What Is Commission Magnet? Is It A Scam? Video Look Inside!

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Commission Magnet LogoI have the inside scoop on what Commission Magnet is and you will see if it’s a scam or not for yourself!

You will be promised everything on their sales page but once you look inside, it’s always not what it seems, or is it?

I will show you in my video walkthrough the deception that these types of products do.

Even if they have some good information on the inside, they still tempt you with words that hype up the dream of making hundreds and even thousands a week online.

Here’s what I’ll take you through:



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Product: The Commission Magnet

Website: Commission Magnet’s Home Page

Price: $2.97 (for me), $4.95, $9.95, + 4 Upsells

Owner: Glynn Kosky

The Commission Magnet is a video training series that shows how you can use their system to earn over $900 a week.  Glynn boasts about a “new”, never seen before system and it’s all going to be free because it’s using 100% pure free traffic.

He also talks about how paid traffic is expensive and how he lost thousands of dollars doing it.  He will instead show you a free traffic source that is brand new!

I was so curious, I had to buy it to see what this brand new free traffic source is and how his system works differently than all the other crap products out there in the internet marketing world.

He also promised how you can get all set up and earning for free, but when I go inside, it’s not all that’s cracked up to be.  You will soon learn again if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

What you get inside: 9 training videos totaling just under 3.5 hours, plus some free cheat sheets.

In my video walkthrough below, you will see what those videos are, what his real new system is, and what free new traffic source does he speak of?




As noted above, the cost for me was $2.97 but depending on when you buy it, it could cost you anywhere from $4.95 or $9.95.


The upsells is where he will get you to pay him even more money, and there are four opportunities:

1st Upsell – $19 – Done For You Package

This is a done for you package where all you have to do is plug this into your free traffic source.  This is to fast track anyone who doesn’t want to set it up themselves.


2nd Upsell – $27 – Email Marketing Course and DFY Email Swipes

This video course on email marketing will tell you how to do email marketing “right” and will provide tested email swipes for you to use specifically for solo ads… Oh, spoiler alert, it’s not all free traffic.

Commission Magnet Upsells

3rd Upsell – $37 – High Paying Affiliate Program Database + List of Lead Magnets

In this upsell, he will show you the list of affiliate programs he supposedly uses which are high paying and evergreen.  The list of lead magnets will help you save time and hassle on building your own.


4th Upsell – $97 – License Rights To The Commission Magnet Funnel + SKYPE Consultation

So this upsell lets you actually the right to sell The Commission Magnet system as your own and have a 30 day window to Skype with Glynn to ask him anything about internet marketing.

The funny thing about these upsells is that they were actually hard to find.  I never had to search for them before. LOL


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Here’s a thorough video walkthrough of The Commission Magnet.  You will see what’s really the “new” system and get to the bottom of this “new” free traffic source!

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Not RecommendedWell, after seeing the video, what do you think?  The Commission Magnet is a SCAM.

This is why:

  • It’s not a brand new method – email marketing & landing pages having around for years.
  • The new free method is not new, Instagram has been around for years too.
  • It’s not 100% free traffic, he teaches you how to use paid traffic.
  • He even tells you to stay away from paid traffic on his sales page, but he teaches exactly that in his system.

Commission Magnet Stay Away from paid traffic

  • Newbies will not be able to work only one hour a day to make $900/week.  Maybe you can but it will take you years to get to there if you work only one hour a day on it.


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If you are serious about wanting to make money online, you will need to check out my #1 recommended product!  Their training will show you:

  • How to build a website.
  • How to support that website with a strong foundation.
  • How to write awesome helpful content to your readers.
  • How to use keywords to drive free search organic traffic to your website.
  • How to monetize your website with affiliate marketing.
  • How to earn money working in a niche you love and passionate about.


There’s no doubt that building an online business takes time and your hard work.  It’s not any easier than building a business offline.

If you truly love to be able to work at your own schedule and make a good living online, you can really do it with the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

There, they will never tell you that you could make so much a week because they can’t predict what you’ll do.  It’s up to you to take action and apply the things you learn from their training to build your online business.

You’re truly in control of your destination when it comes to building this online business with Wealthy Affiliate.  There’s also a host of people willing to help you do it too!


So many benefits:

  • There’s a huge community that you can lean on and ask questions.  If you are ever stuck, you just have to ask and you’ll get your answers.
  • Don’t need to pay extra to talk to the owners, you just message or email them.
  • Website hosting is included – highly secured and on the best servers.
  • 2 Free websites to start on the Siterubix website builder.
  • Live Chat for quick help.
  • 2 Main Courses.
  • 11 Classrooms.
  • Weekly Live Video Training on current topics and case studies.
  • Domain registration is available if you choose to have your own custom domain.
  • Always updated for improvements.


You also don’t have any upsells to deal with.  They only have 2 choices:  Free Starter or Premium membership.

Everything you need to succeed online is right there on Wealthy Affiliate’s training platform.  It’s really incredible and they are constantly improving it to better your experience and keep you earning.

You will not regret checking Wealthy Affiliate out, and I’ll be there to help you as well since I’m also a member!  Read my full detailed review here:

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If you have any questions on The Commission Magnet or Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!


Let’s make money online!

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