How To Rebrand Your YouTube Channel: ReBrand or ReStart?

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HOW TO REBRAND YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNELIn this article, I’m going to show you how to rebrand your YouTube channel.

Now you may be at a position where you might want to rebrand or just restart your channel because you are venturing into something new. 

So in this article, we are going to analyze what you should be doing. 

Without further ado,  let’s get started right now:





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The Questions That You Need To Ask Yourself First

I want to start with this question: 

  • Should you rebrand or restart your YouTube channel?

This is something that I had to think about really deeply not long ago because I felt that my channel wasn’t going in the direction I wanted it to.

I think I figured out what I am going to do so that’s part of why I am discussing this topic on my website. 

So that I could tell my whole audience why I’m going to be changing my content a little bit.

If you’re in a situation where you want to think about rebranding your youtube channel or restoring youtube channel, there are some things that you want to definitely consider. 

Here are some things that I had to think about before I told myself well should I actually start a new channel or should I just continue my journey with the channel that I have:

  • Are you going to stay within your niche?

Maybe, your YouTube channel was a very old channel where you just put up a couple of videos for fun and now you want to take a more serious turn.

You might want to go in a different direction because back then you were just fooling around.

 So if you’re doing a new niche or specific niche then I would consider a different channel or a new channel because that audience that you might have built based on those old videos may not like your new niche. 

If you are actually going to dive deeper into your niche then that’s a different story then.

If you were already on a certain path on a niche but you want to just pivot a little bit and go deeper into a certain aspect of your niche then you should definitely stay with your YouTube channel.

You could just kind of rebrand your YouTube channel and this is kind of like how I have taken my approach. 

Niche is something you definitely want to consider if it’s a different niche, you should make a new channel, if it’s the same niche but diving deeper you could continue your channel.

  • Are you still getting views?

This is a big question because if you already have a high number of views then you should definitely continue your channel.

In this case, what you could do is just rebrand to your new content because as you already know since you started a youtube channel.

That starting a new channel can be very very challenging in the sense that it could take a lot of time to build up those views again.

If you already have subscribers on your channel and they are active and they are viewing your stuff then this is a channel worth saving.

You could really nurture what you have and build on that. 

On the other hand, if you want a different type of audience and you feel like the audience that you’ve gained is not what you want. 

Then you may want to just get rid of that whole audience and build a new one.

This could be a really big undertaking to restart a whole new channel and build a different audience. 

In some situations it is inevitable and the best thing to do such as, it could be better if you’re going from like a gaming niche to like a food niche. 

Those are very different niches and have different types of audiences because the video games could be a very young audience and the cooking niche could be a very much older audience. 

If you want a much older audience you may want to start a new channel.



What You Need To Do When You Are Rebranding

When you’re rebranding your channel it’s going to be pretty simple because you’re just rebranding your channel so everything is intact already. 

What you need is probably a new banner, a new thumbnail theme, and also a new intro.

I would pick something that is quite different from your old one so that people notice something different on your channel.

Then have the banner and the thumbnail themes kind of go hand in hand with the same coloring coordination or something like that. 

You definitely want to make a video that you are changing or rebranding your channel and explaining all the details of your change, why you’re changing, how you’re changing, and how this affects them. 

You need to actually give them the benefits of your rebranding and give them why it will help them better to rebrand and why the new content will be even better for them.

Rebranding is very important and if you could time it with your new banner and new thumbnail theme then it may work out very well.

I haven’t really done a new banner yet I may still do it at some point. 

I just don’t have the bandwidth right now because I’m trying to do this 90-day video challenge.

I have a lot of things going on that I need to keep up with so at this point having a new banner and a new thumbnail theme is not that important for me.

Even if you are staying in your own niche a video to reintroduce yourself and what you are going to do differently is a must.



What I’m Doing With My YouTube Channel

I am rebranding my YouTube channel because I realized that my watch time has not been the greatest and that’s because the type of people that I’ve been attracting with my videos, don’t want to watch deeply into the topics that I am talking about in my videos. 

To increase my watch time I have decided to make my videos about more serious topics.

I’m going to talk about the ways to make passive online income so I’m going to focus more on online businesses. 

I’m going to produce fewer videos about surveys and all these little websites that make you a little quick money here and there. 

I always pick things that I have seen work for other people but my main focus is going to be real businesses. 

I’m going to be talking print on demand which is something new that I want to get into.

I feel like it is such a great business model to try for e-commerce. 

I will also be talking about affiliate marketing and online courses.

I want to create passive income right now and doing these three types of business models may help in doing that. 

The strategies that I’m going to be using and talking about on my channel is to drive traffic. 

I need to drive traffic depending on which business model I’m using. 

I will also be talking more about TikTok, you can also follow me on my TikTok account, considering as it is a big part of my life I haven’t talked much about it at all on my channel.



Grace aka Littlemama On TikTok



In fact, I only have like two or three videos about TikTok on my channel.

I’m going to be definitely sharing more of TikTok on my channel and email marketing. 

Email marketing is a big one too if you want to convert more of your visitors into customers. 

You definitely need email marketing and I could teach that more on my channel that’s something I have rarely talked about on my channel. 

Then another aspect is blogging and blogging has been the start of my online career for affiliate marketing. It’s where I started and it still works today.

That is going to be my new content strategy going forward. 

If you guys want to learn more about the kind of videos I am going to be making, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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If there’s anything else that you want to see on my channel please let me know and I’m going to see if I can incorporate it. 

Sometimes it seems that when viewers see that I am sharing ideas that I don’t personally use to make money they get discouraged to use it. 

There are tons of options to make money online and I am just sharing as many different aspects of that to you as possible because I want to show you all the different ways. 

Just because I don’t use them doesn’t mean they don’t work or they are not legit. 

They are all legit so I hope I can build that trust with you. 

Whatever I’m going to be sharing in my videos will be very top-notch. 

I’m going to show you the things I do in my business so I hope you can learn with me. 

I hope with all this information you can figure out whether you should rebrand or restart your YouTube channel.



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