Is My Daily Choice A Scam Or Legit MLM That Will Make You Money?

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Is My Daily Choice a scamChecking out My Daily Choice to see if you should join this MLM or is My Daily Choice a scam waiting to just waste your money?

My review will show you that MLMs run on an old business model that may not be best suited for today’s market as we have the internet now to make money from.

Whether you want to stay in this type of business is up to you but my review below will show you how this is not one of the best types of businesses to go into.

Especially for beginners, it’s not the most cost efficient way to start a new business as well, you’ll be stuck buying inventory you can’t sell.

I will give you all the pros and cons about this as well as why I choose the business model I use instead that gives me way more flexibility than a MLM ever could.

My My Daily Choice review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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My Daily Choice logo


Program Name: My Daily Choice


Price: $59 – $599 + $20 activation fee + Monthly Inventory

Owners: Josh Zwagil & Jenna Zwagil

Recommended? No

My Daily Choice is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that started only in January 2015, it was incorporated in Sep/14 and originally started by Josh Zwagil.

Then in June 2017, My Daily Choice merged with Hempworx, which was owned by Josh’s wife, Jenna Zwagil.


My Daily Choice home page


Being in the health and fitness niche, they offer two product lines, the My Daily Choice sprays and the HempWorx CBD oils.

The spray products help promote several areas of your health:

  • Peak – Boosting your immune system;
  • Shield – Balancing your pH levels;
  • Boost – Increasing your energy levels with Vitamin B12;
  • Trim365 – Suppressing your appetite for weight loss;
  • Sleep – Helping you get a better night of sleep;
  • Brain – Even one for your brain to help you with your moods and anxieties.

What’s special about these intra-oral sprays is that they are supposed to be way more absorbent than other types of supplement intake like pills, gels, patches, sub-lingual liquid, and even needle injections.

Therefore using sprays is supposed to get you more nutritional value for your money since you will be able to absorb the supplements in this form.

The other product line is Hempworx which is hemp oil that helps you control your pains that has to do with your neurological and immunological health systems.

What’s special about their CBD (cannabis without the THC) oil is that they are closely connected with the farms that grow the hemp plants and they are grown in the USA.

The users of such oils claim many great benefits including curing pains that no other method was able to get rid of and how it has helped their health in different ways.

Like all MLMs, they have a business opportunity for people to join so that you and me can help sell their products while making a great income for yourself.

But are MLMs a great business opportunity?

This is what I’ll be diving into next but I can tell you right now, the way this works is not much different than other MLMs I’ve reviewed before like Mindset 24 GlobalYoung Living and Limu.




The compensation plan for any MLM is exhausting to say the least and I don’t know why they have to make things so complicated.

A least for My Daily Choice, their compensation plan is only about 18 pages, I will not be going into the nitty gritty which you can get all the details here.

I will be speaking more about the value MLM provides and why this business model differ from the business model I use which is affiliate marketing.

However, I will briefly speak about My Daily Choice how you get started and how it works in general.


Getting Started

With My Daily Choice, you will pick a plan to start with and it will cost anywhere from $59 – $599.


My Daily Choice Join Packages


The differences between the join plans will affect:

  • what products you’ll get
  • what business volume you’ll need for that level
  • what ranking you’ll start at

The rankings will determine how much money you can earn from your recruits and it’s 10 tiers deeps but there are multiple ways to earn.

The 8 ways to earn are:

  1. Selling their products  to retail and preferred customers – You will earn the difference between the retail and wholesale prices you buy at.
  2. Jump Start bonuses – You get bonuses on your business volume depending on how deep your team is.
  3. Binary Team Commissions – Paying bonuses on your team and how they have performed.
  4. Leadership Check Matching – Earn up to 10 levels of matching bonuses on your organization.
  5. Global Bonus Pool – A program where you can earn 2% of total company revenue globally.
  6. Rank Incentives and Bonuses – You will get gifts if you reach certain ranks.
  7. VIP Auto Club – They will give you car allowances if you reach a minimum of a 5K Affiliate rank for at least 3 months and the car must have My Daily Choice branding on there.
  8. Elite Expense Accounts – They will pay for your travel expenses and hosting of events for 100K Affiliates and higher.

Anyone that signs up are called affiliates, which is interesting, most MLMs call their members distributors or partners, or something else but not affiliates.

Affiliates is a term used in the affiliate marketing industry and they may be using this to hop on the affiliate marketing train but they are an MLM.


The Difference Between MLM & Affiliate Marketing

With MLMs, you really have to evaluate their products or service that they’re providing because it’s really the products that should be driving your success in your business, not by recruiting people under you.

However, most people end up trying to recruit because most compensation plans make recruiting so attractive.

What people don’t realize is that the long term sustainability of a MLM business should not be based on the recruiting side because if it was then it would be considered a pyramid scheme if their products don’t sell and they just buy the products just to get into the system.

There have been MLMs that got shut down because of schemes like this.

For My Daily Choice for example, they have some pretty good products from what I can see, I did not use or delve too deep into them though, but you can see from their compensation plan that recruiting people would have more ways to earn than just selling the two product lines.

The way affiliate marketing works is very simple, drive traffic to products you love, and make money when they buy.

What you earn in affiliate marketing is not complicated at all, usually is just a set percentage of the retail price or a fixed, flat amount.

The amount of money you earn from an affiliate marketing business is ultimately going to be more and the success rate is higher because where you learn how to build an affiliate marketing business, you will get instructions on how to build it specifically for online sales.

You will learn techniques that can drive thousands of people a day from your online business to your favorite shops or stores without spending a dime on advertising.

Whereas in a MLM, the owners’ expertise is in the products themselves.  They had to come up with the products and then slap the MLM model to get others to sell for them, so you’re not going to get specific marketing instructions to really know how to recruit massively.

You’ll be bugging your friends and family, or doing home parties, or whatever you can to sell those products and recruit but these ways of doing business is definitely not the most efficient.

Advantages of affiliate marketing and why it is better than a MLM:

  • You’re not limited to a few products, you’ve got the whole supplement and vitamin niche of products to choose from.
  • You’re not tied to one company, you can work with as many as you want.
  • You don’t have to recruit anyone.
  • Cheaper to start and cheaper monthly costs.
  • No buying any products at any point if you don’t want to.
  • You’re not pressed to meet certain business level volumes.
  • Earnings depend on yourself, not your downline.
  • No complicated compensation plans to go through, just make a sale and get paid.

The average member of an MLM makes about $500 a year and most fail at it because they don’t know how to sell or recruit.

This is mostly because MLMs don’t provide enough training on the marketing part.

But affiliate marketing is geared specifically for that, so the training I received to build this business is exactly what I needed to learn to know how to drive thousands of people to my online business for free without paying a cent on advertising.

In turn, those people who come to my online business, then go off to the places I tell them to go check out and I make money when they buy something.

It’s simple but you will need to learn it properly to be able to generate a real full time income from it.

I’m not making a full time income yet with mine, but I’m already at $2.9K last month so if you’re not making 4 digits a month with your MLM business, you may want to take a look at what I do instead.




No, I don’t believe My Daily Choice is a scam at all, they are a legitimate MLM with good products they are selling but I feel this business model don’t help their members with the marketing part and that’s why most people fail at them.

In any system though, one must really go into and be consistent with their work effort.

Having my online business is the same, it doesn’t make it that much easier just because it’s 100% online but it’s a formula I learned that I just rinse and repeat so my work is similar everyday, it’s not super hard, but I do work on my online business almost everyday.

Do I recommend My Daily Choice?  I don’t know if I can because I really don’t like that MLM business model, it’s old, it’s complicated, it’s expensive, and it’s limiting.

Affiliate marketing offers so much more and you’re not bind to anyone.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend My Daily Choice.




If you take a look at this video and see my explanation regarding using affiliate marketing instead of the MLM business model,.

You may be able to see other options and opportunities that will open up to you if you choose affiliate marketing instead:



Like I explained earlier, the design of the affiliate marketing business model is way better and offers much more flexibility than a MLM does in so many ways.

In order to learn how to build such a business model though, you’ll need to learn how to do it properly. Something I tried years ago without any training and it was a disaster.

In Sep/16, I was able to find a training platform that not only provided me with comprehensive, step-by-step lessons but also gave me business tools I needed to get my online business started.

I’m a stay at home mom and this online business has given me the chance to continue to be home for our girls and provide means of doing fun things for our little family that we usually don’t get to do on one income.

Now with my extra online income, we can afford little luxuries like going to the movies or buying a toy without having to think about it much.

You can find out how my online business works and the exact training I used in my free guide here:

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The best part of this is that I can help YOU!

In my guide, not only I show you where you will find the exact training I used to build my online business but you’ll find out how you can have ME as your Personal Coach!

I’ve been scammed online before and it’s really hard to find legitimate places to go learn so when I found it, I told myself I would help others find it as well.

So that is why I’m offering my personal time to help YOU start your online business and will see you through making your first dollar to 2 digits, 3 digits, etc.

Stop wasting time on MLMs and start building your a better future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether My Daily Choice is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! πŸ™‚


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now


16 thoughts on “Is My Daily Choice A Scam Or Legit MLM That Will Make You Money?”

  1. My Daily Choice DOES in fact provide training to their people. Very good step by step training I might add woth supportive coaches, mentors and peers. The compensation/pay out goes up to 85%. They’ve also no problem whatsoever showing you their back office. The system isn’t complicated, for if it were they surely wouldn’t be as successful as they are.

    And the products WORK.

    • Glad to hear it but you’re still tied to just a set of products. That’s the difference between a MLM & affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing you can work with way more products and more companies. Why limit yourself to just one company? Check out my free guide if you don’t want to be tied to just one company.

      I appreciate your feedback and glad you are enjoying My Daily Choice from your comment. I wish you much success in your endeavors.


  2. Thanks for your review, very informative. I see your reasons why a MLM business model is not so relevant these days. I’ll check out what you suggest, thanks.

  3. I contacted a rep from my daily choice and she sent a video of how to make money with that company. I found it to be very confusing and seems to rely on recruiting to much. I will look at your program to determine if it’s right for me.

  4. Hi Grace,
    Will download your program info and look forward to hearing back from you. I was thinking seriously about doing HempWorx because I currently sell CBD by hand to my massage clients and want an easier way for them to buy and handle shipping on my end.
    Thanks for the post. Probably saved me as I was sitting down to get in touch and get started with them but cringing as I’ve tried MLM’s in the past and never succeeded.

    • Hi Elisabeth,

      I’m so glad you are checking out my post about My Daily Choice, it’s basically another MLM that you don’t need to be tied down to.

      If you use affiliate marketing, you don’t need to just sell one brand of CBD oil but multiple. You just have way more flexibility and choices as an affiliate marketer.

      My guide shows you where I learned it all and my site here is living proof it works. My 2018 results brought in $40K, so I know their training works, see all the details here.

      I wish you good luck in whatever you end up going with but one thing is for sure, I’ll be making money from affiliate marketing in 2019 as well!


  5. I’m completely new at this but I want in. I’m a hard worker father n wife stays at home we are ready for the top level of success we don’t have now in our heart and have big dreams. What do we do

  6. The policies for MyDailyChoice say that the product cost is greater than what you will make from selling the products and not to expect to make any money. Why did you leave that part out?
    [removed link]

  7. Hi Grace
    I’m very glad to see your review of My Daily Choice. I recently joined another program called UpGroup. They have an affiliate account as well as a $39 Pro plan. It’s not quite MLM as it only pays out 4 levels deep. The compensation plan is extremely easy to follow. I had signed up with MDC last fall but it was so confusing and overwhelming. I hope you don’t mind, I’m posting my link for you to check it out and maybe give it a review. I don’t mind checking out your option plan as well. [removed]

  8. The problem with affiliate marketing is that you promote a bunch of products and anything that converts well and pays a good commission, but you know very few things about,
    For most of them you just read a review and you do not buy them to use them first .
    An affiliate sees himself as someone who bears no responsibility towards the buyer and user of the product. The affiliate will say to the final customer ‘If you are unhappy with the product ,go and see the vendor, right? Me ,the affiliate ,I am interested just to make money and I do not care if you(the customer) are happy with the product or not.
    While in MLM ,you test the products first, you become an expert in knowing deep inside those products. You care about the product and about the people.You know the benefits and for whom exactly is suitable.You (backed by your company) will refund the money ,if the customer complaints.You put care and the quality of human relationships on a higher stand than money.
    But the affiliate will say “I do not care about you (the final customer),I just want to show how smart I am making a lot of money with my laptop on the beach.”

    • Hi Fanakis,

      I actually don’t promote anything that I don’t use myself, so the products/services I promote are all used by me.

      The way to make the most money with affiliate marketing is promoting products that you use yourself. Sure you can easily promote other things that you don’t use but you can’t make much like that.

      What I like about affiliate marketing is that you can choose your own set of products that you may be already using to promote and not be limited to a MLM set of products that you need to learn about.

      Whatever business model works for you, it’s great!

      I hope you find great success with your MLM. πŸ™‚



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