What Is The InstaEasy Program & Can It Make Me Fast Money?

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InstaEasy LogoLooking for a program that will automate your social media engagement for you?  Wondering “What is the InstaEasy program?” is only natural but is it all that it’s cracked up to be?

I can tell you right now that I have a much better software for you to automate your social media management, which costs way less and is 10 times more powerful than InstaEasy!

Also, I will debunk the income claims on their sales page!

I’ve been in this social media game for over 5 years now, and can pretty much tell you what’s the truth behind all the smoke.

Here’s what I’ll walk through:



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InstaEasy the automation for social mediaProduct: InstaEasy

Website: instaeasy.com

Owner: Luke Maguire

Price: $47/month or $347/year

InstaEasy is a web based program that you can automate your social media engagement such as Like, Follow and Unfollow.

All you have to do is add your Instagram account, set up the options you want, which they have a pretty easy interface, and then watch it work for you.

If you know anything about growing an Instagram account, these three functions are vital to the success of your growth.  I’ve explained that in detail in this post here.

The more you engage with other accounts in your niche, the more you will gain followers and engagement on your posts.

You need to unfollow as well, because you have a follow limit of 7,500 on the Instagram platform.

Therefore, in order to follow more people, you need to unfollow accounts.


Closer Look At The Features:

InstaEasy by it’s name is only for Instagram accounts.

You can automatically Like posts, Follow, and Unfollow accounts by these options:

  • InstaEasy Tools ActivatedLike & Follow by Hashtags.
  • Follow the followers of the bigger competitors in your niche.
  • Follow the people who recently liked a competitors’ photo.
  • InstaEasy ToolsLike recent photos only.
  • Like photos with x amount of Likes on it.
  • Unfollow those who don’t follow you back.
  • Unfollow those only followed by InstaEasy.


The truth is that there are people out there who frown upon this marketing tactic of following people and then unfollowing them.

But guess what people do in the offline world?  They pass out flyers.  This is the same thing.

Following someone is to tell them, “Hey I’m here, check out my account.”  Then unfollowing them because you have more people to introduce yourself to.  This is just an online way of marketing that is very effective.

So InstaEasy is a tool to use this method of growing your Instagram accounts.

I personally love this tactic and I’ve had much success with it.  I’ve grown many accounts using this method and you can grow these Instagram accounts pretty easily and quickly this way.

However, I know there is an even better software, which I use, that outperforms InstaEasy by a mile, and for way cheaper price.  Keep reading…





  • This method of growing your Instagram account works.
  • It’s easy and you get results quickly.
  • Grow several accounts at once.
  • Easy interface to use.
  • Automation is awesome.



  • Price is way too high!!
  • Not enough options to Like, Follow, and Unfollow by:
    • Can’t specify how many to like and follow per hour to prevent from getting banned.
    • Can’t specify maximum limits per day for each function to prevent from getting banned.
    • Can’t tell it to Like after a Follow.
    • Can’t add random sleep to make it act more humanly.
    • Can’t specify timeframes for when you want the functions to work.
    • Can’t specify to unfollow after so many days of following them.
    • Can’t specify to like from your feed or like your own followers’ posts.
    • Can’t like by location, specific users, specific posts.


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  • Don’t have user filters to filter out spam accounts.
  • No follow back option.
  • Can’t like or follow users who have commented on your competitors’ accounts.
  • Can’t do auto Commenting.
  • Can’t send auto DMs.
  • Can’t automatically delete posts, delete comments.
  • Can’t auto block spam accounts.
  • Can’t do auto reposts.
  • Can’t auto post for you.
  • If you have other social media accounts and want to grow them the same way, you can’t.  This only works for Instagram.




You see the long list of Cons above?  My recommendation can do ALL that and so much MORE.

The social media automation software I use and love is called Mass Planner!  This powerful program can do every single one of those items on the Cons list!

Mass Planner best social media automation software

Let’s start of a much lower price!  Both of their plans out performed InstaEasy by so much.

Mass Planner has two plans:

  • $9.95/month – Basic (which I use).
  • $19.95/month – Premium – ALL extra modules included.

Even at their most expensive plan, $19.95/mo., Mass Planner is still cheaper than InstaEasy’s cheapest plan of $347/year ($28.92/month).  InstaEasy’s highest plan is $47/month.

Not only can Mass Planner do all that InstaEasy has to offer, but also do all the things InstaEasy cannot do!!  And then you find out it’s even cheaper!


Another big plus is that:

Mass Planner is not only for Instagram, it’s also for FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google+, and Tumblr!


You can so apply the same Instagram growth method to Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIN, and Google+.

Facebook has different automation features:

  • You can friend request;
  • You can accept or deny invites;
  • Find & Join Facebook Groups;
  • Post to Facebook Page;
  • Share Facebook Page Posts to Niche Groups;
  • Plus even more!

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I believe this method of growing your accounts does increase your chances of making money, definitely. After all, you are gaining real followers.

But by using InstaEasy, will you make $36,000 in 4 months or $700/day like they claim on their website?  Hell, no!

InstaEasy $36,000 in 4 months

It’s the most annoying thing to see programs like this boast of these ridiculous income claims with no work and in short amount of time!  Please don’t buy into their lies.

InstaEasy $700/day

No matter what social media automation program you use, your Instagram account alone will very unlikely make you that much money.

You can make that much money online, yes, but not just from growing Instagram accounts.



You can make that kind of money if you also have:

  • a website;
  • engaging content on your website;
  • trust from your readers because of the helpful recommendations you make on your website;
  • affiliate programs to monetize those products you recommend so you can make commissions when your readers click on your links to buy the products.

Without a website, you will not be able to make that much money with just having an Instagram account alone.

Wealthy AffiliateThe process I describe above is called affiliate marketing, and if you don’t know how to do any of this, then you should get training at the best platform I know:  Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you’ll need to know to build your own website (super quick), how to write content that drive free organic traffic, how to use keywords, and how to monetize your site with affiliate links.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and you can even start for FREE!

They have a Starter membership (a lifetime of free if you wish) that’s free and a Premium membership.  After you see the training available on that platform, you’ll wonder how anyone can succeed in this space without a Premium membership.

You will have the first 7 days of your free Starter membership to also test drive most Premium features and then after the 7 days, you can just stay free and upgrade later.

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Don’t worry I’m a member too, so I’ll be there to help you.  🙂  Shortly after you sign up, I’ll send you a message (as “littlemama”) and you’ll be able to connect with me on there!

You’ll also have the support of a huge community that’s so helpful and engaging!  This fact was such a bonus.  Support is number one in this program!




Here’s my conclusion of all the above:

  • InstaEasy – Expensive but method works in a broad sense, only Instagram.
  • Mass Planner – Low cost, more tool options for even more precise targeting, 7 major social media platforms.
  • Wealthy Affiliate – Learn how to make money online by building an online business with affiliate marketing.

If you have both Wealthy Affiliate and Mass Planner, like I do, you’ll be armed with the most powerful tools in internet marketing and social media, and you’ll be set up for success!

If you have any questions or thoughts on any of the above, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always reply to my readers. 😉



Let’s make money online!

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