Is Part Survey A Scam Or Finally A Survey Site That Pays Big?

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Is Part Survey A ScamThere’s a survey site called Part Survey that promises to pay $14 per survey completed which is unheard of in the industry so is Part Survey a scam or just the best paying survey site ever?

In my Part Survey review below, I will answer that question plus point out so many things that I see as red flags.

I’ve never been a fan of paid online surveys but many people still do them so I want to make sure you know what this is before you waste any more time!

See how I will go through Part Survey:



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Part Survey Logo


Program Name: Part Survey


Price: Free

Owner: Hidden

Recommended? No

Part Survey seems to be a survey site that will pay you as much as $14 for each survey that you complete.

You will be able to fill out 3 of these per day so you are able to make $42 a day with this, almost $300 a week if you did it everyday.


Part Survey Home Page


You will also be able to earn money from their referral program which earns you $15 for each person that signs up via your affiliate link plus 20% of their earnings as well.

You can’t cash out unless you hit the minimum payout amount of $700 and it will still takes another 14 “workdays” to get it sent by PayPal or Payza.

I can see how everything would sound like this is a great opportunity but guess what?

All of this is not industry standard and when a site is not within or around industry standard, there’s only one thing this could be, more on this later.

I’ve been doing reviews and researching a lot of survey sites so I know the industry standard for surveys are very low, they will not be anywhere as high as $14.

Typically you’re looking at more like $0.25 to $5 and most are paid in the lower end of this spectrum.

There are many more red flags like this and I will go over them all in detail next but please be careful of sites like this because I have reviewed sites that look legit but turn out scams like these:




To show you how Part Survey really works, I will reveal to you all the red flags of their site to bring these to your attention so you can also know what to look out for in the future.

Red Flag #1 – $14 Per Survey

No legitimate survey site will pay that much money for you to complete your survey.

They usually only state this kind of rate because they don’t intend to pay you.


Red Flag #2 – $700 Payout Minimum

Again, this is way high for this industry, most have payout minimums of about $25 – $50, definitely not over $100 if they had anything higher than $50.

It’s just unheard of to have such a high minimum and again, it’s probably because they don’t intend to pay you.


Red Flag #3 – 14 Day Wait To Get Paid

Usually it only takes less than 24 hours to get paid via PayPal, but these guys are making you wait another 14 “workdays” so that could mean business days which is even worse.

Every time I hear a time period wait for PayPal payments, it means that they are stalling to pay you to say that time is needed to make sure your account is in good standing.

Part Survey Payout Options


Red Flag #4 – No Survey Profile To Complete

Any real survey site will ask you to complete a survey profile which is a survey about you and your information.  This is needed to give you the appropriate surveys.

The stats that are usually asked for are, but not limited to: age, gender, nationality, household income, who you live with, education, etc.

When I signed up, all they needed was a login user name, password, and interesting enough my PayPal address as well, (this is red flag #5), and they never asked me for any personal information to give me the appropriate surveys.


Red Flag #5 – Asking For My PayPal or Payza Account Info

I have never seen any legitimate site, not just survey sites, to ask you for your PayPal (or Payza) info when you create an account online.

Not that they can get in with just my email address but I found this disturbing comment on another review site and this person found out this that they may steal your PayPal info:

Part Survey Real Testimony


This person said that he found out that this Part Survey site’s owners are taking people’s login information and trying people’s passwords on their PayPal/Payza accounts to hack into them and steal people’s money.

Because some people use the same password to all their online accounts, this is how they get you.

Even the bank accounts that are linked to PayPal or Payza, they will wipe them out too!

This is a very scary thought and hope you have not given them this information.  If you have, change your PayPal or Payza password immediately!




With all these red flags, you bet Part Survey is a scam.  You will not gain anything with this type of site but may even lose a lot of money.

Here’s another complaint from a real user: is a scam don’t even waste your time I have yet to get paid and I just reported them to the FTC and I’m in the process of contacting an attorney.


Part Survey Real Testimony 2


This is definitely not a legitimate site based on all the info I found out and the surveys themselves don’t even look like real surveys I’ve tried.

The ones I did on Part Survey were just a few questions, very simple, and took less than 5 mins.  Usually, surveys take longer than that (that’s why they are usually time wasters to earn so little), more like 15 – 30 minutes to complete a survey.

There’s another site that had a waiting period to get the funds even though it’s PayPal, and what they do after the waiting period is shut down people’s accounts.

All these types of sites are there just to make their own money and have their own interest in mind and nothing for the users.

I highly do NOT recommend Part Survey.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Part Survey is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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