Cash Money Sites Review: Massive Profits Or Massive Scam?

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is Cash Money Sites a scamLooking into Cash Money Sites and wondering if it will scam you?  There are so many money making opportunities out there but there are more scams than real opportunities so you must be very careful.

Cash Money Sites is no different and I see all sorts of red flags with this product that my review will show you why this program will not work the way they say.

I know because I’m in the affiliate marketing business and what they want to sell you just isn’t going to work and I’ll explain why that is.

Although, I love affiliate marketing and the stream of passive income it provides me, but I sure didn’t get there by using Cash Money Sites and their done-for-you everything.

My Cash Money Sites review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Cash Money Sites Logo


Program Name: Cash Money Sites


Price: $47

Owners: “Jason Jordan and Mark Adams” or “Jake Jasons and Harold Coleman”

Recommended? No

The Cash Money Sites promises “rapid mass profits” with their software that can curate any top quality content to create your very own affiliate marketing site with that can get you viral traffic and affiliate commissions right away.

Everything sounds very easy as all you have to do is pick the template you want, click some buttons and bam!, you got yourself an affiliate marketing site.


Cash Money Sites Sales video


They tell you that you can have a site that can get you tons of viral search traffic without spending a dime on pay per click and that traffic will turn into tons of affiliate commissions for you.

Cash Money Sites tries to convince you that they have the complete solution for you and runs on complete auto-pilot which will give you a well designed affiliate site.

That all sounds wonderful and to the average person this sounds like a great plan but guess what?  It’s not going to work.

What do I mean?  Which part won’t work?

I mean all of it.

Sure they can give you free template sites which sits on THEIR domain but everything they are going to put on there is not going to get you any viral traffic any time soon.

In fact, you’ll be lucky to get any traffic on your new template done-for-you site or any commissions from it from how this is being built.

So many of these Clickbank products give out the wrong information and make you think their product is the bomb but they mostly turn out duds like these ones too:




Because I’ve been in this affiliate marketing business since Sep/16, I know the in’s and out’s of it and how it works so I can spot where Cash Money Sites won’t work.

Yes, you do need content on your website to drive traffic to your site but you’re not going to get there by using other people’s content as Cash Money Sites says that’s what they are going to do for you.


Cash Money Sites won't get you viral traffic with curated content


You see, there’s something called original content and Google these days is smart enough to detect any spun content taken from other people’s sites.

You will not be able to use any people’s content on your sites, even if you spin the content to make it sound like you wrote it, Google detects this and will penalize your site from showing up on their search results.

This is the fundamental reason why Cash Money Sites won’t work.

There are also the factors that shows me why Cash Money Sites won’t work:

  • New sites are not given much attention from Google in the first 3 months so no rankings til you have proven to Google you create high quality original content.  So because you’re not doing this, creating high quality original content, then Cash Money Sites won’t work.
  • Keywords – these are actually the words that will bring you the traffic that Cash Money Sites talks about in the video but they have no mentions of keywords and SEO, so there’s no way your template site could work without any keywords.
  • An affiliate marketing site is never “done” – just because they give you a site, that doesn’t mean it’s done.  To continually earn from your site, you need to continually produce quality original content on there.  Without it, your site will never get any organic search traffic which is what you want.
  • Social media & RSS traffic – Spreading your site across social media networks and RSS feeds will provide some traffic to your site for you but guess what? Cash Money Sites says it will take you higher up in your Google rankings but this is absolutely wrong.  That does NOT give you higher Google rankings in their search results, only providing high quality original content, time, and using the proper keywords will give you better Google rankings, not just sharing your site all over the place.
  • Your site is hosted on THEIR domain – although this is a free site, you won’t be owning this because your site will sit on their domain so your url will be something like or, either way, it’s not on your own domain name so if they ever went away (most likely will), your business will go away too.


Cash Money Sites Red Flags

If the above things I have already pointed out aren’t enough, here I will point out other red flags that show Cash Money Sites is not to be trusted.

  1. Their Fake Names – In my research, I found out that this product was using the names Jake Jasons and Harold Coleman in their soft launch but decided to pull out and this final version now has different names of Jason Jordan and Mark Adams now so who knows who these guys are.
  2. – They said they host everything on and that they have been referring people there for years, but guess what? domain wasn’t even created til Jan of this year, so how could this be something they have been referring people to for years?
  3. Income Hype – they claim their template sites can make so much money and showing you results of thousands of dollars in commission screenshots, oh please, there’s no way these template sites can make that much money money, it’s nearly impossible from what they are telling you.  Even a properly built affiliate site will take about 3-4 years to reach $10K a month.
  4. Only Accepting 100 People – The scarcity sales tactic is always used in these products which is never true, they would never limit the amount of money they can earn.  You can come back to this on different days and it’ll say the same thing.

Cash Money Sites Scarcity Sales Tactic




Thumbs DownAll I know is that Cash Money Sites won’t deliver what you’re sold on so whether you call that a scam is up to you.

Some people won’t say this is a scam because you will get something for your $47 so they are not just taking your money and running.

But when you’re led to believe this product can make you thousands of dollars and I know it can’t, you’re being misled and deceived into buying this system in the first place, so for me, I would call this a scam.

You’ll also be hit with upsells too, all Clickbank products have that, so you’re definitely not going to be making money with just spending the $47.

Cash Money Sites is really your typical Clickbank product that never delivers what they tell you but your only solace is that you can get refunds on Clickbank.

But why go through the trouble?  You’re just going to find out what I wrote about already here.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Cash Money Sites.




If you’re really interested in building this affiliate marketing business, then you need to learn how to do it properly from a legitimate source from the get-go.

If you don’t, you will waste even more time when this business already takes some time to learn and build.

Yes, there’s actually no easy way about doing affiliate marketing.  If you want to build this online business, you will have to put some real work effort and time into it.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Cash Money Sites is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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  1. Thank you, I am a senior citizen and was about to spend my LAST dollars on this. I suppose I need to remember what my father taught me, “If it sounds to good to be true…..” well you know the rest.


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