Google To Shut Down Google+, Will You Miss It?

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Google To Shut Down Google+, Will You Miss It?Are you on the social media network called Google+?

Of course, this platform is owned by Google and they announced yesterday here that will soon shut down the Consumer version of Google+ in the next 10 months due to lack of usage and very low engagement.

The Enterprise version will still be available to companies who want to use it as their own internal communication system for people within their organizations.

Google+ was started back in 2011 and I don’t think it really took off as I have also tried using this platform to only find that it’s nothing really that different from the others that were already out there.

I did not know this, well apparently nobody knew until Wall Street Journal reported it, but back in March 2018 there was a Google+ security bug that affected as many as 500,000 accounts which Google claim to have fixed immediately when the bug was found.

Why they did not disclose this to the public is another story, obviously they wouldn’t want such attention in the midst of Facebook’s data breach with Cambridge Analytica in the same month that affected 50 million accounts.

However, it is the duty of these companies to report such data breach and we as their users have the right to know.

There are other concerns with Google’s applications and they are taking steps to secure what 3rd party developers could access and restricting the types of use with the data they have access to.





Why Google+ Never Really Took Off

Ultimately, it’s because of low usage and low engagement that Google decided to shut down the consumer version of Google+.

Why it never took off I think is because they were not the first to market.

It’s like that any product that comes out, being first to market is extremely important to establish the authority of the brand/product.

Also, if you’re going to follow what’s already out there, you better have an unique feature or angle to give people reason to go on your platform.

There is no unique feature on Google+ that makes you want to be on there really besides being able to organize your friends into different “circles”.

When Twitter came out, they had a unique twist with the 140 characters and with Instagram, it’s about the images.

With Pinterest, it’s the ability to have different boards to “pin” and works quite differently from the other social media platforms.

It’s certainly understandable why Google+ did not take off after reviewing the unique features of other platforms that have continued to find success.



Will We Miss Google+?

I sure won’t and good riddance really, one less social media account to worry about it.

There are too many social media platforms anyway and with all this data breach happening, who knows what is safe or not anymore.

I have a Google+ account because I had learned that you could get better rankings on Google’s search results when sharing your blog posts on there but it’s hard to know how much of this really accounts for my rankings.

The traffic I get from Google+ is the lowest from all social media platforms I have so, in that respect, it makes not much difference if this platform goes away for me.

However, I do hope that it will not affect my Google rankings too much after the shut down.  😉



What’s The Real Use Of Social Media?

There are plenty of reasons why people use social media and, in a way, it has its positive and negative impact on society.

On the negative side, it’s given people a platform to really speak their mind without being mindful of others which results in people getting hurt from cyber bullying, intentionally or not.

It seems that because they’re online, it gives them the right to just blur anything out of their fingertips but we still need to be respectful and have compassion for one another.

If there’s something you wouldn’t say in person, you shouldn’t say online too.

On the positive side, there have been many good things coming out of social media like being able to reach millions of people around the globe you otherwise would not be able to.

It has given businesses a new way to market online and pinpoint their customers, keeping the economy strong with striving businesses.

We are able to find and connect with people we would never have if we didn’t have social media.

I feel the positives outweigh the negatives and brings the world closer together in a positive way.



What Do You Use Google+ For?

For me, like I said above, I use it purely to try to get better rankings on Google’s search engine for my blog posts and that’s all I use it for.

I never liked it that much because of it being so basic and you really can’t engage much on there even if you wanted to because there are not a lot of people to engage with.

I also found that not a lot of my friends or family migrated over to Google+ as that’s yet another social media platform to learn.

Although there are groups on Google+ you can join to discuss certain topics like Facebook Groups, again, they never worked out either because we already have Facebook Groups.

Therefore, if you think about it, there’s really no reason why we even have or need Google+ as it doesn’t add anymore value to the social media industry like the others do.

Having Google+ being gone will have very little impact I think and I don’t think anyone will really miss it.

I would love to hear about your experience with Google+ below in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “Google To Shut Down Google+, Will You Miss It?”

  1. Hello Grace !
    I hate to see Google Plus go to be honest!
    I love reading the content people have put up and sharing blog posts and news through the community.
    I can see why they have likely gotten to the point where shutting the site down. The scammers and spammers have taken it over in many niche areas and made it polluted to the point where there is not much hope to save it.
    It is Google and I hope they come up with a new Google platform !
    Have a wonderful day Grace !

    • Hi Mike, Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you are enjoying Google+ but that content is also shared in many different platforms as well. Yeah, we shall see what Google will do, they already have YouTube, so they need not have another platform really. Lol But, at the same time, they are innovative so I hope they will come out with something even more unique that really stands out.

      Have a good one too Mike!

  2. Hi Grace,

    I think that you are missing the point with Google+ from the marketing perspective. As a social network, it was and still is absolutely useless. Something that never took off – I read words to that effect some 4 or 5 years ago.

    The point of Google plus was and is its purpose for SEO. I am not entirely sure as how effective that is for an aged and quality site like yours (and mine!) but I sure a heck remember ranking my Google+ posts during the early sandbox days and yes…it would bring in a trickle of traffic

    G+ gone, really, no big loss, nor a big deal really! but it might make ranking a new site a little more difficult, or push us more to video, at least in the early days of our sites, adding a bit of a headache to googles efforts to increase the quality of videos on YT.

    And once, people realise that the new early traffic and ranking, brand recognistion and so on is no longer going to be from G+ – it really does n’t take a genius to figure out Youtube the way to go..I mean one quick look at the Search Engine Results Page is all it takes..

    And very few newbies to any niche have the ability, software and equipment to make those HQ videos that YT are seeking.

    On Cambridge Analytica…Bankrupt! An unpaid utility bill..and boom. bankrupt. Can’t be sued, and the owner walk off with the data in a thumb drive ready for a new project/ ready to sell!

    How convenient!.

    • Hi Derek,

      Thanks for your view points here and appreciate you offering your thoughts!

      Yes I hear all your points and agree with you also, not sure how much SEO’g G+ was really doing for my site, it’s never a been a big traffic driver for my site anyway, so it’s not a big loss for me.

      Google certainly don’t need G+ when it has YouTube, and YouTube has been more and more difficult to build a channel on there. I understand why they do it but also makes it difficult for the more technically challenged people to produce high quality videos. It’s the way of the future though and we must adapt.

      Nice note on Cambridge Analytica, shaking my head.

      Best to you,


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