What Does It Mean To Be A Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador?

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What Does It Mean To Be A Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador?If you are thinking about trying to be a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador, then think again.  It’s not going to be all cracked up to be and you’re not really gaining much trying to be one.

I can say all this because I have been a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador for almost 250 days as of this post and I can tell you that there’s nothing to really want here.

But, some people like the status of it all and that’s all it is really at this point, just status and bragging rights.

In this post, I will go over what Ambassadorship means and how you can rise to the top if that’s what you really want.

Let’s now check out the following sections:


If You Want To Be Coached By An Ambassador,
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Every member who signs onto Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing training platform gets a ranking number and when you first join, you will have a very big number to your rank since you’re at the bottom of the rank as you’re brand new.

Once you start doing things on the training platform, your rank will start to move up, meaning your actual rank number will start to lower in number.

The more you can help others, be active, go through the training, and/or create engagement through your profile blog or tutorials on the training platform, the higher you rise in rank.

When you hit Top 25, that’s when you are officially an Ambassador!


Wealthy Affiliate's Ambassador List


This is a pay-it-forward system and encourages members to help each other out which has really worked because the community in Wealthy Affiliate is very strong and engaged.

I have always gotten the help I want from the community and definitely one of the reasons for my success on Wealthy Affiliate.

Your activity evaluated with their ranking algorithm which has been updated multiple times since I’ve been there and now I think they have it so that you are ranked really based on being able to really help others on the platform.

If you have an authority voice on Wealthy Affiliate, then that will get you even higher on the ranking totem pole because you’re creating engagement.

When you create engagement on there, your ranking stays put without you doing that much more, this has been my experience lately.

I have been Rank 5 for awhile now or at least in the Top 10, but I never planned on being up there, this is a result from posting about my business progress which has been amazing in 2018, so I have really grown a large following on there because of my success posts.

Because my business is promoting Wealthy Affiliate, I am a Premium Coach to many people on the platform so on top of my engaging posts, I am helping many members on the platform just because that’s my business to do so.

My success posts and my help to many members have gotten me to where I am today, Rank 5, and my rank doesn’t move much even when I’m not on the platform as much sometimes.

Rankings are evaluated every 24 hours and you can move in and out of ambassadorship.  Meaning you can be in the Top 25 one day and if you’re not that active, someone else can bump you down and out of ambassadorship.

However, if you get back onto the Top 25 again, your number of days as an ambassador will continue counting.

Therefore, my 247 days is not in a row, I’ve been an ambassador several times in my 2 years plus there, but this last time I gotten up there, has been awhile now.


How to Rise To Ambassadorship Quickly?

With my experience, it would seem like creating engaging blog posts or tutorials (tutorials can only be created if you’re over 3 months in Premium membership) on the Wealthy Affiliate platform would definitely get you up there fast.

Answering people’s questions is a big rank mover and it doesn’t matter where the question is found, if there’s a question and you answer that person well, you will gain ambassadorship credits.

Commenting in long form on other people’s Wealthy Affiliate blogs would also help you get higher rankings.

Completing all five lessons of their main Online Entrepreneur Certification course will also get you ranked higher as well since that is what you’re there for.  If you go through the training, you’re better equipped to help you.


Do You Get Paid As A Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador?

Hell no! Lol

If they did, everyone would be even more crazy about getting ambassadorship.  I hope money is never involved, because then it won’t be a true pay-it-forward system.

Once in a blue mood, I would hear that they will implement some kind of incentive to be an ambassador but I have not seen anything come to fruition as of yet.

I really hope this never happens!



If You Want To Be Coached By An Ambassador,
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Being a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador means you should be helpful to anyone that approaches you and be open to help anytime you’re on the platform.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors is that they all make money online or have successful websites but this is not true.

Only about half of them are making money, really good money, like full time kind of income and 6 figure a year type of members on the Top 25 list.

Some of them are up and coming because they have started to post success stories about their websites, I see it happening and it’s obvious that success posts will move you up in rankings because they cause engagement.

Some of them on the Top 25 list really just like to be on there for the status of being an Ambassador and they freak out when they are knocked out of the list like they have to really announce it.

Not just announce they got knocked off, but also blame others for “gaming” the system to get on the list.  My eyes roll every time I see this kind of stuff on the platform.

It’s like, who cares?!

I’m in and out of the Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador list without making a peep on the platform because ultimately being an Ambassador doesn’t really matter at all.

Being an Ambassador means:

  • You’re helpful to others
  • You can engage people
  • You have a high level of activity
  • You’ve gone through at least some training

That’s pretty much what it means to be a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador.

I just happen to be one that makes money with my website too.


My Honest Opinion On Wealthy Affiliate’s Ranking System

To tell you the truth, I never liked this ranking system because it’s highly distracting for many members there.

It’s something nobody needs to strive for and yet it’s there so they make it a “goal” to be an Ambassador which blows my mind why they need to have such a goal.

People who want to be Ambassadors are missing the point:  You are on Wealthy Affiliate to build your own online business.

That is your first and most important goal for yourself, not seeing how much time I can waste on Wealthy Affiliate so I can be called an Ambassador.

My status is on the Top 25 list is purely from working on my online business, nothing else.

Any activity I make on Wealthy Affiliate is mostly because it’s my business to do so, although I do help many others that are not in my business.

If I was in a different niche, I would still be on the Ambassador list because I know I would still be posting my success stories on any other website I build.

So moral of the story is, work on your online business so hard that you have so much success to share with the community and that will move you up to the list very quickly.




Your online business is what is going to pay you at the end of the day for the work you have put into your online business.

Sure it’s fun to mingle around on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and chit chat all day but doing that doesn’t make you any money online.

So while you’re learning on Wealthy Affiliate, be very diligent about sticking to what you’re doing on there because it’s very easy to get distracted with all the information that’s on the platform.

Once you have finished the training, then it’s just off to your own website to continue to build your content and scale your online business.

Make it your business to build your online business, dedicate yourself to learning what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer which is very powerful skills that you can take with you for the rest of your life.

If you need a guide, I can be your Premium Coach if you haven’t signed up to the Wealthy Affiliate yet.

I can only take on brand new members so if you already have an account with Wealthy Affiliate, then you have to find out who your Premium Coach is and reach out to them, which is located in the Help Center on your left menu on the platform.

Therefore, if you’re new to Wealthy Affiliate, I welcome you and want to help you with your journey so click this green button and sign up now:

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I have guided over 4,800 people to get started at Wealthy Affiliate and I know I can help you too!

There’s nothing like learning the powerful skills taught at Wealthy Affiliate and I’m living proof that the training works.

Check out all my success stories on my profile which I’m known as “littlemama” on there.

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If you want to own your very own money making asset, then start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding what it means to be a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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