What Is VO Genesis About? Can I Really Make $1,000/HOUR?

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What is VO Genesis about?Oh boy, this is going to be a good one!  I’m going to tell you what VO Genesis is about and let you know if you can trust it or if VO Genesis is a scam.

There are many internet products out there about making money online and most that I’ve seen and even tried are scams or at least not very good products for you to invest your time and money.

My site’s purpose here is to educate you which will help you make a better and wiser decision before you purchase these types of programs.

In my VO Genesis review, I will take you through the following:



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VO Genesis LogoProduct:  VO Genesis


Owner: Jenny Lewis

Price: $39.95 (Discount Available + Upsells)

When you go to VO Genesis website, a video starts telling you how this person and that person has made this and that much per day but Jenny Lewis doesn’t say how they made that or what the method is.

Yet, the wording on top of the page says that in the first minute, she will reveal the secret to making as much as $1000 per hour.

The video goes on forever and then finally after 15 minutes of hype it’s revealed that this product is about getting voiceover jobs and how to become a voiceover artist.

The product teaches you how to do this from the comfort of your home and only takes a couple hours a day.

To be a voiceover artist, you will find jobs/gigs that are hiring people who want voiceovers done, apply for them, and the job itself will entail:

  • Read a script
  • Record it yourself
  • Send recording to the hiring person

Sounds easy and they apparently pay really well.  The product claims anyone can do it, any voice can be hired and you’ll be making money in no time.




VO Genesis ProductsInitial cost: $39.95 – if you go to the end or try to close the browser you’ll get a 50% discount and it’ll be at $19.95.

What’s Included: not much.  A PDF file about how to become a voiceover artist.  It includes sites where you can get coaching and training, and sites on where to find some of these voiceover jobs.


  1. $37 Voiceover Insider’s Guides – These guides will show you how to use your voice properly to sell products and to get the best results so you will get hired.  They have tips on how to preserve your voice and make it as best as possible.
  2. $47 Multiple Streams Of Income – This upsell offers different ways to make money online but they have nothing to do with being a voiceover artist!
  3. $47 Quick Cash Machines – This one offers you 5 template websites to build other businesses that again has nothing to do with being a voiceover artist!




This product drives me crazy with all their hype and outrageous money claims, but let’s take closer look at all the red flags of VO Genesis.



Whenever a product offers discounts right away, it’s a sure red flag that it’s not a high quality product.  The initial price I mentioned above of $39.95 already has an immediate discount from $97.

Then when you try to leave the site, it’ll give you another 50% discount to $19.95.  If your product is so great, how can you just discount it so quickly?

VO Genesis 2nd Discount

Have you ever seen a high quality product that’s discounted like this anywhere online?  This tactic is only used in make money online products and it’s because so many of them are low quality and pretty much useless.



VO Genesis Google SERP on How To Beoome A Voiceover ArtistIn this day and age, you can find out anything on the internet.  The information in the PDF ebook can easily be researched on your own for FREE on the internet.

When you search “how to become a voiceover artist” on Google, you’ll get over 500,000 results of how to become one and it’s not hard to research this topic on your own.

Becoming a voiceover artist is not that easy, and much more learning will need to be done than just buying their PDF ebook.

She makes it sound like buying her ebook plus your own voice recording equipment is all you’ll need but really, you have a lot of learning and training to do that can cost way more.



Any time a product boasts about how much money you can make like ridiculous amounts like $1,000 per hour, you’ll know this is not true.

Maybe for a professional voiceover artist who’s been doing this for years can make that much, but not someone who just picks this up and tries it for the first time.

Remember this is also Hollywood, this type of work can pay well, but not for beginners.


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Remember the video took a good 15 minutes before it revealed what the heck the product is even about?  Well, this is because she was using that time to take advantage of your weaknesses of wanting to make money.

However, she’s really trying too hard.  Not only that she was trying to relate to people who want to work from home in their pajamas, but also people who’s struggling with financial situations like having medical bill problems.

Then she tries to sell you the dream of making hyped up income with becoming a voiceover artist.  This is just not a good road to recommend to someone who wants to make money online.



I’ve always hated upsells in products.  It only shows that their main product is low quality and never good enough on its own.

However, this product has two upsells that aren’t even related to the main product!!

I’ve never seen such thing!  If your main product is so great that will make us $1,000 per hour, why are you suggesting more ways to make money?




Not RecommendedOh my, after all the red flags, what do you think the answer is??  A big, fat, NO.

You will definitely not make $1,000 per hour by just buying this product because you will need so much more, like actual voice talent!

She’s basically suggesting you to be an actor in her ebook and you know easy that is to become one of those…. not.

You and me, we won’t be able to make this much if we don’t have the right training to be a voice actor.

Sure, if you went out there to get the proper training to become a voice actor and go through God knows how many rejections before you can land your first gig, you may make some money.

Even then, you will take a long time before you can get to a level where you can make $1,000/hour.

You certainly cannot make that much just buying this product.




Cycle of Affiliate MarketingVO Genesis is not a make money online option because you will need to go out and get training from real coaches and probably have to audition in person.

A real way to make money online is building an online business and I really love using the affiliate marketing model to do this.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission from people buying a product through a link you provided them when recommending that product.


The best way to explain affiliate marketing is an example:

  • Let’s say you like to cook and you love talking about cooking… so you build a blog to share recipes and cooking techniques where people can read about.
  • You know people have a problem making over easy eggs without breaking the yolk in the process.
  • You may know how to do this with a special spatula, special pan, or even the type of oil you use.
  • When you write about this solution for your readers on your blog, you will recommend these products: the special spatula, pan and oil to use.
  • Those products will be linked to places where your readers could buy them at.
  • If your readers love your idea, they will click on the links and go buy what you recommended them to use.
  • When they buy, you earn a commission!


This is affiliate marketing, the best online business model that I know and love!

You can learn all about HOW to build this awesome affiliate marketing business at my favorite training platform:  Wealthy Affiliate.

Everything you’ll need is all right there on their training platform, which includes:

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  • all the training you’ll ever need
  • a huge community of members for support
  • you can start for FREE

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If you have any questions regarding VO Genesis or Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always answer my readers’ comments. 🙂



Let’s make money online!

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