Is PayPal Money Adder A Scam Or Secret Money Tree On The Web?

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Is PayPal Money Adder A ScamHave you seen a PayPal Money Adder that just puts money in your PayPal account and wondering if that’s a scam?  You have come to the right place!

My PayPal Money Adder review will show you why you need to stay away from these sites and softwares that tell you to use it to send money to your own accounts.

All of these PayPal Money Adders are not what they seem and I will be going over why they are really there in my review below.

Check out the following sections to learn more about PayPal Money Adder:



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A PayPal Money Adder is a software (a download or web-based) that claims that it can just give you free money to any PayPal accounts you have.

They even say you can send up to $500 a day to your PayPal account and all you have to do is select how much money you want, put in your name and PayPal email address for some, and some others you don’t even need a name.

These PayPal Money Adders come in all sizes and different shapes/forms and so beware of them and you can see a few examples here:

As you can see, they also are named slightly different on some of them like PayPal Money Generator and some can go as high as $999.

Once you put in the necessary info in the fields they have in their PayPal Money Adder, then you may need to verify as a real human being by completing an offer or fill out a survey or do some other action.

You may think they are legit since they show you proof and what not but believe me when I say these are actually complete scams and you’re not going to be seeing any money in your PayPal account anytime soon.

These scams are not any better than the Trevor Harris unclaimed funds scam or the Clicks Dealer / Banner Bit ad flipping scams.




If they are not going to really send you money, you may even wonder why they are building these PayPal Money Adders for in the first place?

Well, this is because they want your information and/or make money from you.

These PayPal Money Adders are built purely to have monetary gains for the creators at your expense and you won’t even know what hit you until it’s too late.

The multiple reasons why they have these PayPal Money Adder in the first place are as follows:

#1) Take Your Money

There will be multiple ways they can do this.  If it’s a software, they can make you pay for it first and then by the time you figure out the software you downloaded didn’t work, they would be long gone and you won’t be able to get your money back.

Another way they can earn money from you is during the human verification, they can make you complete offers or fill out surveys, whatever you’ll be doing, the action will earn the creators some money.

They could even earn $1 – $10 per person doing those offers or having you sign up on surveys so if lots of people want free money, these scammers could be earning a lot and will really add up.


#2) Your Email Address

Collecting valid emails and selling them is a big business and if you build a big enough list, you can sell it to others who want to advertise to new potential leads.

So they will most likely sell your email address and you’ll be getting tons of unwanted spam and will be marketed with offer after offer.


#3) High Jack Your PayPal Account

If there’s a PayPal Money Adder that asks for your password as well, then you’re in big trouble here.  Never give away any passwords that are connected to any of your banking info.

Also never have the same login/password combo for everything you have because they can trick to you provide login information to something else but really they are going to take that login info and try it on PayPal.

If your PayPal account gets high jacked, you can lose not only the money in your PayPal account but any money in your linked bank accounts as well.


#4) Malicious Downloads

If you require some sort of download, you also don’t know if the software is safe to use for these types of sites.

You may download their PayPal Money Adder software but there could be viruses as well that they put in their software to steal your personal info.

Never download anything unless it’s from a trusted source.


These are the top four reasons why PayPal Money Adder software exist but not all of them will be using the same way to get your info or money.

The above reasons are pointed out to make sure you have a well understanding on what could happen if you’re on any of these PayPal Money Adder software.

Remember some could be a download and some is just web-based, so the web-based ones may seem safer because you don’t have to download anything but #1, #2, & #3 are still possible for those PayPal Money Adders.




Thumbs DownYes, I have no doubt that if you see a PayPal Money Adder online, it will be a scam, and I don’t take this lightly when calling something a scam.

Think about it, why would anyone just give you money?  I would be the first one to use it if there’s such a thing.  Do you make free money anywhere else in the world for doing no work?

A lot of this is common sense when checking out money making opportunities online but sometimes these scammers really make them look real and hard to tell if you’re not in the industry.

That’s why I created this site so I can inform as many as I can on the scams and bad programs out there that just lure innocent people to with fast, easy cash with no work.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend you using any PayPal Money Adder.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether PayPal Money Adder is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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17 thoughts on “Is PayPal Money Adder A Scam Or Secret Money Tree On The Web?”

    • Hi Lance, unfortunately that’s how the online industry goes but you are in luck, I do haves something real that I’ve personally been using since 2016 and you can check it out here in my free guide to see if it’s something you’re interested in.

      There’s actually no “quick” cash online but that’s what all these “make money online” products lure you with since most people are in desperate financial situation. So many of these types of products out there are either just plain scams or they are VERY low quality products that don’t really teach you much.

      I wish you the best of luck in your online journey. To be successful online, you need to work hard at it to build an online presence that helps others, if you can do that, you will be making money like I am (see my income proof in my free guide).

      I hope I can help you in the near future,

    • Sure it did, that’s why you have so much time to come to my blog to tell us about it.

      Stop lying and do the right thing for once and earn honestly.

      There is a way to do that and be an honest person, it’s possible to make money without scamming people.

      It’s all in my guide, learn the right way and do something right in your life. This could change your life for the good.


      • Thanks for the explanation.
        Didn’t trust it before.
        I was in contact with a guy/girl and asked how this works
        Now I know

        But even for attentive people, these scammers are very clever, you really have to watch out.
        But let then wait and if they’re keep contacting you, they want YOUR MONEY. So stay away.
        And another tip, once he start a conversation with “bro or dude”, he just wanna act relaxed. So stay away

        • Thanks Mitchell for your comment and sharing your experience here. It will surely help others who read this post in the future. Indeed you must be very careful about online programs that offer ways to make money online, unfortunately there are more scams than legit programs out there.

          Check my guide here for a legitimate to build a real online business to earn from, it’s the exact method I’ve been using since 2016.

          Thanks for stopping by!


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