Are The Amazon Affiliate Program Commission Rates Worth Your Time?

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What Are The Amazon Affiliate Program Commission Rates? Worth It To Use?Amazon is in no doubt one of the largest online marketplaces across the globe. You can see a lot of affiliate marketplaces these days, but Amazon continues to thrive and still remains everyone’s favorite place to sell and purchase products.

Because there are multiple ways to earn on Amazon, this post concentrates on being an Amazon affiliate and earning from their affiliate program called Amazon Associates.

I’ll share with you all you need to know about the Amazon affiliate program, their commission rates, and how you can earn from the program.



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About Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the affiliate program Amazon offers affiliate marketers and advertisers, like you and me, that will let you earn a certain commission every time someone clicks your special link and purchases something.

You’ll have to sign up first so you’ll be given your special link and can start promoting Amazon’s products. Don’t worry, it’s completely free and the registration is fast and easy.


Amazon Associates Program home page


What you need to be careful though is make sure you read their Associates Program Operating Agreement so you’ll be aware of their rules.

They have many and if you violate any of them, your account will be closed down.



Why Choose Amazon Associates?

So you probably heard from others to stay away from Amazon’s affiliate program for a number of reasons.

Some of these reasons why people don’t use Amazon’s affiliate program are:

#1) The commissions are extremely small. A lot of products only let you earn 1%-2% commissions and in most cases, the maximum is between 8% and 10%, depending on the products you’re promoting as an Amazon Associate.

#2) The 24-hour cookie rule. One of the conditions of Amazon is you can only earn a commission once the customer purchases something within the 24 hours that person clicked your link.

This means that if the customer buys the product more than 24 hours after clicking your link, you can no longer earn from that sale.

#3) Most customers who buy from Amazon only go for low-cost products, like books, phone accessories, etc.

#3 is actually not that true as even I have bought products that are several hundred dollars.  Tons of cameras and tools are being bought on Amazon, I’ve been bought a trampoline.

The other two concerns are true but when you promote Amazon properly, you can build a 5 figure monthly income from such an awesome affiliate program.


Conquering Misconceptions: Does Affiliate Marketing Make Money?


Here are the reasons why Amazon’s still a great affiliate program to use:

#1) It’s great for beginners. It’s really easy to become an affiliate for Amazon. It’s free and they have awesome linked photos, software, and widgets that you can easily incorporate to your blog website.

#2) Amazon is a well-trusted company. Amazon is so popular that most people won’t have any second thought or doubts when buying from the site.

You can be assured that there will always be people purchasing from Amazon, which increases your chances of making more sales.

#3) Most customers buy more than one item. When people shop at Amazon, they usually purchase two or more products.

Among the things I love about Amazon Associates is when someone clicks your link and purchases other things apart from the product you’re promoting, you’re still going to get commission from those products! Awesome, right?!

#4) The holiday fever. You can get into the Amazon seasonal deals, particularly from Thanksgiving to Christmas. These are the times when people go into a shopping craze.

This is a great time for you to promote your products as people love shopping during these times and will most likely purchase more than two items at a time!

#5) Better conversions. It won’t be too hard to convert your audience into customers. Because of Amazon’s fame, people trust the brand and you’ll have more chances of making a sale.



The Amazon Affiliate Program Commission Rates

If you’re considering joining Amazon’s affiliate program, it’s beneficial that you know and understand the commission rates.

The commission isn’t the same for all products. It will vary which category your product belongs to.

For example, the fashion category for men, women, and kids has a commission rate of 10%, while physical video games and consoles only offers 1%. You can check here the different categories and their corresponding commission rates.


Amazon Commission Rates


Please note that Amazon calls commissions by a different name, they use advertising fees which makes sense as it’s an advertising expense for them, but when you’re on the other side as an affiliate, you may be confused on their site what these fees are.

Also, the Amazon affiliate program commission rates will vary depending which country you’re from. For instance, if you’re from India, then you’ll receive higher commission rates compared to other countries.

It’s best that you check first the commission rates in your country to avoid any confusion. The information is provided in their website, but you can simply Google it.

It’s also useful to check out the Help section in case something is not clear to you. The important thing is you understand their terms and conditions before signing up for their affiliate program.


How to Earn From Amazon Associates

The best way to earn from Amazon is to recommend their products to your audience but in order to have an audience, you need an online presence.

An online presence will give you a platform to share and show your audience how to do things, and how to solve things they are searching for.

Therefore, the best way you can do this is by a blog website like mine so you can create content like this page to educate on the products that you want to promote.

The kind of content you can place on a blog website are the following:


#1 A Round-Up Post

This post will cover all products you’re going to recommend your audience. They see you as the expert, so they will trust whatever it is you recommend them.

For example, you’re a beauty blogger and your product is lip gloss. So you’re going to create content for “10 Essential Items You Should Have in Your Bag.” In your post, you’re going to list the things you can’t leave your house without.

You’ll include your wallet, smartphone, beauty essentials, and then add your lip gloss there. Linking your product must appear as natural as possible so people won’t think that you’re just trying to sell them something.


#2 A Detailed Product Review

Another effective way to promote your product is by writing a detailed product review, which will include your honest opinion.

Talk about how you used the product and how it helped you. If there are any downsides, mention them too. You must be completely honest so people will not question your credibility.

You don’t have to buy every product you review, this is a huge misconception.  You can thoroughly research a product and write a report on your findings which is just as good as you’re saving people’s time and doing this research for them.

Think of all the car blogger or big items that blogs talk about, no one will buy every item they have reviewed, that’s impossible.


#3 Product Comparison

Writing a product comparison post will help your readers decide which product they are going to buy. Make sure to include both the similarities and differences of the products.

Mention the overall quality, performance, and the price. This will give people a clear view on which product they really need.

You will need to research both products whether you have used them yourself or not.  Being having first hand experience is an advantage for sure, but, like I said above, not every car salesman has bought every car they have sold.


#4 Utilize Social Media Channels

Using social media is an effective way to promote Amazon products by sharing your blog articles on there. You can make posts in your Facebook group, Facebook business page, Youtube, and Pinterest and incorporate your affiliate link.

Using social media will surely get people to notice your posts and click your affiliate link eventually. Just make sure that you read their rules and regulations to avoid your account from getting suspended or banned.


#5 Your Resource Page

Another great place to take advantage of your affiliate link is on your Resource Page. You can see this page in websites or blogs, but with different names, like Recommendations, Tools I Use, Favorites, etc. Adding your link here will increase its visibility and will have better chances of people clicking it.


Even though the Amazon affiliate program commission rates are not that high, promoting their products still offer a great opportunity to build a stable monthly online income.

However, it will still come down to how you’re going to promote these products and a blog will be able to drive tons more traffic than any other platforms.



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If you have any questions about Amazon Associates affiliate program, their commissions, affiliate marketing, or anything related to this post, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below! I always reply to my readers! 🙂


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