Panel PayDay Review: A Scam Or Make $75 Per Survey?!

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Is Panel PayDay A Scam?Have you seen Panel PayDay and wondering if it’s a scam or if you can really make $25 to $75 per survey?

I don’t blame you for asking or wondering about this because it sounds tempting but is it really true you can make that much money?

I have gone through their site and even signed up to ensure I get the full experience to bring you this thorough review of Panel PayDay.

You will find out whether this Panel PayDay is worth your time or if you need to look at something else better to make money with.

In my Panel PayDay review, I will take you through the following:



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Panel PayDay Logo

Program Name: Panel PayDay


Price: Free

Recommended? No

Going on Panel PayDay seems tempting to complete the surveys on there to get paid $25 – $75 per survey but don’t be fooled, Panel PayDay is not offering you any surveys.

Panel PayDay is just a website that recommends survey sites for you to join in hopes of you signing up to those survey sites through their website so they can make money for referring you.


Panel PayDay Sign Up Page


There is nothing wrong with this as this is a legitimate way of making money online and it’s called affiliate marketing and something I use everyday.

However, if you’re recommending people to scams and very high ticket programs while blind siding your audience, that’s when I have a problem with this because then you’re making money unethically and misleading people who are just trying to earn some money from taking surveys.

Surveys in general are a big time waster in my opinion, but nonetheless, these are legitimate opportunities for people to make a little bit of money and Panel PayDay is taking advantage of them when referring these people to low quality, very risky offers, or scams.

So know what you’re getting into here and there are other sites like this such as Survey Voices and Part Survey, it’s best to be aware and lookout for others in the market place.




Here, I will take you through the things I see aren’t quite right and how it compares to industry standards.

The more I look into this Panel PayDay, the more things that aren’t right with it so check it out.


The Sign Up Process

You notice they change the wording from “Sign Up” to “Subscribe” when trying to sign up for this Panel PayDay?

This is because that’s what you’ll be really doing.

Panel PayDay Long Sign Up Process

When you put your name and email in the sign up box, you will be taken through pages of offers and if you click “yes” to any of these, you’ll be spammed by those offers since you’re saying yes to subscribing to them.

So, although it’s free to sign up, you’ll be getting more than you asked for with all that spam, so say no if you don’t want to be spammed.

In the image above, this is just one page that I had to pick from 10 offers, and there are five of these types of pages I had to go through.


Hyped Up Income Claims

$25 – $75 per survey is outrageous.

Panel PayDay Exaggerated Rates

You won’t find any surveys that will pay you this much and it’s really unheard of.  Most surveys pay about $0.50 to $2.50 with some exceptions that go up to $7 -$9 but very rare and usually those are offers you need to pay out money for (either for shipping costs or sample products).

You will find it hard to make more than $50 a month doing surveys.


Broken Links Everywhere

I have tried looking at the list of surveys and offers they are recommending but a lot of them don’t even follow through to the actual site.

Panel PayDay Surveys & Offers Not Found

There were very few that took me to the actual offer (like the highly risky programs) but most went to “404 Not Found” result.

So this site may be down already and there’s really no point being on there at all.




No, I would not consider Panel PayDay a scam because they are not taking your money but you are being shown very low quality survey sites to very risky money making opportunities.

I find this to be very unethical of them to use this business model and give affiliate marketing a bad name to refer innocent people to these types of offers.

I do not condone such ways to make money online.

If you are still interested in making money by filling out surveys are offers, I’d rather you use Fusion Cash or Swagbucks which actually give you surveys to do and pays you for it.

In general though, I do not recommend you completing surveys and offers as a means of making money as you are very limited to what you can earn.

Rather, you can earn way more if you learned the proper way of making money online which I’ll go into next.




As I mentioned earlier, I use affiliate marketing to make money everyday here, but the difference between what I do and what Panel PayDay does is that I don’t trick people or lead them to bad offers and products.

I don’t build a site that takes advantage of people desperate to find a good way to make money online.

Instead, I show people how to really learn how to use this fascinating business model of affiliate marketing to help others to also make money, and you can do the same.

You don’t have to use this topic but a topic you’re comfortable helping others in.  Whether it be sports or cooking or anything you’re passionate about, you can build an online business around it.

You will find pain points that people in your topic are having then helping them fix their problems by recommending them solutions.

The solutions you recommend them will earn you a commission if they trust you and believe the product is high quality enough to buy it from the site you recommended for them to go to.

I explain this whole process in great detail in my free guide here:

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You will learn how to bring tons of visitors to your business for free as you’ll learn the proper writing techniques on how to capitalize on the power of the search engines.

You really don’t need to be shady or unethical to make money online and I hope you will follow the way how I like doing business: helping people.

In my guide, you will also see the earning potential of this kind of business and where you can get the best training for it that will include the business tools and support you’ll need.

This training is something I’ve used since Sep ’16 and still a current member today to help those who just started to thrive and learn.

Forget about surveys and learn how to build your own online business so you can be control of how much you’ll be earning!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Panel PayDay is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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