Easy $25 Per Email Job Or Is Email Sending Jobs A Scam?

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Is Email Sending Jobs A Scam?Looking for a way to work from home and come across Email Sending Jobs?  Can you really earn $25 per email or is Email Sending Jobs a scam?

My full review below will show you what Email Sending Jobs is and if you should buy into this program that promises a lot of money.

Such income hype for sending emails is already suspicious but, to the norm, many may see this as a great opportunity.

That’s why I’m writing this review to show you differ and what red flags you should be looking out for.

I will go through the following:



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Email Sending Jobs Logo


Program Name: Email Sending Jobs

Website: emailsendingjobs.biz

Price: $75

Owner: Hidden

Recommended? No

Email Sending Jobs is a platform that matches up people like you and me with companies that need help with sending out emails.

The site claims you can make $15 – $50 per email sent but that’s extremely high for this industry.

You can choose the companies you want to work with along with the products or services you want to promote.


Email Sending Jobs Home Page


You will be even given templates for the emails to be sent so you’re basically copying and pasting.  The email addresses you will send the emails to are provided.

They make it sound like you can make $250 per day but if the average rate is $25/email, then why would anyone just send 10 emails when everything is written for you?  Why wouldn’t you send a 100 emails or more?

Another thing that doesn’t make sense is why are you being charged $75 for this job?

Aren’t jobs just jobs that you get hired for and not be charged first?

I’ve never held a job where I had to pay the employer money first.

Well, this all don’t make sense and it doesn’t make sense for a reason:  This Email Sending Jobs is taking you for a ride.

I have reviewed similar sites that are out to scam people with outrageous rates that are not even close to industry standards like these ones here:

When sites hype up income claims that are totally out of industry standards, this is a huge red flag and you are usually looking at either a very low quality program or an outright scam.

You must be very careful with these types of sites since they can use your personal information for their gains and may even get bombarded with offers you never signed up for.

Let’s now take a closer look at all their red flags.




There are many red flags I see with this site and I want to go over them so you can learn what signs to look out for in the future to avoid getting burned.

Unfortunately, there are way more scams out there than legitimate offers, so this Email Sending Jobs is not looking good.

Here are the Red Flags I see:

#1 Red Flag: Pay First = No Job

So, since they are charging you a “registration fee” of $75, you can forget this is a job of any kind.

There is no job here and you’re basically investing into this email sending business, if you can call it that (since I don’t think you will make much money from this).

They are abusing the use of the word “job” and making you feel like this is legit so you will trust it more with using the word “job” but make not mistake that there are no jobs on this Email Sending Jobs site what-so-ever.


#2 Red Flag: High Income Hype

No one is going to pay you $15 – $50 to send an email. (period.)

Email Sending Jobs Fake Rates You Can Earn

It’s absurd to think you can get paid that high for sending emails because there are outsourcing services and automated email responders that can send emails for those companies for way less.

These companies can easily hire a virtual assistant from a country like India and manage their whole email system for way less than $25 per hour, never mind $25 per email.

Most companies nowadays use email auto-responders to send massive emails out so there’s no need for anyone to even do it for them.


#3 Red Flag – Income Proof Is BS

Their income proof that shows checks being written are all from like over 10 years, are they even relevant or related to this?

Email Sending Jobs Payment Proof Fake


From the addresses of the checks, they seem to be from ClickBank and Commission Junction but these are affiliate marketing companies so they will have no reason to pay you to send emails for them.

In fact, I know they don’t offer this as a job or a business opportunity to send emails on their behalf.

Unless you are earning affiliate commissions but that is not what this program is even about, so how could these checks be for this program?

This is obviously fake.


#4 Red Flag – Fake Testimonials

The testimonials on the Email Sending Jobs site is most likely fake because they are not verifiable and they don’t have pictures or anything that ties them to this program.

Here’s a real testimony from another review site I found while doing my research:

Email Sending Jobs Real Testimony Affiliate Unguru
Source: Affiliate Unguru

I believe that a thousand times more than the ones on their site.


#5 Red Flag – No Owner

You have no idea who you are sending your money to, the $75.  The site doesn’t tell you who the owner is, where they are located, or anything of the sort.

You can’t even look up their domain registration either because it was registered anonymously.

If this is such an awesome program and can make people so much money, why hide from it?  Wouldn’t you want to have your name all over it?




With all the red flags above, and I’ve seen this many times before in my experience, I’m pretty sure Email Sending Jobs is a scam and I wouldn’t trust it at all.

I would not send my hard earned money to them or sign up for what is probably riddled with links and offers that will be making the owners behind this site money and not you.

There will be plenty more opportunities in the members area for you to make them even more money when they want you do download things but make you go through offers first which you’ll need to submit your personal info again to more places so expect tons of spam while the owners make money from every action you take on those offers.

I have no direct experience with this site but from my experience of reviewing hundreds of programs like this, I am pretty confident you will not be making the kind of money they claim on their site and that you will not only be wasting your time but your money as well.

From all the above discussed, I highly do not recommend Email Sending Jobs.




I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are simply no jobs or opportunities that has to do with email unless you become a virtual assistant or get a real office job as an office administration or in marketing.

Like I said earlier, there are way more scams online than real opportunities so you must beware.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Email Sending Jobs is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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