you that you can make thousands of dollars in commission in the tunes of $1,250, $3,300, $5,500, and $10,000 per sale and all earned on autopilot.

You can easily do it from home, you don’t need any technical experience, you get your own sales team and even a “Personal Six Figure Business & Success Coach”.

I have no doubt this Saj P is highly successful in what he does, but so is Mark Zuckerberg and you don’t see anyone else building another Facebook.

This guy has a testimonial on his page saying he makes $10K everyday, all day (which is about $300K a month) from Saj’s teachings but is this right?

While on his sales page, he’s saying you can make $50K a month from home, which is it?  They are both huge numbers and I’ll take either one but come on, be consistent so I can believe what you say.


High Ticket Wealth System Hyped up income


There is so much income hype on this page and showing people holding those big huge checks, but do you notice who wrote those checks?


Not Saj P, not High Ticket Wealth System, but MOBE.

MOBE (My Online Business Education, Ltd,  aka My Online Business Empire) is the real system here, there is NO “High Ticket Wealth System”, nor is there a MTTB system that was mentioned on the sales page.

The underlying system is MOBE and this has been sold under MANY freaking names to confuse everyone and to avoid you searching the internet to see how unsuccessful people are in MOBE.

So many sites sell MOBE without even once mentioning it and most people go into it blindly because of sites like these:




I guess I could say how MOBE really works because this is exactly what it is.

Let’s see what Saj P says it’s actually true about the MOBE system:

  • You do get websites/landing pages made for you – but these are like the ones I mentioned above where you will lead others blindly into this high ticket system, is this what you want to do?
  • You will get training on how to place ads and generate leads which is using paid traffic, more on this later.
  • All the back office things you would need to run this business is taken care of for you such as products, merchant accounts, customer service, sales funnels, etc.
  • You CAN earn thousands in commissions but… (keep reading, this is the part Saj won’t tell you ahead of time).


What’s Not True:

You do get a sales team but not a real six figure earning coach – in fact, these are one and the same person!  That’s right, the people who close your sales for you is your sales team but the person you get as your so called “coach” is your sponsor’s sales team.


High Ticket Wealth System your coach is your sales rep


The people you bring into the system will not get a “coach” but your sales rep, who will earn commissions too on every sales they close.

You see, the way you earn money is by getting others to join and pay for the high ticket products, so you’re not selling to the public here, you’re just selling to other members that join.

So this business is about massive recruiting, and I say massive because you’ll need to recruit thousands of people just to find the very few or sucker in the very few that can afford such a system.


High Ticket Wealth System has very high costs, pay to play system


Here’s The Catch For You

So if you want to earn those thousands of dollars in commissions, then you will have to also pay thousands of dollars first for the licensing rights to those high ticket products!

Just how high you ask?  How about $2,500 – $30,000 a pop?!

If you don’t buy in, you don’t earn, so if you want to make sure you don’t miss any commissions, you will have to drop over $64K into this system.

THEN, you’ll have to spend even more on ads and paid traffic to try to get others to join this system too that can run you more thousands a month.

Here’s MOBE’s real costs here:

MOBE True Costs
See for Full Details.


I don’t know about you but this program is too rich for my blood and I bet the average Joe getting into internet marketing don’t have this kind of cash laying around either.

But this is how high ticket systems work, you always have to pay heavy fees to “pay to play”.


This Business Model Is In High Risk

This whole business model about having people pay for high cost digital marketing packages before they can earn any commissions is actually at high risk as one of MOBE’s major competitor was shut down earlier this year by the FTC.

All you’re really doing in this business model is getting people to join so you can pass money around from a new member to 3 members in the system (you, sales rep, & MOBE) via these high ticket packages.

You’re not creating anything of value, you’re not creating an asset you can actually keep as your own, you don’t actually own anything, just the right to sell those high ticket packages.

Since you don’t own anything, if anything happens to MOBE, you’re done, bye bye to all the money you’ve invested in it.




Thumbs DownSome would consider High Ticket Wealth System a scam because it’s not the real system and you’re being misled into MOBE, although this one is not as bad as others and Saj P does show you pictures of MOBE.

Some would consider High Ticket Wealth System not a scam because it’s just a sales funnel that you would probably use too if you joined.

So you can make up your own mind about High Ticket Wealth System whether it’s a scam or not.

MOBE is not a scam technically but I don’t want to work with a company that allows their affiliates to trick people into joining it.

I also don’t like this business model as you don’t own anything and you’re just paying thousands of dollars for the right to make thousands?

There are actually honest and ethical ways to make $50K a month.  Just because they dangle this in front of you doesn’t also mean that you can get there with this system.

In fact, most MOBE members lose thousands of dollars because they were never able to make their money back with the training they provided.

If the system was actually good and successful, then MOBE wouldn’t need to market the way it does and mislead thousands of people into this program.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend High Ticket Wealth System or MOBE.




I have never paid to play and the business model I use don’t make me do that.  The only thing I pay for is education to learn how to use that business model to build my online business with.

I did that in Sep/16 and now I have my own asset that no one can touch, I don’t pay for any ads for visitors to come on my online business (and I get over 1,000 people a day currently), and I make a modest 4 digit online income at the moment which is only on the rise as I continue to build it.

Making money online is very possible but everyone seems to be attracted to making money instantly and I think it’s all because of the damn scams out there who lure you with all these “make $1K a day on autopilot” magic systems that don’t exist.

Listen, nothing is really that automated, there is work to be done if you want to make money online just like any other businesses you want to build offline.

If you’re interested to learn what I do and see what exact training I used for it, I’ve explained it all in my free guide here:

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My guide shows you how the business model works, why it works and where you can even get started today for FREE without opening any wallets!  This way, you can check it all out before deciding to go all in.

By going all in, it’s not about paying thousands of dollars, you’re paying a modest $49/month or $359/year  (which brings down your monthly cost to just under $30/month) compared to the costs above, and you’ll be receiving so much more than just getting the best comprehensive training in this space.

I’ve only had to pay a one year membership once in the beginning and my business has paid the rest since (yes, I’m still a very active member there cuz there’s really so much resources on the platform).

Not only you’ll get to learn how to build your very own asset that you can take with you to earn for many years to come, but also you’ll get business tools (state of the art hosting, free websites to play with until you want your own domain which is only approx. $15/year, free SSL Certificates, Live weekly webinars, etc) to help you with your new journey.

You’ll also learn how to build it so it can attract its own free organic search traffic like mine does.

You’ll be helped not only by me personally but a community of hundreds of thousands of like-minded people via live chat, private messages, and many other ways to get support.

Stop wasting time on high ticket expensive programs and start building your asset today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether High Ticket Wealth System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



3 thoughts on “Is High Ticket Wealth System A Scam Or Easily Make $50K+/Mo?”

  1. I got well and truly conned by this individual also.

    After numerous emails and phone conversations with several of his “minions” I spent £1600 on a course that promised oh so much and delivered absolutely none of it!

    My so called “Success Coach” had zero interest in assisting me, and after a long fight lasting months (in which both he and my bank refused to refund me), I then showed all of the email evidence of having been ripped off to Paypal, who obviously agreed as they happily refunded me in full!

    He was also heavily involved in promoting that nasty little Cryptocurrency Scam called “USI Tech” too.

    My advice would be to stay well away.

    • Thank you Matt for sharing your story with us, this will help future readers and warn them about such systems.

      I’m sorry to hear you had to go through that, but glad you were able to get your money back because a lot of people don’t get their money back.

      If you’re still interested in using a real path like the one I’m using, check out my free guide here.

      I don’t make $50K/month (not yet), but I make a consistent 4 digit online monthly income with the method in my free guide.

      I wish you much success in your future online endeavors, don’t give up.


  2. Hi,
    I fell for one of his scams too. Back in 2017 or even earlier I attended his training in London where he was preselling Tecademics- the Internet Marketing School. The hype during this event was such that I ended up enrolling. Trust me, I lost lots of money and many other people did as well. The school ceased to exist within 1 year.

    When I look at it now I feel ashamed. I opened many cases with my banks but they were unable to recover the money lost. I even opened cases in America with State Attorneys but no luck there either….

    Those guys who promote such scams will always hide behind “we did it in good faith”. Well, they know exactly what they participate in and whom they promote. You need to research before you purchase anything. In my opinion and based on my experience: stay away! It is a horrible feeling when you realise you lost lots of money as you gave in to a hype.

    It stays with you for years….:(


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