Is Ecom Cash Code A Scam Or Will This Code Make You Rich? [Quick Review]

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is Ecom Cash Code a scamIs it possible that some code will make you rich or is Ecom Cash Code (at a huge scam making you part with your money?

Making hundreds or thousands of dollars really quickly sound great and not needing to work much is awesome, but is this too good to be true?

(The irony here is that they used this same line of “is this sounds too good to be true” in their sales video!)

I think for this one, you need to listen to that old saying and chalk this up to it’s too good to be true pile because there’s no way you can earn money like the way they say on the internet.

I know because I make my living online and kind of know how things work and the way Ecom Cash Code explains things, it’s quite obvious what they say is totally untrue and I will expand in my review below about this.

My Ecom Cash Code review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Ecom Cash Code name


Program Name: Ecom Cash Code


Price: $47

Owner: Teo Vee

Recommended? No

I find it amazing how people could create products like this with no substance at all and they expect people to buy it like that when it doesn’t even make sense.

Ecom Cash Code at Cash Code Secret claims that there is “a code that legally taps into the purchases of customers from all over the world.”


Ecom Cash Code sales video


This owner explains the system so simply that all you have to do is “plugin and follow the code on any number of websites that sell normal, everyday products.”

Unfortunately, what he’s explaining here makes no sense at all and you can’t make money like that.

“Plugin” or “follow the code on any number of websites” – these made me laugh!

The concept that he’s trying to explain to you is affiliate marketing because that’s the only method that you can earn commissions from when you generate sales for companies and brands.

But, it doesn’t work the way the way he tells you because it’s plainly not that simple even though it’s an easy concept to understand.

Affiliate marketing consists of you getting a special link (which can come with coding and that’s what this product is using in its pitch) that will track back to you to earn commissions when someone clicks on that link and buys the product that the link took them to.

But the process of getting someone to click on your link is the key here and how you use affiliate marketing is not even close to what this guy talks about in his sales video.

The reason is that this owner behind Ecom Cash Code is really not interested to really teaching you how to really make money online.

If he did, he wouldn’t tell you how easy it is and how you can make 5 figures in your first month like he did in his sales video because making money online is NOT that easy.

This Ecom Cash Code is no better than others I’ve already reviewed like Secret Income Club or Millionaire Mentors Alliance.




I know that Ecom Cash Code is not even a system in itself, meaning what you’re actually buying won’t be Ecom Cash Code because Ecom Cash Code is not even a system or product.

What do I mean?

When you enter your email address and click through to the checkout page, you will get a very generic looking page without the name of “Ecom Cash Code” on it.

As well, there’s a message on the right of that checkout page signed “Rocky Lin”, a name associated with multiple known bad products.

Another reason I know you’re not buying a “Ecom Cash Code” system is because the video testimonials are exactly the same as another so-called product I had reviewed recently called Get The Discovery as seen here:

Ecom Cash Code Has Fake Testimonies

How could two different systems have the same exact video testimonies?

They can’t, this is because the owner behind this Ecom Cash Code pumps out “new products” every week it seems, using the same sales page template, video testimonies, etc but just change the story a bit.


So What Are You Buying?

Seriously? Who knows.

Possibly, it could be Teo Vee’s other product called My eCom Club, a money pit for you if you buy into that one.

It’ll seem like it’ll cost nothing, then you’ll be hit with a $2K package.  That won’t be all, there will be even more upgrades in the 5 figures, see the comments in my review of My eCom Club here.

Or, you could be buying something else, whatever he decides he wants to make money from that week.

That’s why both of those sales videos are so vague about what you’ll be getting yourself into and never provide any concrete information about the system.

This is a big red flag for future products you may run into.

I have bought enough other scams and reviewed hundreds of other products in this space to know there is no need to buy into Ecom Cash Code to know this is a…




Thumbs DownYes, I have no doubt that there is no “Ecom Cash Code” system that you’ll be buying and you’ll be buying something you are blindly misled into.

There’s also no way you’ll be led to anything legitimate either so if you still decide to proceed ahead with this, then you need to be careful what you’ll be paying for.

Whatever you’ll be misled into will be very expensive and with recurring costs no doubt.

Nothing good could come out of buying into anything through this Ecom Cash Code website.

Ecom Cash Code is just a website that makes up a fake method of “plugin and follow the code” so you will think you will make money from buying Ecom Cash Code from doing not much work because you can just let it run on “autopilot”, of course, right?

Everything about this Ecom Cash Code points to scam, I would recommend that you stay away from this website and don’t submit your email which will be bombarded by spam on the daily if you do!

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Ecom Cash Code at




Products like Ecom Cash Code always make making money online seem very easy and that you could make money very quickly but this is far from reality.

There is no method or system that could just bring you thousands of dollars in your first days, weeks, or even months if you’re just starting out.

Making money online is not that difficult and with the right guidance anyone could learn how to do this, like I did.

I found a safe way to learn how to make money online back in Sep/16 and I owe my 4 digit online business to this very training platform that is now available to you as well.

I have started earning a 4 digit online income since Mar/18 but it took some time to get there, about 1.5 years.

I have not only kept up that income level bu my income has increased each month since as of this post.

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Stop wasting time on scams and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Ecom Cash Code is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now


24 thoughts on “Is Ecom Cash Code A Scam Or Will This Code Make You Rich? [Quick Review]”

    • I highly do NOT recommend you joining Ecom Cash Code. You WILL not make the kind of money they tell you.

      Check out my guide instead for legitimate and comprehensive training to really learn how to build an online business, I’ve used it and I’m making a 4 digit online income, see the proof in my guide.

      Best of luck to you,

      • Please help me and guide me how can I make money working from home and it’s not complicated also, I am very good in computer (not in technical part of course) who do I trust, I just need a simple program to make some money and kill my time since I am retired.

        • Hi Alice,

          The training program I have used myself will be good for you as you will go through a guided step-by-step course that will take you through lessons to build your own online business.

          If you’re wanting to earn a real income stream online, it takes a lot of work and it will be complicated to some degree, I’m not going to lie. You don’t need coding but you need to be willing to learn how to point and click and follow the instructions on how to build this online business.

          There is definitely a learning curve to this business and won’t be “easy” as most of these types of scams above claim.

          See my Free guide here for all details! (however, you will have ME to help you all the way if you sign up through my guide!)


    • Yes, that’s very true Alma, thank you for your comment here! That is my hope anyway, to help people save their money from products like this. Earning money online takes hard work, plain and simple, cash is not going to just fall out of the Internet and into your bank account.

      I appreciate that you understood what I’m trying to do here with my review. 🙂

      I wish you so much success in all you do!

  1. Grace,
    Thanks for the heads up on Ecom Cash Code…I’m researching opportunities for my sweetie who has had 7 back surgeries and unable to work a regular 9 to 5 job….so she really needs a work-from- home type of job…any advise you can offer would be great….she worked for the gas company out of Atlanta for years before her accident, has a great work ethic….just looking for a legitimate business she can do….again….thanks for the warning…..I’m finding many, many scams are out there!
    Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Dave, very nice to receive your comment! Sorry to hear about your significant other having so many surgeries. There are certainly lots of different ways that she can build a business for herself, and one of the ways is what I do, blog and using affiliate marketing and display ads to make money from my blog. You could see how everything works in my free guide here and see the training platform I have taught me how to build this blog.

      If your sweetie signs up to that training platform through my guide, I will be able to mentor her as well through the training.

      To be successful online, it’s very important to get the right education or else you will be in a loss.

      Best to you both,

  2. Hi Grace,
    I am looking for a system to use online to generate an extra income. I’d this truely works I would be interested in leaning more about how to use it. Thanks in Advance!

  3. With 4 hours to 6 of dedication a day , due to school. What would 5 months look like typically. Thank you for this article I almost fell for it and saw your guide which I plan to use this week :).

    • Hi Jason, with 4 – 6 hours a day, you can start making a 2 – 3 digit monthly income by 5 months if you are dedicated like that! That’s a great amount of time, so if you can be CONSISTENT working that much 5 days a week like that, you’ll be good.

      This is an online business that’s perfect for you, so please let me know what other info you need. 🙂

      Otherwise, everything is in my guide here! I hope to coach you in the near future!


  4. I almost paid my money for this scam until I read your post I’m thankful for your warning and I’m keeping my money thanks again

  5. Hi Grace, and thanks for this.

    I actually did fall for Teo Vee’s earlier ‘program’ and paid the $97 + ? totalling about $150, but quickly changed my mind and miraculously they DID REFUND it

    But he’s very clever at this, and I almost fell for it again. I have never been a victim of a scam (unless you include this one, although I lost no money–yes, it should be included even so). He sent another mail today and somehow, he changes things a little each time so that I thought it might be somehow better.

    I have always googled suspect phone calls and found them to be scams. I can’t believe I fell for it once, and realized that it was lies in a few hours. I ALSO can’t believe they refunded the money. There are some reviews when they had let the 30 days pass and wanted out, but they wouldn’t give it back.

    What startles me about myself is that I didn’t google ‘is Home Profit System by Teo Vee a scam?’ which is what it’s called now, I think when I tried earlier, he was doing something with ‘Ecom’ in it. In other words, he’s better at this than most scammers. So why is he still getting away with it? so I did google this morning and found a number of articles as well as yours attesting to his various scams, all based on the same thing.

    I really can’t believe how lucky I am, and studied the Better Business Bureau’s page about how to identify these work-at-home scams. I will look at your guide and one other on the googled page was good, as well as some suggested by BBB.

    Thank you. Yes, to some of the others here, there were several who ended up with thousands lost.

    I think what was also strange is that I get a spam mail from him every few days, but that’s hardly the worst of it. But after unsubscribing, some (including legit businesses) still don’t stop sending.


    • Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone here to read and I would not call a product a scam if they did refund you your money.

      So that’s great to know that they do refund.

      The point of my review was specifically for “Ecom Cash Code” and that in itself is not a product or system, plus it doesn’t say you’re being funneled into another program called My Ecom Club which confuses consumers and that’s not right according to the FTC.

      I’m glad you got your money back and I hope you will like the path I have taken and will join me in your new online journey.


  6. I forgot to mention that both times I looked at his sites, it was because of Washington Post comments sections which had links to them. There were two today under an article about Ecuadoran president Correo and Julian Assange. Different links for the same things.


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