Mingle Cash Review: Scam Or Make $28K A Day On Auto-Pilot?

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is Mingle Cash a scamExcited to see how much money you could earn or is Mingle Cash a scam that’s going to waste your time?

It awfully sounds nice to earn on auto-pilot but is it really all automatic?

Could you really make $28K a day with this platform or is Mingle Cash out to get you somehow and will take you for your time?

Frankly, I think sites like Mingle Cash are a total waste of time because you will unlikely earn what they say you will earn.

In my review of Mingle Cash below, you will find out why and show you that this site is not really to be trusted.

My review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Mingle Cash Logo


Program Name: Mingle Cash

Website: minglecash.com

Price: Free

Recommended? No

Mingle Cash is a GPT site that offers you different opportunities to earn money on their platform and it’s free to join.

Once you sign up, you will have several ways to earn from and they will be easy things to do so there is no experience needed.


Mingle Cash home page


The worse thing about Mingle Cash is that they are very misleading in their marketing and this is something I always want to point out to my readers.

They are totally hyping things up when it’s not necessary and making all these huge claims when it’s very unlikely that ANYONE can reach those claims.

Mingle Cash is no different than any other GPT (Get Paid To) sites where you will earn a bit of money while doing simple tasks online.

The amounts you’ll earn from doing these simples tasks are going to be worth pennies and sometimes fraction of a penny.

I don’t see any different with Mingle Cash so not sure why they make such high income claims on their home page.

They also have a referral program where you can earn from your downline which I’ll go into in a bit but it appears they are estimating a bit too much there.

Being on Mingle Cash is not going to make you rich, or even a consistent online income, but you will be able to make some money.

I’ve reviewed other GPT sites like Mingle Cash and they all work about the same way:




The good thing is Mingle Cash is free to join so you don’t have to worry about paying them a dime but when I registered, I was supposed to also click their button from a device that has What’sApp on it.

That’s really annoying.  I’m on my laptop and they want me to switch to my phone?!  Don’t like that, and of course, those who don’t have that app need to download it, so I think this is just a trick for them to make more money from you.


Ways To Earn

You will earn in the following ways:

  • Play Video Games – you will earn money here using your smart phone or pc to play video games with and the video ads you see before each game will earn you money.
  • Watch & Earn – this is pretty much the same concept but you will just be playing videos one after another and you will earn money watching these videos.  They even tell you that you can just leave your computer on and let it play but it needs to be in the foreground for it to count, so you can leave it playing while you’re sleeping or at work.
  • Offer Wall – you can earn here by various little tasks like doing a survey, install an app, or doing other simple things online.  You will earn according to each offer and must comply with what the offer says in order to earn your money.

The three ways above will not make you much money at all as watching ads or videos will only earn you pennies.

The offer wall may give you a bit more than that but not much more.

The other way to earn on there that they claim is the biggest money maker is their Referral program which works like this:

  • You will get an unique link that you can share with your friends and family to sign up with.
  • If they go through your link, they will be your referral.
  • You earn 5% of everything their income and you can earn this 10 levels deep.

This is a method to create passive income and on autopilot since others will be earning for you but you’ll be earning 5% of very little money so you’re not going to earn all that crazy amounts that they show on their home page.


Mingle Cash Referral Chart


You would need to know how to recruit massively (hundreds of thousands) in order to have any chance to earn like that.

Any other folks just coming on and only have friends and family to recruit will not be making such an income as they claim on their website.

Earning $57/day or $28K/day is just not going to happen anytime soon on this site.  The activities you earn on there is so low that it will take you forever to earn anything significant.


How You’ll Get Paid

You will get paid every 3 days via PayPal if your balance is $2 and above, which is pretty good.

This also tells you how much you will be earning there if your minimum threshold for a payout is $2.

This Mingle Cash platform won’t be for everyone since you do need a PayPal account to get paid and not all countries can create an account there.


Fake Success Stories and Testimonies

Along with their ridiculous income claims, they also have a lot of success stories and testimonies but unfortunately all of them are fake.

I have done some digging and found that these the success stories are not real since they are not using real photos of their users.

Those photos are stock photos that anyone can buy to use for their own so these income claims they say on their site are false:

Mingle Cash Fake Success Stories

Mingle Cash Fake Success Stories 2

Mingle Cash Fake Success Stories 2

This is the same with the video testimonies, they just hire people from freelancing sites like fiverr.com and then they tell them what to say:

Mingle Cash Fake Testimonies

30 Minute Money Methods Fake Testimonies Fiverr Actor 2


Mingle Cash Fake Testimonies 2

60 Minute Profit Plan Fake Video Testimonies 4


There are more but I think you get the picture, no pun intended, so I won’t bore you but I’m telling you that you really won’t be earning much from Mingle Cash.




Thumbs DownI would say that Mingle Cash is not a scam because you are not being ripped off and losing money, the site is free to use so no money is at stake.

However, those hyped up income claims on their home page is highly misleading and it’s highly unlikely you’ll be earning that kind of money, so is that a scam because of their misleading advertising efforts?

That’s for you to decide.

Either way, Mingle Cash is not a place to go to make any money worth talking about.  If anything, you’ll earn some pocket change.

It’s really not much different than any other GPT site.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Mingle Cash.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Mingle Cash is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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    • Thank you very much! Yes, it’s a waste of time. I looked on fiverr.com under video testimonies and searched on there. They sounded fishy to me so I put my investigate hat on and went searching, and I found them!

      Thanks for stopping by Mary,

  1. sir – you are wrong mingle cash is mingletrash. That [removed expletive] ruined phone farming for everyone. [removed expletive] him and [removed expletive] his [removed expletive] app

    • Sorry to hear of your experience, you could check out my guide instead to find a real way to earn from building your own online business suitable for beginners.

      I hope you will have a better experience and that you can still learn to make money online with my help.


  2. Why your propositions looks same like Minglecash (trash)?
    Must give you name, email. maybe bank account with password too?
    Just place link to your “lessons” and what’s all.


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