[Scam Exposed] Computer Oasis Is A Scam! Protect Your Wallets!

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Computer Oasis is a scamYou may be wondering if Computer Oasis could really make you money online but the truth is that it will not unfortunately because Computer Oasis is a scam you need to stay away from.

I’ve been writing hundreds of reviews on here so I have seen many products, systems, programs in this make money online niche and Computer Oasis is just a rehash of old scams.

There are TONS of these scams under many different names, so many I have literally lost count.

They are all built in the same format, same fake things they use on their sales page, and leading you to nothing near what this seems.

Sometimes I have seen these sales pages funnel people to high ticket programs even where you’re required to pay thousands of dollars before you even get started.

I will go through why this Computer Oasis is not to be trusted at all in my review below that’s detailed in the following sections:



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Computer Oasis logo


Program Name: Computer Oasis

Website: computer-oasis.com-2018-news.info

Price: $97

Recommended? No

Computer Oasis is nothing more than a sales letter trying to rip you off.

I’m sorry but I won’t be wasting my time or your time and get to the point of this review because I have done too many of these reviews and they don’t stop coming out with these scams.


Computer Oasis sales page


What they are trying to do is make a real legitimate method of making money online like affiliate marketing and twisting it so they make it sound like it’s super easy to do when it’s not.

Affiliate marketing is, in a nutshell, the process of earning commissions from driving sales of products or services for brands and companies.

But what Computer Oasis tells you is that you’re just “posting links” for companies and how they are desperate to hire people like you from home to post links for them.

Computer Oasis further says that you could even earn $15 per link for posting these links which is furthest from the truth because it sure doesn’t work that way.

Then, how they are going to tell you to post links it’s just not going to work because you can’t spam links everywhere on the internet since you’ll be blocked or kicked out pretty quickly if you try doing that on social media or any online forums these days.

So, you’re not really learning how to do affiliate marketing the right way and they just made this whole thing up so they can collect your $97.

Once you get inside, you’re not going to be done with your spending yet, you’ll get upgrades and upsells thrown at you, you won’t even know what you’ll be buying.




How this really works is that they will come out with this Computer Oasis and once too many negative reviews like mine have exposed it, then they will quickly take it down and then change the name of the system and persona, then promote again.

Then, the cycle continues and people like me will write more reviews to help others stay away from these scams, and then they will take that one down after too many of these reviews are written, and then come out with yet another new one.

This cycle has been repeating itself for many, many times over, just take a look:


For then above, I’ve only selected the ones that have the word “computer” in the name and you can read their reviews here: Computer Gurus, The Computer Teachers, The Computer Geeks, Computer Experts Online, and Computer Technical Guys.

There are so many others more that have different names but same sales letter, check these out:


I mean, I could even show you more, that’s how ridiculous these scams are, it’s never ending.

They all have the fake news logos with no real news stories attached to them and have the same news reel that never talks about the product itself but these are used to establish trust, make it seem like they have been in the news.

But, if you look at their wording closely, they say stuff like work from home opportunities are talked about in the media… well, no kidding.

But that has nothing to do with their program actually helping you do that, make money from home.




Thumbs DownYes, I have no doubt that Computer Oasis is also a scam just like all those above I’ve reviewed before, this is just the continuation of these “link posting scams“.

These scams are dangerous because you don’t know what you’re really buying, they could be promoting literally anything on the other side.

You could literally be funneled into any program and you wouldn’t know what hit you if you buy into something like this.

I actually had someone email me saying they want their money back on something they bought and that the system had a “Make-Money-Or-It’s-Free GUARANTEE” and then wow, what do I see at the very top of the checkout page for Computer Oasis:


Computer Oasis Fake Guarantee


Any legitimate business would never make such a guarantee, how do you guarantee that someone will put in the work, you really can’t and this is just another lure to get you to give them your money.

That lady that emailed me about a refund couldn’t get one easily from whatever scam she bought, and I told her that one thing’s for sure, I would never recommend ANY product with a guarantee like that.

It is simply not possible to have a guarantee like that and people have a very hard time getting their money back from scams like this.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Computer Oasis.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Computer Oasis is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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