The Best WordPress Website Builder That’s Fast & Easy To Use

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I have the pleasure to know what the best WordPress website builder is that can build your WordPress site in less than a minute!  Yes this is very true!

This awesome WordPress website builder is called Site Rubix and it’s only available at Wealthy Affiliate.  I will show you how it works and there will be a video below to show you how I create a site so easily in less than a minute.

Having an easy way to create a WordPress site without learning any coding is so great for those who are just entering the blogging world or for those who want to create an e-commerce site using the WordPress content management system.

You can also use Site Rubix to build a WordPress website for your business if you already have one and want to showcase your work or let people find you on the internet.

WordPress is very flexible and supported by many plugin developers to make your site have even more functionalities.  For more information on WordPress, check out this detailed post I wrote called “What is WordPress about and How It Can Make You Money”.


In this post, I will show you an in-depth look at Site Rubix:



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The best WordPress website builder I know is Site Rubix because it’s simple to use and comes with many functions that are beneficial to your sites.

Site Rubix is the engine that builds your WordPress websites and enables you to manage them very easily, plus more.

Site Rubix menu
Click to zoom.

As you can see in the Site Rubix menu to the right, you will have several tools to use for your WordPress websites that will help you get your site up and maintained well.

I will go into each tool below more in detail but to give you a summary, with Site Builder, you’ll be able to build your WordPress site in just 5 simple steps.

You’ll be able to create two free sites on the Site Rubix domain ( as well if you want to test things out as a free Starter member.  You can have even more free sites, up to 25, if you are a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.

Site Manager is where you’ll see all your sites and where you can login into them on the backend with one simple click.

Wealthy Affiliate is also a domain registrar and Site Domains is where you can buy your own domain right on the platform.  You can easily transfer your free WordPress sites that sit on the domain to your own custom domain with just a couple of clicks.

Site Comments allows you to get comments from other Wealthy Affiliate members so you can easily get comments your site and get engagement on your posts quickly.

To see whether your WordPress site needs any improvement, you can use the Site Feedback tool to have other members critique your website.

Finally, there is Site Support that can help you with anything to do with your domains and functionality of your websites.

Actually, there is one more hidden tool that’s not on that menu and that is Site Email… this is where you can create your own custom emails on your own domain or create forwarding email to something outside of your domain.

As you can see, Site Rubix is not just a WordPress website builder, it has many more tools for you to manage your site with, help your site on engagement/improvements, domain registration, and email box creation.




Site Builder Step-by-Step
Click to zoom.

It’s super easy to get your site built with WordPress installed in just 5 simple steps:

  1. Choose if you want a free site, on a domain you own, or register a new domain.  In the image on the right, I chose the option of a free site on the
  2. Enter the URL you want your domain to have.  So for a free site, you can name it anything you want that’s available.  If you have your own domain, you would but that URL there.  Your URL cannot be changed after its creation so be careful here.
  3. The title of your website can be changed later on so there’s no worry here what you put.  Usually this is similar to what your domain URL says but doesn’t have to be the same.
  4. You will choose a theme for your WordPress site here, which is the look or design of your website.  This can also be changed after you create your site so no worry what you choose here.
  5. Now, all you have to do now is click the “Click Here To Build This Site!” button at the bottom and that’s it!

Once that button is pressed, the builder will construct your website with WordPress installed in just a few seconds and it’ll be live on the internet when it’s done.

After you build a free site, it doesn’t take much to transfer it onto your own domain later on when you ready for it.

In the video below, you will see the whole process of creating a free WordPress site in less than a minute and then transferring it to a new domain with a few simple clicks:

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The video above also gave you a look at the Site Manager as well where you can see all the details of your domain, including a 2 click process to get to the back end of your WordPress website to start building it out.

It’s convenience and ease of navigation is what makes this manager so user friendly and you can see everything you need for each site you own right there.

You can also check the health of your site right away and see all the elements it’s protected against.

Latest dates of backups and updates are also right there on the Site Manager dashboard, as well as the stats of your sites such as number of pages, posts, comments, etc.

When in this Manager and looking at the summaries of your sites, you can click on the “Details” button on the bottom right of each site to see more info for each one:

  • FTP login info
  • Turn on or off these included tools: Site Speed, SSL Certificate, and Spam Blocker
  • Your Plugins that are installed
  • The features that are included
  • What’s included in my hosting package

With Site Manager, you will have all your sites organized and know exactly which one needs more work or needs attention as indicated by their Site Health barometer.




With Site Domains, you can do three things here:

  1. Buy a new domain
  2. Transfer a domain
  3. Point Your Domain to Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Buy A New Domain

The domains at Wealthy Affiliate are reasonably priced at $13.99 for a .com domain and $15.99 for .net or .org.

Site Domains Buy a domain

Their pricing don’t change when you renew and it includes private registration, unlimited email accounts, and premium DNS on the platform which is typically and extra monthly or annual cost elsewhere.

I will mention that you do have to be a Premium member to have this option of buying your own domain.


Transfer A Domain

You can transfer a domain if you bought a domain outside of Wealthy Affiliate and want to transfer it to this platform.

Site Domains Transfer a domain

You may want to transfer your domain to take advantage of the included private registration or the awesome hosting at Wealthy Affiliate.

You will just need to enter the domain name and verification code from your current domain registrar to get the process started.

You may also want to do this transfer to keep all your domains at once place.


Point Your Domain To Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Lastly, you can leave your domains where they are and just point your domain to use the hosting and Site Manager at Wealthy Affiliate.

You can do this by changing the DNS information of your site at your current domain registrar.  The change will make affect very quickly and there will be no lag time to wait for this transfer of hosting.

Site Domains Transfer Hosting to Wealthy Affiliate

Why host your WordPress sites at Wealthy Affiliate?  My goodness, I can’t say here because it would be too much, but I have an entire post about their incredible hosting service, click right here.

So many ways to manage your site huh?  🙂  Well, I hope you will pick the right one for you and if you need any help just give me a shout in the comments below this post.




Site Comments: Get Comments on Your Blog

When you have a blog, it’s nice to have comments on your posts, especially in the beginning when you don’t have much traffic yet coming to your blog posts.

Site Comments on the Site Rubix menu gives you the ability to offer other members comments and you can receive comments too.

Comments should be related to the information in the post you’re commenting on, it does not have anything to do with the look of the blog or how the post was written.

It is important to leave good comments that is engaging with the content of people’s posts.  In return, you will also receive great comments on your posts.

You earn credits when you place good comments on people’s posts, then you can use those credits to get comments on your own posts.

This is an awesome way to get comments on your posts!


Site Feedback: How To Improve Your Site

Here in Site Feedback, this is where you can get people to let you know how your site is and if it needs any improvements.

This point of this is to get constructive criticism on your site so that you can improve it.

Again you will earn credits first, therefore when you offer feedback, make sure you leave something good for them to work on or change.

No one wants to just get good feedback, they want to be able to improve their site in some way or another.

You can certainly offer good feedback, but also point out something they can do to their site to improve it.

Once you have earned enough credits, you can get feedback for your own sites.

This is another great feature to help each other learn and improve our sites.




If you have your own custom domains, you’ll be able to create unlimited emails for your sites.

There are two types of creating your emails, you can create a webmail inbox or you can create a forwarding email.

The difference between the two:

  • webmail inbox email is a real email address where you can send and receive emails at;
  • forwarding email is a fake email address that forwards to a real email address;
  • you cannot send or receive emails at the actual forwarding email, you can only do that at the real email address the emails were forwarded to;
  • you cannot create an email that’s both mailbox and forwarding.

Let’s use some examples to make it more clear:

  • – created as a webmail inbox email – you can now send and receive from this email address.
  • – created as a forwarding email address to – I can only send and receive emails at, not
  • Once I’ve used “info”, I can’t use it again as a forwarding address, same with “grace” I can’t also create an webmail inbox for it.

This is how the email works at Wealthy Affiliate.  Of course, you can still have emails of a webmail inbox email address (the info one above for example) to be forwarded to another email address using other email clients such as gmail or Outlook, etc… but that is more redirecting the emails from one to another.

The way the emails work at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s like this so that you can just have a catch all email by using the forwarding email addresses but I don’t like that because when you reply to people it won’t be the same email as the one people wrote to you with, so that could be confusing.

I always use real email address so that I can send and receive from them and it’s good to communicate that way with all your readers and customers.




You really have the best and quickest support at Site Support on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

It’s sure easy to submit a ticket and they respond very fast to help you with what you need.  You will always get your answer and I have not had a problem with them yet.

It’s always great to get help like that for your website because you don’t want that technical bits of your website to stop you from moving forward.

Having a great support staff is crucial to any product especially for websites!




As you can see already, their Site Rubix WordPress website builder comes with a lot of great features and already that’s a great reason to use and join Wealthy Affiliate as your website builder.

But, there are more reasons!

The Site Rubix website builder is just one part of what their platform offers, they also offer:

  • Extensive step-by-step in-depth training on how to use WordPress and build out your website;
  • Training on how to write great content for your website;
  • Training on how to use keywords in your content to bring organic traffic to your website;
  • Training on how to make money with your website using affiliate marketing;
  • Other tools like a free keyword research tool, live chat, private messaging;
  • Weekly Live Training Webinars
  • Best WordPress Hosting for your sites

There are other benefits as well for joining the awesome community on this training platform and you can learn all the details of Wealthy Affiliate here:

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If you have any questions regarding anything about the best WordPress website builder that is Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below as I always love to hear from my readers!  🙂



Let’s make money online!

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