Good And Bad Examples Of Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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Good And Bad Examples Of Affiliate Marketing StrategiesAre you thinking about starting an affiliate marketing business or have started but looking for ways to get more affiliate commissions?

I’m glad you’re here to see what good and bad examples of affiliate marketing strategies are out there and I want to show you the difference so you don’t fall into the pitfalls of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement between a website owner and an online retailer where the online retailer will pay the website owner a percentage of sale if the website owner can generate new sales for them.

When done right, it is an excellent way to earn a sustainable income but there are not only good examples since there are also bad examples of affiliate marketing strategies as well to watch out for.

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When starting an affiliate marketing online business, one would be using a blog website and, typically, banners or ads are placed on the person’s blog, which redirects traffic to the online merchant’s products or services when they are clicked.

In turn, the company pays the website owner for the referred sale and the amount varies from place to place, as well as the agreement.


Good And Bad Examples Of Affiliate Marketing Strategies


Sometimes, folks receive revenue every time a click occurs. Meanwhile, on other occasions, the retailer doesn’t pay out until the guest buys or signs up for something.

Like anything else in life, affiliate marketers need to have a plan to help them succeed. Some schemas are better than others though, and if the wrong path is chosen, the person won’t have very good luck in this business.

Instead of making money and earning a comfortable living, the individual will spend hours on end working with nothing to show for it.

However, when people go about things the right way, the endeavor can prove to be extremely lucrative.

I am sharing these good and bad examples of affiliate marketing strategies with readers to help them see what they should or shouldn’t do.




1. Expecting The Links To Do The Work Themselves

One of the first mistakes people make is believing that affiliate marketing is a cakewalk. The job requires a lot of time, hard work, and dedication.

While it is not mandatory for an affiliate marketer to sell or push the products, it is necessary for them to get traffic coming to the site. The more visitors the blog has, the better the chances are that a person will click on the link.

You can’t just put up a few affiliate products on a few pages and expect to get sales.

There’s actually a lot of “preselling” you have to do in affiliate marketing because you need to create trust between you and your readers.

You can’t just list a bunch of products with affiliate links and then think people will just buy from you.


2. Not Having Enough Knowledge Of The Products

Sometimes, bad examples of affiliate marketing strategies come in simple forms. Readers trust that bloggers are telling them about good investments.

If the site owner is merely promoting products to earn money, but hasn’t used them, or researched the products or services well enough, the visitor will receive lousy advice and they will be able to tell you’re not providing them value.

If you have offered your readers a bad product, their purchase experience can become horrible if the item breaks quickly or fails to do the job it was intended for at all.

Stick to the things you have experience with, and don’t hang guests out to dry. Build their trust, and they will reward you in the end.


3. Doing Affiliate Marketing Business Without A Website

If you’re going to do affiliate marketing without a website, I really don’t recommend this.

While technically you don’t need a website to earn affiliate commissions but you’re not going to earn the amount of money you’re looking for if you do it this way.

There are “systems” out there that claim you don’t need a website and all they do is spam people with bad products through email marketing.

You basically can’t build trust and an online presence the way a website can if you’re just going to do this with no website.




1. Start Your Business With A Blog Website

There is no doubt that the big money makers in the affiliate marketing industry all have websites.  Most of them are bloggers with huge followings from search engine and social media.

Why a blog website is the best thing to use for this affiliate marketing business is because you’ll be able to have a home on the internet that people can go to and learn about you.

You can create fresh new content for your audience on a weekly schedule which search engines love so you’ll get ranked high in search engines.

The most important aspect of having a blog website is that you can build trust between you and your audience which is very much required if you want people to click on your links and buy from you.


2. Choosing A Niche That You Know Well

Don’t just go into affiliate marketing and think you can just promote anything and everything.  Those that concentrate in a niche will be easier to become an authority site which will get you ranking better.

As seen as an authoritative voice in the industry, your opinion will definitely weigh more and you’ll be able to earn affiliate commissions this way as again trust is there.

You want to be seen as the one to go to for that topic and seen as someone to learn from.

Being in the right niche also makes it so much easier for you to work on, you’ll have a very difficult time if you picked a niche you didn’t like.

You’ll find it hard to write, hard to research, and ultimately you may get sick of that niche and quit.


3. Create Outstanding Content

If you want to be successful in this affiliate marketing business, then having excellent, high quality content on your website will be utmost important.

Content is what will drive traffic to your blog website if you use keywords properly so having regular new content published on your site will keep the search engines happy.

Your content must be valuable to your audience, make sure they can learn something from it and make it easy for them to understand how to do something or fix something.

If you can have your readers learn something valuable, you have accomplished your job as a blogger and thus the money will follow because you have gained trust from your readers.


4. Promote Relevant Products

Good examples of affiliate marketing strategies don’t have to be overly complicated or hard. One thing a person can do to maximize earnings is to promote products that are related to the site.

For instance, if the blog is dedicated to tech, it would be an excellent idea to become an affiliate for Apple or Microsoft.

Banners for things like Halloween costumes or clothing might not produce the results that you seek as the audience may not be interested in these kinds of items.

This may be obvious but I see affiliate marketers promote products totally not within their niche and it just makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Make sure you are promoting the right products that people really need in your niche.




When going into affiliate marketing, ultimately you want to do properly or else you’ll end up wasting a lot of your time spinning the wheels.

I tried doing this years ago on my own and really didn’t know what I was doing so needless to say that blog is dead and I don’t have anything to show for it.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the good and bad examples of affiliate marketing strategies or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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