My uProfit Review: Is It A Scam and Can I Really Make $100/day?

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Could You Really Profit from uProfit? 2
Is uProfit the next big program that will make me $100 days or is it just a scam like all the other cheap internet marketing “systems” out there?  Here is my honest uProfit review and you’ll learn if uProfit is a scam or not.

There are many internet scams out there and I always tell my audience what to look out for so they don’t get tricked into these “fast money maker” systems and lacking any quality training.

Here I will show you the following:



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uProfit LogoProduct:  uProfit


Owners: Jason Fulton, David Kirby, and Rodney Yarde

Price: $6.17 + Upsells (of course)

This uProfit “system” teaches you a “new method” on how to make $100/day… which is essentially how to create videos and profit from their free viral traffic.  I don’t know about you but have you heard of YouTube?

They promise that this will teach newbies how to pick niche, how to do keyword research, and how to make videos that will bring in the viral free traffic.

You will need no website, not be writing content, and have no experience.

uProfit teaches how to find niches that people are searching solutions for, so if you can figure out how to solve people’s problems by making simple videos to get viral traffic from.

To make money, they teach you to use affiliate products to link underneath the video so you can earn a commission if someone buys the product from your link.


uProfit productsWhat you’ll get for the initial price of $6.17:

  • 13 modules of video training (not very long ones at all)
  • PDF of quick cheat sheet
  • Upsold to buy more stuff you’ll need

When they start telling you about making videos, as many will shy from this tall task, they say, don’t worry about it, you don’t have to make them yourself!

How can they teach you how to get viral traffic from videos if you don’t have to make them?  Well, because they teach you how to use Creative Common License – Videos that allow others to use their videos as stipulated in their license.

Usually creative common videos allow you to reproduce the video, edit it, and republish it as your own.

This all sound great right?  Read on…




Let’s dig a little deeper into this product and see if it’s still great for you.


  • The concept of finding a niche, helping people solve problems, and monetizing your videos with affiliate products is great.  This is called affiliate marketing – promoting other people’s products to help your audience solve their problems, and making a commission when they buy from your link.
  • Cheap product, under $10.



  • They are using affiliate marketing all wrong, you need way more than non-original videos to get you viral free traffic.
  • 4 Upsells:
    • 1) $17 Done for you “stuff” to help you make money faster
    • 2) $27 More in-depth training to show you how to generate 5x to 10x FASTER results (paid traffic)
    • 3) $47 Done for you sales funnel
    • 4) $97 One-on-one coaching
  • Training is extremely weak, not enough, short, not in-depth.  First 3 videos don’t even have any training, just welcome and hype.
  • Creating videos from creative common licenses will not generate viral traffic.
  • Done for you systems never work out well as you cannot get organic traffic from them.


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  • Not a new method – creative common licensing have been around for years, and so has affiliate marketing.
  • Can’t make money within the first 24 hours as it claims.
  • No in-depth training about how to find affiliate products or what’s the best practice for affiliate marketing.
  • No support unless you pay for coaching.
  • These guys don’t even know how to do math.  When trying to leave their site, it offered me a 28% discount which would make the product $4.44, but the offer it showed me was $4.95!  Really?

uProfit 28% Discount




No, you will not make $100/day.  Not the way they teach you, especially because of all the things I’ve mentioned above in the “Cons” list.

Is it a scam, per se?  No either, because they do show you their method of how to make money online.

Though it is a lie that this is a new method, it’s certainly not a new method, so there are little white lies peppered all over.

They also claim you only need 30-45 mins a day to keep this going, which is complete nonsense.  When learning something new, you will take more than that amount of time.

Even when you’ve learned everything, a real online business takes way more time investment than that to be successful.

If you want to know the truth about making fast money is that there is no fast money unless you’re doing illegal things!

Now are you ready to know how to make $100/day the proper way??




The better way to potentially make $100/day is to build a blog website in a niche you love, write helpful engaging content, use proper keywords (with proper analytics) to gain free organic traffic, and make original videos!

You can definitely learn how to do all this at Wealthy Affiliate and possibly build a passive full time income by building an authority blog and add things like original videos for more organic traffic; and using affiliate marketing and ads to monetize your website are just some ways you can earn on our site.

There are many other ways to monetize your website as seen here in this post.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none and I show you what kind of training they have all right here:

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Success Is Up To You

With their training, you can potentially make $100/day or more if you wish, what you want to make is really up you!  It’s up to you to put in the work and effort it takes to make that much money online.

I don’t know how products like uProfit can guarantee any earnings claims when it’s up to you to take action.  If you don’t take action, you don’t make money… this is the same in the offline world.

Do you get paid for a full day when you work only 30 – 45 mins a day at a job?  Will your brick and mortar store earn any money if you only open for 30 – 45 mins a day?

Working hard always brings in the money, this is also true for any online business you want to start.


Learn How To Make Money OnlineWealthy Affiliate Is Your Answer!

If you are serious about building something that can replace your job one day, dedicating yourself to the training at Wealthy Affiliate will get you there.  This is truly the best path for you!

Their training will not get you there tomorrow, or next week, or even the next month… But, how blogging works, it will get you there in a year to two years, or even a bit longer.  Will you work hard for that long so you can earn a full time passive income for months & years to come??  Or work that long so you can quit your job??

Um, YES, sign me up!  Oh I am signed up. 😉

It also doesn’t mean you will earn nothing until a year or two.  You can earn as early as 2 – 4 months, but just not a full time income yet by then.

A full time income will come earlier if you can put in your efforts continually, and even if you can’t, you will just take a little longer to get there but you will get there!   See success stories here.

There is also full support when you are there, with a vast community helping each other out, you will not be alone and will get your questions answered quickly!  They also have a full Site Support for your hosting.

Also, no paying extra if you want to contact the owners, Kyle & Carson, you can do so anytime you want.


Start for FREE

Best thing also is that you can start for FREE.  You don’t even have to go all in at first, you can test out their training platform which also hosts your sites if you choose too and start your online business with 2 free websites!

You can also stay as a Starter free member for as long as you want, but the first 7 days you can test drive some of the Premium features.  A Premium membership will open up the whole platform to you and it’s only $49/month or even cheaper $359/year ($29.92/month).

Anything of the high quality, yes, it comes with a price, there is really no free education and if you were to learn anything like what Wealthy Affiliate offers in a college or university, it would cost 10 times more!

Also, there are NO upsells… it’s just the two memberships, Starter or Premium, and if you decide to get your own domain, you need to pay for domain registration (which is required anywhere you go), but that’s it, high quality secured hosting is included as well!

This is the real online business training and opportunity you’ve been searching for.  Get started for FREE now (no credit card needed):

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding uProfit or Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always reply to all my readers!  🙂



Let’s make money online!

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2 thoughts on “My uProfit Review: Is It A Scam and Can I Really Make $100/day?”

  1. Am I lucky to have landed on your review, boy, I was about to pull out my wallet but something inside me didn’t sit right. Glad did a few more searches and found your page.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like training I can use, I will check out your review.


    • Thank you Ron for visiting and glad I can be of help with my reviews. You are smart to search more about a product before buying.

      Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t make you buy immediately, they give you a free membership and let you stay a free member for as long as you want until you feel comfortable to upgrade to Premium.

      I hope you will find so much value in their training and all the resources that are available on their platform. I’ll be personally helping you out if you decide to sign up for free!

      All the best to you,


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