3 Ways On How To Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate!

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3 Ways on how to make money on Wealthy AffiliateUpdated Feb/19:

Wealthy Affiliate certainly is the leader in the affiliate marketing industry for training people on how to make money online.

Their training is comprehensive and takes you through step by step so you can go at your own pace to build your online business as you’re learning.

Their training is especially good for beginners as you’ll be guided through their lessons with videos and tasks so you can go at your own pace and build your website as you go.

Not only that, when you join Wealthy Affiliate, you’re actually also joining a huge community of like minded people who are all doing the same thing, building an online business.

It’s great to already have a network of people you can ask questions to and get support from whenever you need help.

There are three main ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliate plus there are some other smaller ways to earn on the platform as well which I’ll go through later on.

For more detailed information about their training courses and what features/tools are available, check out my full review here:

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Today, I will show you the following 3 ways to make money on their platform:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program (Best Ever!)
  2. Build Your Own Online Business In Your Own Topic
  3. Create New Training

You can see me explain the three ways on Wealthy Affiliate in my video walkthrough below and I will also offer you some bonus info here that’s not in the video: BONUS TIPS: More Ways To Earn On Wealthy Affiliate!

So let’s get to it!




Here’s my video walkthrough of the 3 ways on how to make money on Wealthy Affiliate!

I hope you will enjoy this (Updated Jan/19 Video):

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Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here




Wealthy Affiliate teaches affiliate marketing so it only makes sense for them to also have an affiliate program for free and paid members to join so they can earn money by referring others to their training platform.

What’s great about their affiliate program is that they have a recurring commissions feature, meaning you can earn as long as your referral remains a paying member!

Also, if they stop being a Premium member and come back later, you will continue to earn from that referral, therefore your referral will last a lifetime which is awesome.

You can also earn 3 digit commissions which can really boost your earnings.

There’s also a very cool FREE TRIP incentive if you can get 300 sales in a calendar year which I’ll show you below which I have achieved in 2018!

Finally, once you become a Super Affiliate by reaching at least 300 sales in a calendar year, you’ll have lots of opportunities opened to you and you get to work closely with the owners to grow your own business.

I have not seen another affiliate program quite like this!


How Does It Work?

Every member inside Wealthy Affiliate will have an affiliate link in the “Program Details” section under the Airplane top right menu like this:

Affiliate Link for Wealthy Affiliate

You are actually able to grab an affiliate link to ANY page on Wealthy Affiliate so if you wanted to use some of the content on there, you just need to look for the affiliate link button for that page.

You can then use those affiliate links on your blog or social media accounts to promote the training platform with.

The current metrics is that 1 in 8 people who join Wealthy Affiliate will convert to a Premium member, that’s over 12% conversion rate!


How Much Money Can You Make?

As a Starter (Free) member, you can make as follows:

If your referral upgrades within the first 7 days to a monthly membership with the special price of $19, you will earn $4, after that your recurring commission will be $11.75.

There is a new 6-month membership that was recently introduced in Jan/19 which costs members $234 to buy, and as a Starter affiliate, you’ll earn $54.

If your referral upgrades to an annual membership which costs $359, you will earn $87.50.

Going 6-month or annual only makes sense because you will need the support of the community plus the tools available on the platform for at least a year.

Also, you will save a ton of money buying an annual membership than to pay month to month.

If you’re a Premium member yourself, you will earn double what a Starter member earns, so your commissions are:

  • $8 monthly special rate
  • $23.50 recurring monthly
  • $108 for 6-month memberships
  • $175 for annual memberships

6-month and annual commissions are held for 30 days before they are paid out, otherwise all other commissions are paid out the 1st of the following month via PayPal.  Minimum payouts are as low as $10.


Affiliate Program Perk: FREE TRIP 

If you are able to get 300 Premium referrals within a calendar year, you will be invited to an all paid, 3 day, 4 night, Super Affiliate Conference held in Las Vegas!

You’ll be able to meet and hangout with the owners, Kyle & Carson, in person while also meeting other Super Affiliates as well.

The event are packed with fun entertainment as well as awesome learning from other Super Affiliates and you get to discuss your business in a 1-on-1 basis with the owners who will show you how to 2x & 4x your business in the current year!

This experience was absolutely priceless!

I achieved this goal in Aug 2018 and attended the Super Affiliate conference in Jan, 2019, here is my video reel of my entire Las Vegas trip which was absolutely amazing:


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It was truly an incredible experience to be working with such an incredible company that would do this for their Super Affiliates.

They really go all out for us and the reason why that is, is because they want to know what WE think about their upcoming changes, additions, and improvements for their training platform.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate truly care about their members and always on the forefront to be the leaders in the affiliate marketing space.

Read more about my Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference for 2019 here!


Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here


Once you sign up, you will take the Affiliate Bootcamp course that’s specific to learning how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

You’ll be taken down a step by step path to build your website and learn how to write in a way so your website can attract its own visitors.

You will learn how to convert this visitors with the strategies taught in Affiliate Bootcamp.

If you sign up with me, a Super Affiliate, I will be able to coach you and also give you a BONUS that can really shorten your learning curve which is a 6-video series that shows you how exactly I reached Super Affiliate status and I open up my entire first 2 years of my online business to show you everything!

So, I hope to show you and help you get to Super Affiliate status as well.




Using the same strategies that’s taught in Affiliate Bootcamp, you can build your own online business with a topic of your choice with the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, the other main course at Wealthy Affiliate.

You’ll be learning how to choose your niche and how to build your website in a way that it will attract thousands of visitors a month like my website does.

You’ll learn how to pick affiliate products for your niche and learn how to sell without need to really sell.

Many members have picked their own niche and build Amazon affiliate sites which are very popular.

If you signed up with me, I can give you access to a specific training by my friend created, who’s an Amazon expert, which will help shorten your learning curve by a lot! 

These bonus trainings I’m referring to here and in the above section does not mean you don’t do main courses that I recommended, you still have to go through the core training.

The bonus trainings will help you apply the core training and help you understand it better.

How much you earn and what incentives you’ll get all depends on which affiliate programs you pick to partner with.

There is no short of affiliate programs out there for almost any niche you can think of but choosing a niche is very important as it will determine how fast you will see results.

The more competitive a niche is, the longer it takes to make money, but also there is money to be made.

If you have a less competitive niche, you’ll see results much earlier with less work but you may not make as much money in the long run on a month to month basis. 

So, your strategy here is to build a few small niches but don’t do them all at once.  I never recommend you doing two niches at once, always just start with one as once is a lot of work to get going.




After being a Premium member for three months, you’ll be able to start creating trainings on there.  The training can be about anything to do with building an affiliate marketing online business.

Therefore you can create new training for WordPress tips, how to create a certain way you’ve discovered, other ways to make money with your blog, and other topics that will help other members further their online journey.

If there’s a topic you searched on Wealthy Affiliate that you couldn’t find, that’s a great indication a new training is needed!

Find the answer yourself and then create a training to earn some extra money.  Trust me, other members will thank you!

The training can be in video format like the ones I’ve made:

Wealthy Affiliate Member Training


Or the training can be a step-by-step written tutorials, it’s up to you what you want to teach other members.

The more you people like your training, view it, and comment on there, the higher your training will rank.

The higher you rank, the more money you will make at different levels.  Each level is worth 10 credits with the same worth of $0.50 each.

It’s not that hard to reach level one, so you can earn $5 easily but the other levels will take a bit longer to reach.





When you are a member on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you can blog on there and ask questions – these all turn into pages on the platform.

Because Wealthy Affiliate’s website is highly ranked on Google, anything you create on there, whether a blog or ask a question or training, the content you create on there can be searched by anyone on the internet.

If someone clicks on your content from a Google search and ends up signing up on Wealthy Affiliate, that referral is YOURS!

That is why anything you create on Wealthy Affiliate, it’s important to also use appropriate keywords and don’t only think that only members will be able to see your content.

Everyone on the internet has the potential to see your Wealthy Affiliate posts!

Because you’re the author, you will be credited with that referral since it was because of your content that drove that person into Wealthy Affiliate.

I really love the number of ways you can earn and get referrals on this training platform and that’s why they are the best place to be if you want to create an online business for yourself!



When you first sign up on Wealthy Affiliate you will have an account profile that is empty without a profile picture or a description of who you are.

One of the ways to earn 2 credits worth $0.50/each is to encourage your referrals to upload a profile picture and write a description to introduce themselves.

This is actually encouraged so that others in the community can recognize you better and will be more comfortable communicating with you on the platform.

The platform actually makes it easy for you to upload a profile picture because it offers generic pictures of a puppy or cat or car, etc, so if your referral is not comfortable using their own picture, then they can use one of those.

Introducing yourself on the platform with a profile description is a great way for others to learn about you and you learn about other members.

Connecting and networking will help you further your online success by far!


3) SiteComments

There’s a section on Wealthy Affiliate called SiteComments where members go to give other members comments on their websites as getting engagement on your articles is a great thing for ranking purposes.

You can offer comments to earn enough community credits to buy comments for your own blog.  As you become more familiar with how to comment, you will learn to be a Certified Commenter.

You could become a Certified Commenter and start earning cash credits which could be used towards your membership fees or be cashed out. 

Community credits can only be used on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.



I hope these bonus tips will help you earn even more.  It’s not going to be easy promoting Wealthy Affiliate, as it takes time to build free traffic, but it will be well worth it!

Remember these key success factors:

  • hard work: there will be some grinding to do
  • consistency: week after week, have a schedule and stick to it
  • focus on one path/niche
  • be patient
  • persevere: don’t give up


You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and see more features of what you get with your either the Starter or Premium membership, see my free guide here:

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Or if you want to start your Free account (no credit card needed), then go here:

Wealthy Affiliate_create-your-free-account-here


If you have any questions about the Wealthy Affiliate platform or how to make money on it, please leave me a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can!  I always do. 🙂



Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



32 thoughts on “3 Ways On How To Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate!”

  1. Interesting about Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t know you can make money like that on their platform and you can make money as a free member as well. Very good. Thanks.


    • Hi Bart, yes you can, their affiliate program is really one of the best because of its high commission rate plus it’s recurring and lifetime referrals! And yes, you can be a free member to join their affiliate program and start earning. I hope you will sign up soon. 🙂

      Let me know if you have further questions I can answer for you,

  2. Liked this post, very informative, I didn’t think you can earn money in these ways. I expected the affiliate program and but the credit system seems very cool too.

    The affiliate program seems very generous too, I will have to check this out.


    • Thanks for visiting Juarez, hope you are well. I’m glad you were able to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and hope you will give it a shot and join their training platform. Their training is very in-depth and can help you build your own website promoting whatever you decide on. The first 10 lessons are free and includes 2 free websites, check out my full detailed review here.

  3. Excellent piece. You’ve educated me here. Didn’t know about the credit system. Feel a little silly letting these opportunities go to waste. Thanks!

      • Hi,Grace.does one earn through the wealthy affliates by only referring members or are there other ways to earn? How does the company pay its members? Does one have to be of U.S citizenship?

        • Hi Virginia,

          Wealthy Affiliate platform teaches you how to build a blog to make money from it (like my site right here you’re on, this site is a product of their training), so whether you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate OR something else you want, that’s ALL UP TO YOU! 🙂

          If you promote anything else other than Wealthy Affiliate, Wealthy Affiliate does NOT pay you anything. You then earn through the other companies you sign up with that offer the affiliate programs to the products or service you want to promote.

          You only get paid through Wealthy Affiliate if you promote Wealthy Affiliate like I do and bring in other members and they upgrade to the Premium plans. Anyone that you bring in as a Free Starter membership, you don’t get paid.

          Wealthy Affiliate pays their affiliates via PayPal (and maybe check as well if you don’t have PayPal) and you do not have to be in the US to earn from Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program.

          I hope this is clear.

          Please do ask more questions though, if this is not clear.

          If you do follow my path and also promote Wealthy Affiliate, I have a bonus Training course inside that shows exactly how I have been able to achieve Super Affiliate status with it and show you everything about my business which can shorten your learning curve for sure.

          Sign up here so I can be your coach!


  4. Thank you so much for this informative post. I was wondering as a starter (free member), can I still make money from my website if I do happen to be unsuccessful at finding referrals?

    • Hi Maggy,

      You don’t need to promote Wealthy Affiliate but you can make money doing so with the free Starter membership but it’ll be a lot harder if you don’t know what you’re doing.

      The training inside Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to build your own website in a topic of your own choice. You can make money with a Free Starter membership if you already know how to build websites and use affiliate marketing to monetize your site.

      If you don’t, then it’ll be very hard for you to make money with a free membership since you won’t know how to build it properly.

      The training is a small investment to learn how to build a business that can pay you back for years into the future. I’ve been using this training since Sep/16 and still find immense value today even though I’ve finished all my training, this is because they still have weekly live webinars to learn from plus I can ask questions anytime to the community and get help whenever I want, plus there are many business tools I can use on there to help with my business.

      The free Starter membership shows you what’s it like, gives you two free sites to start with and first levels of each course, so you can get started but if you really want to build this business, you need the rest of the training which is vital to the success of your online business.

      Best of luck to you!

  5. Hi grace! thanks for your blog its very informative,i didn’t know that you can earn like that to wa,i just sign up to wa last week and finished the starter training but i don’t know how will i earn that’s why im still not upgrading to premium,nobody invited me there and no mentor and I’m lost and confused how to strategize that kind of business.

    • Hi Amie, the 3 ways I mentioned in this article are just supplemental ways to earn on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      The main way to earn is to learn how to build your own online business. If you follow the training in there (all five levels), then you can build an online business that can make you a 3, 4, or 5 digit monthly online business for yourself.

      You not upgrading won’t earn you much since you don’t have access to the other levels of the training that is the core of what you need to know to build such an online business.

      If you’re willing to sign up under a different account through my links, I can mentor you and will guide to you how to build your own online business.

      If you’re on the platform now, you can see that I have reached a 4 digit online income, so if you follow the full training, you can do this too and you can be helped by me personally.

      Good luck to you Amie (whatever you decide to do),

  6. hi grace ,

    i really like the way you prepare your review its all about important ways and tricks to help to make money online ,i like the idea of signing up for free till you get convinced that business is something you will br interested in
    Now my question is if i do 2 hours daily in thid kind of business how long itvwill get to generate income from online business Grace


    • Two hours daily, you can start seeing some results in 6 – 12 months but 2 hours a day is not that much, it’s really the minimum because there is a lot you need to learn but you get to build it as you learn.

      This also depend on your niche selection, the more competitive a niche is the longer it’ll take and more work it is to build an online income.

      The biggest thing to this business is sticking with it even though you’re not making money. So many quit before this time and never get to see where their site could have taken them.

      I didn’t really start making a steady, consistent stream of income til my 14th month and hit 4 digits in my 19th month but some others can do much faster in smaller niches. My niche is quite competitive so I have to do a lot more work and take a lot longer to get these results.

      You can do have better results faster if you can building something in a less competitive niche, use 15 – 25 hours a week, and stay on course for a whole year before you decide to quit.

      If you don’t work consistently, your business will not show results like you’d want to see.

      All I know is that if you follow the training closely, keep working and working on it even if there’s months of non-activity, then you’ll really build yourself a thriving business.

      This is just how the nature of the business goes. You won’t be earning anything fast but if you an keep at it long term, you’ll have an asset that will pay you for years to come.

      Best of luck to you,

  7. Why is it so difficult to find out what the cost of the upgrades are?
    Everyone tells you what you make but NO ONE tells you how much it costs.
    How is a person to know what percent is paid to the affiliates and what percent the admin keeps? That info should be upfront…unless they hide it for a reason…hiding it doesn’t look good at all.

    • Nobody is hiding anything, it’s $19 for your first month if you take the discount offer, then it’s $49/month after that or $359/year. Also, once you sign up for the Free account, the platform shows you all the pricing.

      It’s all in my guide here for all details about Wealthy Affiliate.

      Best of luck to you and hope I have the chance to help you in your new journey!

    • It’s not because Tanzania is a 3rd world country Baraka, it’s because they have a high risk of spam and fraud, so you are only eligible with a Premium Account.

      If you still want a free account, you may be able to do it if you login thru a VPN.

      Best of luck to you,

    • Hi Praise, you just can’t get the free account because your country has a high risk of spam and fraud, so you are only eligible for the Premium account. It’s totally worth more than they are charging. I also have a bonus training inside so you can earn from their affiliate program and be a Super Affiliate like me. 🙂

      Best of luck,

  8. Hi Grace, awesome content.

    I just want to ask you, how long it took you to actually start making any money with wealthy affiliate and can you share any income proof?

    • Hi Benjamin,

      Sign up for the free account here and look me up “littlemama” in the WA search bar (top middle), and you’ll see all my income proof there. You can look at my entire journey on my profile as I’ve documented everything from my first dollar to making 4 digits, to making Super Affiliate status.

      So yeah, you’ll see all the income proof you want. If you join with me here, I offer you bonuses and open up my first 2 years of my business to show you exactly how I did it, what could short cut your success, and learn from all my lessons to shorten your results.

      I look forward to seeing you on there!

      Best of luck to you!


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