Mass Planner: Beginner Settings For Instagram Like, Follow, & Unfollow

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I will reveal to you the Mass Planner beginner settings that I used for Instagram Like, Follow & Unfollow tools that grew one of my accounts from 200 followers to over 63K+ followers in 10 months!

mymickeylife Instagram Account Stats as at 5.1.17

My video below will give you all the details on how to begin your account with the settings for each of those tools as well as how to increase it and what your maximum settings should be at.

If you follow my steps, you will have minimum bans or get in trouble with Instagram.

I’ve grown 5 of my accounts this way and they have all been very successful with high engagement.


Without further delay, I will give you the following:



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Because I go in-depth into each function within each tool, the video is a bit long, about 46 mins, but it’s all good info and none to be missed or you may run into some trouble!

If you follow these settings for Like, Follow, & Unfollow tools, you will have very little bans if any and you’ll be able to grow your accounts like I have, which I also show in the video, proof of my accounts that I’ve grown.

If you haven’t signed up for Mass Planner yet and want a 5 day free trial, get it here:

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Hope you will enjoy this:

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I’m not going to type out a full transcript of the video here word for word but I want to summarize the points made throughout the video especially anything important for you to know.

Hope this helps you grow your Instagram followers like I have and will be able to make money from your accounts as an influencer!


Intro & New Account Warnings

Today, I will help you set up your Instagram account on Mass Planner to help you with your beginner settings for Like, Follow, and Unfollow tools.

For an overview of Mass Planner and its pricing info, please go to my full review here where I have all the detailed info on Mass Planner, its pricing, and what it can do for each social media platform.  There is also a video tour of the platform as well if you’d like an overview in my full review.

Before starting Mass Planner, it is wise to have an aged Instagram account of at least one month and if it’s three months, it’ll be even better.  If it’s brand new, you may want to make the settings I tell you about even more slow.

Make sure each tool is OFF when setting them up.  You can turn them on when everything is completely done.

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Follow Tool – Initial Goals & Settings

Your initial goals for your Follow tool should be:

  • 50 accounts/hour
  • 6 hours a day
  • Equals 300 accounts per day

There are three tabs in your Follow tool that I’ll go into in detail for each:

  1. Settings Tab
  2. Follow Sources Tab
  3. Results Tab




  • Wait between 45 to 60 mins before each new operation – having a range is good so that Mass Planner has more random times to pick from.  This is the wait time between each time your account will start following people.
  • If your account is more new, you may even try 55 – 70 mins.
  • Follow between 45 to 55 people per operation.  With a delay between 20 to 60 seconds between each follow.
  • Follow between 1pm – 11:30pm.  You need to find the times when your audience is online on the Instagram app, that is the bracket of time you will need here.  You also want to have 7 hour bracket at least to ensure your tool can finish all 6 hours that’s needed to follow 300 accounts a day.  You want to follow people when they are in the app so they can see your follow notification right away.
  • No need to use Add Random Sleep Time for Instagram.
  • You can follow everyday of the week.  I’ve never had a problem with this from the beginning.



  • You want 250 to 300 as you don’t want to go over your 300 limit for the day.  You may even shorten that bracket if you’d like to 260, 270, or 280.
  • Increase by 20 for each day until it reaches 1,100.  I used to do up to 1,400 but I didn’t find my follow back rate to be that much higher and I had heard but not sure if it’s true that after 1,000, Instagram won’t show your follow notification to the people you follow anymore.
  • I would not increase that 20 for at least a week before you increase that to 30, 40, or 50, etc.  The older your account is and the more you use Mass Planner, the more you can increase by higher increments up to 100 per day.
  • I don’t use “Enable automatic follow/unfollow” – this needs to be enabled in both follow and unfollow tools and what it means is that the tool will follow up to a certain limit and then it’ll stop the follow tool and start the unfollow tool.  When the unfollowing has hit a certain point that you set, then it’ll start the follow tool again.


Up to you what kind of accounts you want to follow but the ones I have checked off and use are:

  • Skip Non English Users
  • User has profile image
  • User bio/username/name must not contain any invalid words:
  • f2f, boobs, ass, anal, arse, ass, balls, ballsack, bang, bangbang, bigboobs, bigbootyhoe, bigtits, bitches, blowjob, boob, boobies, boobs, bra, braless, breasts, bubblebutt, cleavage, clit, cock, cocks, cum, cunt, daddylove, deepthroat, dick, dicks, dripping, fatass, fetish, fuck, fucking, grindin, hardcore, hoes, ig, ilovemyinstagram, incest, instabody, instafuck, instagirl, instagram, instasex, iphone, iphone4s, iphoneography, jailbait, jizz, jugs, kike, kikmeboys, kikmenow, knockers, kyke, lingerie, loseweight, milf, naked, nekkid, nigger, nipple, nipples, nude, nudity, oral, panties, penis, petite, photography, poop, popular, popularpage, porn, porno, pornography, proanorexia, probulimia, pussy, sex, sexiest, sexy, sexygirls, shirtless, shit, shower, sideboob, slut, sluts, smut, spank, spankme, spic, strip, thinspiration, proana, thinspo, tit, tits, underwear, undies, vag, vagina, wank, weed, wet, whitepower, whore, whores, xxx, lust, follow, shoutout, s4s, thatcrazywrapthing, itworksadventures, itworks, rodanandfields, ahmed, mohammed, hamid, crazy wrap, mahmoudألف, باء, تاء, ثاء, جيم , حاء, خاء, دال, ذال, راء, زاي, سين, شين, صاد, ضاد, طاء, ظاء, عين, غين, فاء, قاف, كاف لام, ميم, نون, هاء, واو, ياء, д, ж, и, л, щ, б, ы, ю, ф, ч, я, 孫, 珮, 嘉, ş, 재, 즈, 아, 트, 迷, 藏, 정, 실, 우, 나, 앤, 쿠, 성, 수, 역, 복, 합, 문, 화, 공, 간 , [, 공, 성, 수, 소, 的, 壹, 是, 不, 了, 人, 我, 在, 有, 他, 这, 這, 中, 大, 来, 來, 上a
  • User posted within the last X days – 3
  • User is not following this account (skip followers)
  • Do not follow private users – I had heard you may have better engagement with private accounts but I have not followed private accounts for any of mine.



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  • Up to you what you’d like to do after follow but it’s important to check off and use:
    • “Like user’s latest posts”
    • Like between 1 and 2 posts
    • Leave the rest of that section blank
  • Remember the Likes here will add to your total Likes for the day under the Like tool so you don’t want to like more than 2 posts per user so you can reach more users that way.
  • I don’t like doing commenting or send direct messages from Mass Planner in general because it’s fake and too generic and doesn’t give you high engagement.

COPY SETTINGS – is to copy the current settings to another Instagram account.



In this screen, I’m mostly concerned about following people who are engaging and active on Instagram.  This will then give your account the most engaging followers for yourself.

Therefore, I do not use Follow people by keyword search which is too generic and you can end up with some pretty weird and crappy accounts, and I do not use anything else but two functions here:

  1. Follow friends of target accounts – this is where you can find the source big accounts in your niche and follow their followers.  This way, you don’t have to hunt for your followers, your potential followers are already following these bigger accounts in your niche so it’s perfect to just find these Source Accounts and use them to follow their followers.
  2. Follow users that interacted with posts on target accounts – Here also select Likes and Comments which means you will follow those who do those accounts on the source accounts.  If you also add Follow users who commented in the last 5 minutes then you know they are in the app most likely.

The same list of source accounts can be used in both sections.  When added to section 1. above, you will want to click on “ADD ACCOUNT FOLLOWERS”.

As well, if you add “Follow the most recent 100 followers of the target account”, then you’ll be following the most active accounts on their followers’ list.  If you leave it blank, you may be following people who had follow that source account long time ago and are not active anymore on the platform.

That’s all I use on this Follow Sources tab, you can use other filters like “Follow using Geo Location” if you want to have followers from certain parts of the world or “Follow users that interacted with posts on target posts” if there’s a specific post that people interacted on that you want those followers for yourself.


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I would say at least 50 but 100 is better to start, I currently have 193.  You can start with a minimum of 50 source accounts and keep adding to it.

Yes it takes time to find them but this will vastly affect your new followers rate per day.

If you find your followers is not growing that fast, you will need to either add more sources or change your sources all together.



Results data should be analyzed every day or at least every other day in the beginning when you’re trying to set up Mass Planner.

By looking at the data, you will be able to ensure that your settings are correct and that the program is doing what you want it to do.

Click on Export All and it’ll show you the data in Excel or something similar on your computer or laptop.

There, you will want to see how many accounts it has followed for any one hour time frame which does not have to top of hour to the next top of the hour.

Whatever point you pick, make sure you highlight a full hour’s worth of data to see how many accounts have been followed.  You may want to see down to the second when you’re looking at it with lots of follows.

As you continue, you will not need to look at this results tab as much but much needed in the beginning.

When you make any adjustments to your settings, you should check your results again the next day to see if your adjustments were good enough.

Any breaks in the data you see is the time you have set to wait between each new operation.

When checking how many the program is following per hour, check several hours to make sure the data is consistent so you know what to change.



It means you need to shorten the time in the Follow tab from 45 – 60 minutes wait between each new operation to 40 – 55 minutes.  When adjusting the time, you need to do this slowly, no more than 5 minutes at a time, and check again the next day if that’s a better rate.

The time adjustment can significantly change your results so adjust your time no more than 5 minutes at a time and then check the results the next time before you adjust anymore.

Vice versa, if you’re following too many and are being banned, it means you should lengthen the wait time between each new operation.  If that doesn’t work, I would then also decrease the number of people you follow per operation (lower the 45 – 55 people per operation to 40 -50 people).




Dashboard > Statistics Reporting

A great reporting screen you should check as well is your Statistics under the Dashboard menu.

Dashboard > Statistics > Tools

To start looking at numbers, find your account you want to look at, then click on the number of the tool you want to see.  The numbers there don’t really match the numbers under the Tools summary screen and I’m not sure why but it doesn’t matter because the graph numbers are correct.

So for Follow, go to Follow column and click on the number for the account you’re looking at.

There it will show you in summary how many it has followed for the day.

You can see this for Like and Unfollow tool as well and if you click on # of Followers column, you can see how much your followers have grown over time.

For my Instagram account for this blog, it will hit 10K before 5 months will be over which is not the fastest growing account I have.

My Disney niche account is my fastest growing account and it has grown from 200 followers at Jun 30 to over 63K in 10 months!  I have a graph that I show in the video.

The app I use to see how much my accounts have grown is called Analytics.  If you subscribe and get the pro version, you’ll be able to check your source accounts or any account for that matter to see if they are growing by 100 followers per day.

This Dashboard > Statistics screen is great to quickly check how your tools are performing and I often go here to check on all my accounts.


UnFollow Tool – Settings

I don’t use the Follow Back tool for Instagram, only initially for the Twitter and Pinterest platforms.  Let’s get to setting up your Unfollow tool:


  • Unfollow items after a minimum of 3 days after the application followed them – I choose 3 days because it seems I get better follow back rate this way, some people use 2 days.
  • How many days you choose will affect what your “Following” count is on your account.  If you’re following 300/day, your following count should be about 900 (plus any whitelist accounts you have added, see USER FILTERS section below for more info) as you’ll wait 3 days before you unfollow people.
  • Wait between 45 to 60 mins before each new operation – should be about the same as your Follow tool.
  • Unfollow between 45 to 55 people per operation.  With a delay between 20 to 60 seconds between each follow  – should be about the same as your Follow tool.
  • Unfollow between 12am – 9am.  You can overlap to your follow time brackets but don’t overlap in the beginning.  You can expand this timeframe if you see that your unfollowing needs more time to finish what you want to unfollow for the day.  You can also do this for Follow & Like tools.
  • No need to add random time.
  • Unfollow everyday.


  • You want to follow your Follow tool so this should be 250 t0 300 as well and increase by 20 per day.
  • When you adjust your Follow tool, you can adjust your Unfollow tool as well to be the same.
  • I often have a higher limit on the Unfollow tool because sometimes it seems it’s not unfollowing enough but that doesn’t happen often.



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The boxes I use and have checked off are:

  • Unfollow all users followed by Mass Planner (leave unchecked to only unfollow those that did not follow back)
  • Also target users followed from outside Massplanner – this is if you have followed people before using MP and would like to unfollow those accounts as well.
  • Use whitelist – this is where you can save the accounts you don’t want Mass Planner to unfollow at all costs.



I don’t use this because I don’t want to notify them if I’m going to unfollow them which is my personal preference, you can check this if you’d like.



Like Tool – All Tab Settings


  • Wait between 45 to 60 mins before each new operation – should be about the same as your Follow tool.
  • Like between 45 to 55 people per operation.  With a delay between 20 to 60 seconds between each follow  – should be about the same as your Follow tool.
  • Execute between 9am – 11:15pm.  Eventually, you will use all time in this time frame as you expand your likes per operation, shorten your wait time between each new operation, and increase your number of likes per day.
  • No need to add random time.
  • Unfollow everyday.



  • Initially you will have the same as your like too here for your Like a maximum of 250 – 300 per day and Increase each day with 20 until it reaches 1900 max Likes per day.
  • In general, you will have more Likes per day than you Follow or Unfollow.  Liking more users’ posts will get you more engagement and followers.
  • Also, remember your daily Like limit includes the Likes you have set in the Follow tool to like 1-2 posts after a follow.
  • Next box I check is Like users most recent posts 5 most recent posts – you want to like on current posts.
  • Check also Limit maximum number of likes per user 3 max number posts to like per user – this limit is good because you don’t want to put all your likes in just several users, you want to like just a little bit so you can reach more users.



Up to you what kind of accounts you want to like but the ones I have checked off and use are:

  • Skip Non English Users
  • User has profile image



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POST FILTERS Post filters I use are the following:

  • Like only: Images & Videos
  • Posted within the last X days – 2, again, you want to like current posts and active users.
  • Do NOT like if:
    • Post caption contains specific words – use the same word filters as in the Follow Settings tab.


I don’t use this section but you can if you’d like to do those actions.




I use the same two options as in the Follow tool plus the same source list accounts because you want to like the accounts that people are engaging on and are following accounts in your niche.

In addition, I use these two options:

  • Like Posts of Followers
  • Like Latest Feed Posts

These two options will gain me more engagement on my posts as they are already followers of mine.

You may use other options on this screen as well, it’s really up to you but it’s more accurate to like the posts of users who are following big accounts in your niche.

So liking posts of users using keywords or geo location is a hit and miss and you may be wasting your likes on users who are not in your niche.




In your results tab for Like tool, you will see in the “keyword” column, it’s showing you how it’s liking users’ posts.

If you see “Autofollow” in that column, those are the likes from your Follow tool, the 1-2 likes after you follow someone.

You can also analyze the data here on this results tab to see how many it’s liking per hour or per day like the Follow results tab.


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How to Increase Your Settings

  • Don’t increase your settings for the first 2 weeks – only make the adjustments you need to make your account to do the initial goals of following 50/hour and 300/day.
  • When you make your increase:
    • adjust time by 2-5 minutes at a time, it’s very sensitive and can have a great impact even only at 2 minutes.
    • adjust your follow per operation by 10 increments at a time, once a week.
    • decrease your delay between each action by 5 seconds once a week.
    • increase by day in your daily limit can go up 20 increments at a time, once a week up to 100.
  • Your Maximum settings should be:
    • Follow, Unfollow, & Like Tools – wait 22-25 mins between each operation
    • Follow, Unfollow, & Like Tools – 90 – 100 people per operation and delay 5 – 30 seconds between each action.
    • Follow & Unfollow daily limit up to 1,400
    • Like daily limit up to 2,000

What To Do When You Get Banned Or Breaks In Your Tools

Let’s say you’re doing well and have been following people at a rate of 600/day or much higher.  If for whatever reason you get a 24 hour or longer ban or something happened to Mass Planner and your tools weren’t working for a couple days, when you start up again, you must do the following:

  • Restart your tools at 500/day
  • Do NOT start your tools again at what you had before your tools have stopped working – meaning do not go from zero follows per day then 800 per day again.
  • Must lower your per day to 500 and then you can set your increase by 60 or 75 per day if you like until you get back up to where you were at.   You can even set it to 100 per day like I do if you’ve been on Mass Planner for awhile.


Instagram Pairs Well with Mass Planner

I’ve used Mass Planner for several social media platforms and I can say that Instagram is the easiest to use on this software.  Instagram is not as sensitive as other platforms like Twitter or Google+.

I’ve grown my Instagram accounts really well with this software and the more you change up your sources, the better your growth rate is.

Your niche and your content does affect how many new followers you’ll get and how fast you’ll grow with this method but none the less your accounts will grow much faster than trying to grow your account manually or organically.

Automation also will free up lots of your time to do commenting and concentrate on content creation and connecting with others.




PHEW!  Okay, I think I’m done.  🙂  Stay tuned for my next videos on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook!

Remember if you want more help, I have consulting services available for Mass Planner which I’ll do over via Skype which I can screen share with you.  See this post for all details.

As you build your Instagram account, you may want to build a blog to accompany it so as your account grows, you will be able to get lots of traffic from Instagram to your blog. You can then make more money by using affiliate marketing in your blog.

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If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask me in the comments below this post or below the video on YouTube!  I always respond and reply to all my comments.


Let’s make money online!

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  1. This training video for beginners setting for Mass Planner is awesome, just what I needed thank you! Just hope we can still use it for a long time to come. LOL

    • Thank you Kiana, so glad you liked the training video. 🙂 Yeah lucky for those who got in before the Mass Planner had to shut down and new potential customers are all shut out.

      It’s such a great software, truly one of the best for social media!

  2. All of Grace’s information here is wonderful. Easy to understand and easy to implement! I have seen tremendous social media growth using this method. I am so happy that this website exists, it is helping me grow my business. No other blog compares. I visit this website weekly!

    • Thank you so much Queen Bee! Your kind words are so appreciated and so happy to hear that I can help you with my blog. I hope to add more Mass Planner settings soon for the other platforms.

      Thank you for continually visiting my blog! You’re the best! 🙂

  3. Hey Grace,

    Great post. I do have a question, What app do you use to get the 100 to 190 sources to use to follow the friends target account?

    Thank you.

    • Hi JC, I don’t use an app to find my sources, you just go to a big account in your niche and click on their profile, then click on arrow down on the right to find “suggested accounts” that are like that big account. You just do that over and over again on other big accounts until you find enough accounts to add to your sources.

      Hope this helps!


  4. Hello Grace;)…Amazing post, Keep doing that. I have read all the sujestions and tips for beginner Instagram accounts that you have given , and have used them in my Mass Planner tool ..I have not missed nothing you have sujested, but after 30 mins I have noticed that all the like tools for all of my 3 accounts have been Autolocked :(….What you think is the reason that all The Like tools were locked, Can you please help me with this …Will be very greatful

    • Thanks for visiting, Nelly.

      I have no idea why your accounts are auto locked, it could be your settings are too high? Maybe you followed my instructions wrong, I really have no clue.

      It’s up to Instagram to unlock you anyway, there’s nothing you can do about it but to wait. I suggest you turn off everything or review your settings again and make them even lower.

      Best of luck! 🙂

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