Is AZ Formula A Scam System To Avoid Or Make $2K/Day? [Honest Review]

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is AZ Formula a scamIt may sound super exciting to make $2K a day but is AZ Formula a scam system you need to avoid?  Could there really be a system that could make you so much money that fast?

Could you really make that much money without doing anything?

My AZ Formula review will show you the honest truth about this product and why buying this won’t get you much further into making any money, let alone $2,000 a day.

Sorry but this is surely a case of, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

My AZ Formula review will be detailed out in the following sections that shows you this is not to be trusted at all:



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AZ Formula logo


Program Name: AZ Formula


Price: $37

Owner: Steven Cook

Recommended? No

There is a new product out called AZ Formula by Steven Cook that talks about a system that will make you $2,000 a day or over $10,000 a week all on autopilot.

All the AZ Formula sales video tells you is that you could earn a lot of money, like thousands of dollars, as soon as you start.


AZ Formula sales video


You only need 15 mins a day to earn this kind of money, the owner says, and of course he’s only taking 10 more people in, even though the first time before, he let in 142 people who are all making over $10K a week.

He keeps telling you he will tell you about his click profit system but does he ever tell you about this system?

No, I watched it all the way to the end and nothing.

All he tells you is how much money you could make with this AZ Formula system and in the end he doesn’t even tell you what you’ll be doing to make money from it.

This is not a surprise at all, I’ve been reviewing so many of these Clickbank products lately that come out every other day that promises you high incomes but never pans out after you buy it:




How these Clickbank products work is basically give you a sales video that just tells you all the money you could make on it so you will buy their product.

Once you buy, you will be hit with more upsells to charge you more money and that’s why your initial price is never too much but $37 is doable.

But, because you already spent $37, they are hoping you will then invest more if you want more success, but buying all that done-for-you crap will do you no good if you don’t know what to do with them since these products never give you info training to learn how to use them.

Then you finally get to the back end and find just generic info about whatever method they could get their filthy little hands on.

This has been the same process for a LOT of these Clickbank products I’ve purchased myself in the list of products I mentioned above.

Because I have been fooled MANY times, I’m not buying into this AZ Formula.

You know why?

These guys don’t even know what they are talking about.

First they talk about having a system to make “affiliate profits” then later in the video he talks about “ecommerce” which really tells me he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

These are TWO very distinct ways to make money online so how could this ONE product/system be having you make money from two different ways?

Doesn’t make sense because these are two very different business models to use and you wouldn’t use both, it’s one or the other.

So just based on this one fact alone, I know not to buy it but this is because I have experience and know what those terms mean.

Someone like you may not know so let me reveal more things to you now.



There are tons of red flags for AZ Formula as well that I would like to point out here so you can learn how to spot future scams and to stay away from products that do this.

#1 Red Flag – Fast Money $10K A Week

Any systems that tell you that you could earn $14,000 in your first two weeks should raise major red flags to you.

Nothing could make you money this quickly.

The more you think this, the more scams you’ll run into.


#2 Red Flag – Little to No Work

What’s ironic here is that in the video they say you don’t have to slave over your laptop for 16 hours a day to make money online… well, maybe you don’t need 16 hours a day but you do need several hours a day, not what they tell you 15 minutes.

There is not way any system could be so automated that you don’t have to do much work.

There’s no system that you could just “activate” and then start making money, the internet doesn’t work like that.

There is really no such thing as “just a few clicks away from making over $10,000 a week” because you’re going to have to do more than a few clicks to make 5 figures a month.

In fact, it takes 3- 5 years to be able to generate such an income online so don’t tell me you can just do a few clicks and start making that kind of money, as well as needing a LOT of hard work during those years.

So any done-for-you system is a sham because you will learn nothing and they won’t train you.


#3 Red Flag – No Information On The System

You will have no idea what the system or product actually does to make money for you.  If you don’t know what the system is, how could you buy it?

Do you just go into a car dealership and just buy a car without knowing what kind of car, what color, how fast it could go, etc?

This is no different.

They can’t just hide what you’re buying expect you to buy.

This do this for two reasons:

  1. The inside members area is worthless.  You’ll just get to download some generic PDF.
  2. They can blindly promote anything to you.

These Clickbank products will tell you it’s a system when all you get inside is a generic PDF that has nothing in it that will 10x your success like the sales video says.

Or you will find out they sold you something totally different on the other side once you buy in, I’ve seen this too and this is because these people don’t even know what they are doing.

They tell you one thing but sold you something else!  I’ve seen this exact thing in The AZ Code.


#4 Red Flag – All Fake Testimonials

Maybe you won’t be able to recognize this yourself but because I have reviewed so many products, I recognize the people who are in the sales videos giving out testimonies.

Yes, there are actors these unethical internet marketers could hire on freelancing sites like for as little as $5.

Here are just a few examples to show you what I mean:

AZ Formula Fake Testimonies

Digital Payday Fake Testimonies 5


AZ Formula Fake Testimonies 2

Kindle Sniper Fake Testimonies


AZ Formula Fake Testimonies 3

60 Minute Profit Plan Fake Video Testimonies 5


#5 Red Flag – Fake Owner

These product owners also never reveal themselves and will hide behind personas to tell you a sob story you could hopefully relate to so you will feel comfortable and trust them.

But the owner they say, is never really them as I found here as well, this Steven Cook is just some generic stock photo:

AZ Formula fake owner


There are still other red flags like limited 10 spots is not real either, this is just to make you buy now, buy today.

These unethical guys will never prevent money from going into their pockets even though they are lying and misleading people to make that money.

They also use fake news logos to establish trust but of course, there are no real news stories linked to the news logos.

The news logos are just on their site for nothing but to distract you and make you think they were in the news but no one has talked about them in the media at all.




Thumbs DownFrom everything I have said, there’s only one conclusion and that is that AZ Formula is a scam, I would not buy it even though there’s a refund policy.

It’s just a waste of my time that could be served helping people like you instead.

There is no way there is any system that could really make you that much money in that short of a time for that little price.

It just doesn’t even make sense that this product is $37 if this is truly a system that could make you $40K+ a month!

If this was true, everyone would be buying it and I would be super rich since I’ve been reviewing so many of these magical systems, I could have gotten rich from all of them by now, but I’m not so there you have it.

Making money is very real, I know it because I earn a 4 digit online income every month since March of this year, but it’s not going to happen for you with just a few clicks of a button like AZ Formula tells you.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend AZ Formula.




In a sea of scams like the internet marketing space, it’s very hard to find something legitimate to use to learn how to make money online.

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It was not an easy ride, but so well worth the effort because of the knowledge that I’ve gained and the money I’ve earned have allowed my little family to finally have extra luxuries we didn’t have before.

Also, now that I’m making a living with my online business, I am willing to help others as well so you could find out in my guide how you could get ME to be YOUR Personal Coach for FREE!

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Stop wasting time on scams and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether AZ Formula is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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  1. During my early days of bitcoin trading,i fell into so many online scam making me lose about $120,000 to scammers. I was so confused on what to do until my Boss referred me to a recovery agent,[removed] who guided me step by step on how i was able to get my money back

    • Just send a message to the vendor through Clickbanks, their email should be in the receipt they sent you when you made your purchase.

      You can definitely get your money back, just email the vendor or contact Clickbanks directly if the vendor don’t refund.

      Good luck,


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