Home Income System Review: Is It A Scam Or Make $6K Per Day?

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Is Home Income System A Scam?Have you heard of this Home Income System that can make you $3,000 – $6,000 a day?  But is it a scam because it sounds so easy to do to make that kind of money?

You would think there would be more info about this system in the very long sales video but it’s mostly fluff and you don’t get into any substance about this Home Income System until you’re half way through this damn long video and you’re only getting a nugget of what it is.

Even then, you’re not really sure what you’ll be doing exactly since you don’t know what all those terms are about.

Don’t worry, I will show you everything in my review of Home Income System as follows:



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Home Income System logo

Program Name: Home Income System

Website: thehomeincomesite2.com

Price: $99 + Upsells

Owner: “Jason”

Recommended? NO

When I first landing on the sales video I thought the whole web page looked familiar and wondered where this guy was from.


Home Income System Sales Page Sales Video


Then I remembered, he was also in the sales video for My Online Dream Biz, and by the looks of it, it’s pretty much the same video:

My Online Dream Biz home page


These types of fake products never last that long (if you go to the My Online Dream Biz domain, it’s gone already and I had only reviewed that 6 months ago) and then they rebrand it to other new names on new domains so they can rebrand everything to sucker more people into their fake systems since too many negative reviews are already out on the internet.

This Home Income System is no different and just a rehash of My Online Dream Biz to capture more suckers.

It misleads you with hyped up income results and make you think you can make that kind of money from just working 45 minutes a day.

I can tell you right now that nobody who works that little can make 6 figures a month, or even 3 or 4 figures a month.

It actually takes real hard work and time to build a real online business and Home Income System is simply lying to you when it tells you you can do it with hardly any work.

Then, there’s “Jason”, the same Jason that was in My Online Dream Biz, is not the owner of this system nor is he the brilliant guy who took a long year to perfect this money making Home Income System.

Nope, he didn’t because this guy is just an actor.

I found him on a freelancing site called Fiverr where anyone can hire these actors starting at $5 to make a video for you as you can see here:


Home Income System Fake Owner

Home Income System Fake Owner Fiverr actor


So, if the owner of the system is a sham, what can you trust about this Home Income System?

Nothing.  Why?  Because this system is not real, that’s why it uses the same video as My Online Dream Biz.

Why they do this is because they are actually selling a high ticket program like MOBE behind these fake systems and they’ll never show you what the real system is since you would not be giving them your $99 if they did.

There are tons more sites that blindly lead you to a high ticket program like Home Based Wealth System and 6 Figure Profit Code.




Home Income System never goes into any details of what you’ll be actually doing to make the money they talk about.

All they say is that you can start in 6 different ways to make money online and name some terms you may be familiar with but some of those ways takes a lot more than 45 minutes to build a business with.


Home Income System Do Hardly Any Work


It all doesn’t really matter what they say in the video because it’s all a lie to make you go into a high ticket program as there is no real “Home Income System”.

They never want to just promote the high ticket program for what it is because it comes with extremely high costs that will scare any average person away.

They would at least make your $99 if you don’t keep upgrading with them so let me just explain how a high ticket program works.

High ticket programs usually use the licensing business model where you will have to pay to play, meaning you have to pay for all the products that you want to promote and earn commissions from.

That’s the only way you can earn those big commissions they talk about on their sales video and sales page.

The products are usually priced 2.5x more than what you can make from them so if you want to make $3K in commissions then you’ll be paying around $7,500.

There’s one part where the Home Income System say you can even make $12,000 but to make $12,000 in commissions, you would have to pay around $30K for it.

That’s how the person that brought you into the system will make money, from you buying these products first before you even get started.

Then you’re supposed to do the same thing as this hidden person behind Home Income System.

The real high ticket program will train you to also use a fake landing sales page like Home Income System so you can also trick and deceive others into such a program.

How will you bring people into such an expensive program?  By recruiting massively and the only way to do that with their template landing pages is by using paid traffic which you’ll need to spend hundreds, if not, thousands more to perfect your ad campaigns.

You think working 45 minutes a day will bring you massive leads to make your money back? Hell no.

This system will be WAY harder than they make it sound and you’re not going to be doing that well in it because their training will not be comprehensive as many people who join such programs usually don’t do well and lose thousands of dollars.

This is definitely no joke and recently a similar company as MOBE that also offers a high ticket program and uses this kind of business model got sued by the FTC for misrepresentation of their products and the way the system makes you money.

They even offer you “one-on-one help” but that’s only because they want to get you on the phone and talk you up so you will start buying those high ticket packages that you can then sell.

The help that you get are sales reps that will be also making money off of your purchase so you’re not being helped at all, you’re being helped to spend your money.




Thumbs DownMost definitely, Home Income System is a scam and you’re just being funneled into some unidentified high ticket system.

Do you want to just give your money away without even knowing where it’s really going?  These scams brand themselves so well that most of you can’t tell.

I only know because I’ve been reviewing hundreds of these scams and whenever they talk about making $1,000’s in a day, it’s usually about high ticket programs.

It’s a scary world out there on the internet, there are many programs that look legit, but I have revealed them as mostly scams.

There are very few things that work and are real, that’s why I built this site so I can show you what’s real and what’s not.

Home Income System is definitely not real and I highly do NOT recommend you buying it.




The business model I use is much safer and less likely of any risk of it going away anytime soon as it takes advantage of all the products and services that are available online at the moment.

Using this business model will only expand your business as you can keep taking advantage of new products coming online in the future as well.

You can also build this business helping people instead of misleading people to dangerous and risky businesses.

If you want to see what I do, see how it works and why it works, then you should check out my free guide here:

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While earning money on the internet is a real thing, but working only 45 minutes a day is not going to bring you any success.

If you really want this laptop life, you will have to put in the work so you can have such freedom and work from anywhere you want.

Building this business has allowed me and family to pick up and go, as I can work from anywhere that has a wifi connection.

My guide will teach you how to achieve this life, and by working hard and allowing time for your business to grow, you’ll definitely achieve this kind of lifestyle.

Stop being scammed into high ticket programs and join me instead!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Home Income System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



11 thoughts on “Home Income System Review: Is It A Scam Or Make $6K Per Day?”

  1. I am curious about your response to this. I do know some people who have their own companies posting for clients and getting paid around the same dollar amount per post. The only thing this guy doesn’t mention is that you might have to interface with a client to get the info they want posted. I kinda figured their would be a “big ticket” after the 99 bucks. Do you know of any legitimate opportunities to do postings for companies who just do not want to have to bother with doing it for themselves? Thanks in advance and I look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Jeff, who do you know that posts what for clients? You’re talking about real marketing jobs? I’ve never heard of any online opportunities that needs posting done for them – these are SCAMS, I’ve only heard of “posting links for companies” in scam products. You cannot make any money just posting links for companies all over the internet, it’s called spamming.

      This “posting links for companies” is actually called affiliate marketing which you sign up for affiliate programs that companies want people to promote for them on their behalf.

      If you want to learn the real way to do this properly, you have to build your own online business like I have and you can discover how affiliate marketing works, where you can learn and build your online business in my guide here.

      If you build it properly, you can make a lot of money but most people fail at it because it takes real hard work and some time to see results.

      But with the right guidance, you can build it right from the start so see my guide for more info. Anything else that has to do with posting for companies are scams and you should stay away from those opportunities because you can NOT make that kind of money like the scams say.

      Best of luck to you,

  2. Does anyone know or gave an active email for both M.O.B.E. And Home Income System? Got e-mail from M.O.B.E. that ny,refund should appear on credit card within 4 days. Statement arrived. No credit. Home Income Systems ordered yesterday morning. Yes, we fell for it again. Phone number has no voice mail and person is,not available. Emails jeep,coming back undelivered. My,credit card co can help in 5 date–Iwaiting for transaction to appear on my statement. M.O.B.E was too long ago. Also, whom could I report these to? Thank you.

    • Hi Vickie,

      Sorry to hear about your experiences and yeah, how did you fall for that again??

      Check out my free guide and learn a real way to make money online that won’t scam you thousands of dollars.

      You can report them to the FTC because they already shut down a different high ticket program earlier this year, read about it here.

      I wish you much luck in getting your money back!

  3. Hello Grace:
    I am glad I did a search for the video that I watched at

    [link removed]

    If I am right about what you have descibed above, this is another high ticket program. I talked with someone that contacted me after I left two messages on a voicemail because I saw no charge on my credit card and the link to their “member program login” did not work. I was given a discounted price of $47 from $97. After talking with a man the second time, he told me I would need to agree to payout an additional $1,500 payment on my credit and $4,300 financed to get into their program. Scam? Sure sounds like what you describe above.

    • Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for confirming and sharing your experience!! I had to remove that link because I don’t want to chance my readers visiting that.

      This is why they want you on the phone, they always will want to convince you to make these huge 4 digit purchases and what do you get? Anything worth $5.8K?! I highly doubt it.

      That’s why FTC has shut down business models like this because they never tell you about these massive purchases until you’re on the inside. FTC will not take misleading advertising lightly, so you should also file a complaint at the FTC here and provide them with that link as well.

      You could probably get your $47 back if you didn’t receive anything since you can’t even login to the member’s area. You could just tell your credit card company what happened and they should reverse it if you didn’t receive anything of value for your payment.

      It’s best to not look for get-rich-quick schemes because they often turn out like this or some hidden upsell.

      You really don’t need to spend thousands to make thousands, if you check out my guide, it explains what I have done to build my online business and the training platform that helped me build mine to a 4 figure monthly income, reaching $4.9K in Aug/18.

      I will also be able to help you and guide on the training platform if you were to go through with it, as I’m still a very much active member there helping thousands of people learn how to do this using the right path.

      I wish you much luck in your online journey, and I hope I am able to help you out!

  4. Can you really start a home business with no money. My husband lost his job and recently had a bad fall. He’s very computer literate and worked in the
    audio video technologyy industry do I was hoping he could work from home and Allie him time to heal. He can’t retire for a few more years.

    • Yes you can really start a home business with no money but it will take you longer to get to a significant amount of money. The best free way to earn money would be to create a YouTube Channel and review products from Amazon’s affiliate program and link to them, or any other social media type platform. However, it will take some time to get visitors and build a following from it.

      It’s best to learn from a comprehensive training which will require you money (about $50/month) or else think about how else will you learn? You have to learn how to make money online, you can’t really just go about it without a course of some sort, see my guide here.

      There’s no way I can teach you how to do in a comment. I am building a free course on this site, so I hope to get that ready very soon.

      Stay tuned and best of luck,


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