What Is A Content Writer & How To Outsource Content Writing?

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Long time ago, I wondered what is a content writer because I was looking for things to do online but now that I’m a blogger, I want to know how to outsource content writing!

You may be someone looking for online work you can do from home so you can stay home to watch your young kids and wonder what a content writer is… this is how I started getting into blogging.

Or, you may be someone who’s been in the blogging business for awhile now and wanting to expand your content writing by outsourcing it.

Either way, I will get into both of these questions as I take a closer look at the core of the blogging business and in my final thoughts, I’ll show you were you can get some training if you want to still do your own writing.


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What Is A Content Wrtiter?I’ve been blogging for six months now and one of the most tedious parts of being a blogger is content writing.  I mean, that is what a blog is about, it’s all about writing articles, or blog posts, or, another word for it is, content.

Google also strives on websites that produce lots of content and rewards them with higher rankings because of the high quality of content that’s freshly churned out each week.

Therefore, to become a blogger, you are essentially becoming a content writer.


What Do You Write About?

A content writer can be writing for articles for various types of blogs or websites.

News websites need content writers, sometimes they are journalist, but most are just content writers to fill the site with lots of new, thought provoking articles.

You can be a content writer on various topics or you can be an expert in a particular niche.  Now, blogs are usually about a particular niche, so being a content writer of your blog, you are becoming the authoritative voice in your niche.

Your background and your passion will determine what kind of content writer you’ll be.  Find something you are very interested in, you don’t even have to an expert at it, but it needs to be a topic that you like researching about if you need to do it.


What Kind of A Content Writer Are You?

Being a content writer means you will be writing lots of articles about the topic you love.  Content writing doesn’t have to be in perfect, formal format, it can be conversational like this post I’m writing.

In fact, all my blog posts are written in this tone so content writing is as casual as writing like you’re talking to someone, or it can be as technical or formal like a textbook or novel.  It all depends on how you want your content written.

Or, if you want to be a content writer for someone else’s site, you may want to check the tone of the website first to see if that will fit your writing style.




How To Outsource Content WritingI will answer this question in several sections:

I’ll be talking about these topics with a blog owner mindset.  If you’re one who’s looking to be a content writer, you can see what website owners are looking for and be ready!


Why Outsource Your Content Writing:

There are many factors that would drive you to outsource your content writing, and they are:

  • English Is Not Your First Language – Nowadays, anyone can become a blogger and in whatever language you want your blog to be in.  However, having an English site is still what dominates the internet so if you’re not good at writing in English, this is a big reason you should outsource to someone who knows how.
  • Time Constraints – Everyone’s busy all the time it seems and if you’re juggling an offline job, kids, other projects, and whatever else, you just may not have the time to write on your blog.  This is a way to buy some hours for your business.
  • Expanding Your Online Business – You can be a full time blogger and still want or need more content to be written on your current site or expanding into multiple sites.
  • Writing Is Not For You – Writing may not be your strongest strength and may want to concentrate on your other skills that can be better utilized.  Outsourcing your writing can free up time for you to do what you’re best at.
  • You’re Not The Expert – You may be going into a niche that you love but you don’t have the technical or the necessary experience with the topic so you may hire someone to write for you instead who has such a background.


Where to Find Good Content Writers:

Content writers range in quality for sure and depending on where you go, you will see the difference:

  • Fiverr – This is a popular place to get a lot different things done for you.  However, because it’s so popular, you really have a mix bag of good and bad writers.  I know my friend Vicky has had bad experience hiring quality content writers here but it doesn’t mean you can’t.  You just have to be diligent.

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These next three are definitely sites geared towards content writers and have higher quality:

  • Upwork.com – I have seen very good quality writers come out of here and for a very cheap price!  $7 for shorter articles and $12.50 for 1000+ words on a in-depth review.  Now it’s up to you to find someone who can write quality content, so you may even go through 2 or 3 writers before you can find one like this!
  • iWriter.com – This is another great place for finding cheaper writers and you can get 500 words for $5.50, $10.50 for 1,000 words, and $30 for 2,000 words.  Their pricing is .006 cents per word and you can also set your own price for each article as well.  This site has a public ranking system too so you can select writers based on this system which helps a lot to weed out the bad ones.
  • TextBroker.com – This site has more professional writers for more deep analysis type content or if you just want to make sure your writer will be of high quality, but this also means a higher price tag:  $9.35 for 500 words, $18.35 for 1,000 words, and $36.35 for 2,000 words.  It’s not uncommon to spend $40-60/article here either so it just depends how much experience the writer has.

They have a ranking system here too but it’s not made public which is a huge downside.  The reviews can only been seen by the author and the reviewer, which makes it hard to select a great writer when choosing one.


What Requirements You Should Post:

When posting your listing on these content writers sites, you should be very specific on the type of writer you want.  Here are some ideas on what to include in your call for a content writer:

  • Your Niche or Topic – make sure they know what your website is about and in particular what specifically you want them to write about in this one article.
  • How Many Words – you should specify the length of the article you want, usually indicating number of words you want written.
  • How Much You’re Willing To Pay – if you can set your own price on what you want to pay, that’s awesome, do it, but if you can’t, just go with a range you’re looking to pay.
  • Timing – We all need deadlines, and you should definitely list out when you’ll want the delivery of the article.  Allow 3- 10 days if you can to make sure the writer have enough time to research and make a quality post.
  • No Copying Clause – Tell writers in your post that you want high quality original content, not copied or spun in anyway and that you will check their work afterwards for plagiarism.  You can always check their work at this plagiarism checker.
  • No Further Outsourcing – You don’t want your writer to also outsource.  You want the person you hire to be the one writing your articles.  This is apparently done a lot and so saying it outright that they can’t outsource themselves will weed these writers out.
  • Past Experience and Samples – To decide whether the potential content writer will be good or not, asking for past work or even testimonies from previous jobs will be a great way to determine if this is a good writer to pick or not.
  • Revisions – State that you’d want to be able to ask for revisions instead of you making revisions yourself.
  • Writing Style – I spoke about this earlier and this is something you can add to your listing.  You want to make sure you want the tone of the writer’s style to match your site so specify what kind of style you’re looking for: casual, formal, technical, etc.
  • Length of Project – The longer the project the better.  If you can pay for 3-5 articles a week, this will provide a content writer with part time to full time work which would be very appealing to the writer.




Finding a great content writer will take some trial and error.  You may not find one right away and may even use several of them before you come up with a great content writer.

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If you have any questions about content writing or Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below and I’ll address your concerns very quickly!



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  1. Hello Grace,
    Outstanding work….. your article is really an informative one,, writing about the topic which you love from anywhere is the best work as we can earn money from anywhere just by simply expressing our views with the facts to others, your article also explains the important point to be focused on while writing a content so the google can easily crawl.
    Thanks for the informative one.

    • Thank you Sonali, glad you stopped by and read my post. 🙂 Really happy to hear you liked my article on content writing and that it was helpful to you.

      It is important to love what you do so that you can look forward to working everyday. Making money from what you love to do is what we all strive for I hope, and this blogging business could be ticket to some people, not for all. You gotta decide if writing is your thing.

      Best of luck to you!

  2. Great article on outsourcing! I just got into affiliate marketing about a month ago (thanks to Wealthy Affiliate), started my first website, have been blogging away… and have recently became curious about this topic. This was a very helpful read and answered a bunch of questions. I am bookmarking this as it may come in handy for me in the future. Thank you Grace!

    • I’m so glad you have read my post then Jen, sounds like you needed it. 🙂 Glad I can share some information to you as well as shed some light on the questions you’ve had.

      If you have anymore questions when you’re ready to outsource, just asking away. Otherwise, I wish you all the best in your online journey and hope this post will help in the future as well.

      Thanks for visiting,

  3. Awesome information. Even though I have just started my blog page, I have already been thinking about getting other content writers for the near future. I’m not afraid to ask for help or hire quality people to do quality work to grow my business faster. Thanks for the information and I will definitely be utilizing this information in the near future.

    • That’s great Joshua, I’m glad this post can help you. 🙂 Planning ahead is always good as well and glad you can use this info in the future as well. Just drop me a line if you have more questions when you’re ready to hire.


  4. Hi Grace, great post – i personally have never had any issues with writing online – as long as i am passionate about the point im writing about then i can go for hours – i have been an online blogger for years. I have produced hundreds of highly ranked blogs online and have even had a previous blog of mine stolen by an online writer – but if you type Marley Dawkins into google you will realise there is endless content from me online lol.

    Your work is always very interesting, well worded and helpful for people, so keep it up and thanks for outlining the importance of outsourcing content writing for some people.

    • Thank you for your kind words Marley, especially when you have so much experience. I’m glad you stopped by to take a look at my work. 🙂

      I will have to look you up and see some of your work as well. Thanks again for visiting!


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